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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Friday, February 12, 2016

My favorite garden guide... Fionna G

  This is the garden club.....

 And this is the garden,
 It's a wild and crazy cottage garden.

Here are a few of the creatures that dwell here...it's a very busy place
  and here is the garden guide,
You remember our garden guide, don't you? 
 Fionna Goosefeathers
What would a Hopalong Hollowscaping Garden Book be without Fionna?
The lovely and knowledgeable Fionna Goosefeathers is giving a tour to one of the many garden clubs that visit her each Spring to learn the secrets of her lush and lovely cottage garden.
AND Here:

When I first drew her on this page, something seemed very wrong...
 I realized her neck was too fat and too short. Therefore, I had to erase everything from beneath her the chin down to her waist, and start over.
I do a lot of erasing.
Remember this: draw light till you get it right.
That's better... that's a goose neck.
 Everyone loves a cottage garden, at least we hope they do, and these little gardeners are no exception.
  I find it interesting to draw a garden, there is so much going on in the "background" the little spaces behind the leaves and blooms, so many shadows and values with bits and pieces.
 However, I find it very tricky to PAINT a floral background.  I am sure those who often paint flowers in watercolor have special methods and techniques for applying color to what is BEHIND those flowers, but I often feel quite lost when I am ready to paint  a garden piece like this.

The artwork in this picture  is difficult to "see" without the color.
I will add a few more insects... I have some fine models here.
Can you believe it??!! Aren't these super?

 I will tuck their images in the background, amid flowers and leaves,
for what is a garden without the smallest of creatures?

 I put the rhinoceros beetles in the foreground, just for Diane in N.C., a lover of fascinating insects.

 I first painted Fionna Goosefeathers for another book,here....
and Here:
Have a happy day!


  1. It was nice to look back at your garden of a few years ago. I never tire looking at your garden. As for painting, my bit of dabbling in it makes me appreciate all the more what you create--the intricacies of your paintings--the patience you must possess--and the skill to make it all come together so beautifully.

  2. Yep, Jeri, you're a snips and snails kinda gal too. I love all the drawings so. What a book this will be. Our garden club used to be called The Venus Fly Traps. We were a mess.

  3. This garden club looks to be more easy going than the one that I have just joined. Thousands of committee's and meetings and everyone has to do something when the Garden Walk gets going. It may be more work than I bargained for. You're members seem to just be standing around enjoying the flowers----that's my kind of club.

  4. Fionna looks lovely and graceful with her longer neck and she will be a great garden tour leader.

  5. I love seeing your drawings and progression. Fascinating!

  6. Fionna is the best garden guide, Jeri. So proud of all the beautiful flowers in your lovely garden. I'm missing my garden these days...so cold and frozen out there. Your addition of insects to your paintings is wonderful! I can't wait to see this book! ♥

  7. So lovely! And even when I draw light, I can't ever seem to get the marks up. It makes me glad I work in acrylics and oils, so I can be heavy handed, and...er... cover up some of that light that never went away! :)

  8. Dear Jeri - your drawings are awesome...such detail and so lovely. I am sure you will do just fine when you get out the watercolors and start painting. Can't wait to see the garden in all its glorious colors. Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

  9. JERI LANDERS, you have done it again.


    First of all, I want a personal tour of the garden by Miss Fiona. I want a personal tour as she gives me all the details from her lips, or bill.....

    She is the perfect model for all of your illustrations for this project. What a wonder to learn more about how each artist erases so much work. But it's worth it all. The second draft you share is by far THE REAL FIONA. Long, more slender neck makes for the perfect capture. The bugs will add even more realism that is caught in a moment of whimsy, as only you can do. I loved the video with the harp music (I GOTTA GET NEW STRINGS!) and this post is a welcoming sight and sound on this very cold February day.

    HAVE A BLAST; I am, watching your progress!

  10. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je viens de passer un si agréable moment... un moment de contemplation avec vos merveilleux dessins. Une belle invitation à la rêverie... à la poésie.
    Je suis éblouie...

    Gros bisous ♡

  11. OH MY GOODNESS, OH MY GOODNESS!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I just clicked on your blog (It's the first one in my favorites) and saw the beautiful and wonderful rhinoceros beetles. You captured their personalities just perfectly. I can't wait to show my grandchildren this picture in your new book and to tell them how special you've made me feel. What fun we'll have searching the pages for even more wee bugs. I just can't thank you enough for your gorgeous art work and I'll be smiling for many days to come as I eagerly wait for your book. I'm just blown away by your talent.


  12. Dear Jeri,
    I have been closely examining the floral background and can see why it would be a daunting task indeed.. Something I do not think I would have the patience for. But you, however, I know will be up to the task, and it will be glorious. I cannot wait to see it in all the beautiful colors.. Fiona is such a lovely model. Is that Dimity I see down in the right bottom corner of the drawing?
    It was fun to look back at past photos of your garden..
    With great admiration,

  13. That is such a wonderful picture, jam packed full of interesting tidbits to see. As to painting the background, I don't even know how you begin to paint the foreground! Fionna makes the perfect guide! -Jenn

  14. I LOVE your art, Jeri! You are amazing!


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