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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Mona Lisa of the Goose-kind part 2

  By Fionna Goosefeathers the 2nd.... ( super model)
  Dear Diary, The day I have been waiting for has finally arrived,, yes, the day that I,  Fionna Goosefeather II become immortalized in living Color!  The Mistress summoned me into her chambers and told me that in 2 days hence, I was to come to the studio to have my portrait completed! Months ago, she did my drawings and I've been waiting with bated fish breath for the day when she would paint me in all my technicolor glory... or was that watercolor glory??

 Wanting to look my best, I immediately made an appointment with the  hen hairdressers  at  
"Le Chic Chicken Salon"
  The hen ladies shampooed my feathers in chamomile and lavender,  fluffed up my tail to a perky puff and used a specially scented Pomade to slick my wing feathers smooth as... well, feathers.They slathered it on and it smelled a LOT like crayfish to me, but they said it was all the rage.  Then, they buffed my bill  to a lovely orange sheen and spent 2 hours giving my webbytoes a pedicure!

 They kept complaining "Mon Dieu! Mon Dieu!.. what is theese green  between your toes!" I can't help it if the moss stains my webby toes... and I told those hoity-toity  gals so.! They think they are SO special , but I know those French accents are affected!  I happen to know that ALL three of those so-called "French Hens" were hatched, right here in Tennessee.... in the barn... in a wooden crate. Besides, I think they are just jealous because I am a super-model.

 Dear Diary, I arrived 2 hours ahead of schedule, and the Mistress directed me to put on my bonny bodice, blouse and skirt. I laced my corset extra tight, but I never did acquire a proper waistline.  Next I was told to adorn myself in the jewelry, ( straight out of  the vault!) 
 "You look just perfect Fionna, says she.... but what is that horrid fishy odor.?..."
 I self-consciously shuffled my feet and sniffed my feathers...darn those double-crossing French Hens!

 Dear Diary,  The Mistress had some of her paints at the  ready, she said these were for my feathers and face.. I was so very excited... I had to remember what she told me when last I posed... "Be as Still as Mona Lisa"
 Dear Diary, It really paid off having my bill buffed, the Mistress oohed and ahhed over the rich orange colors. She claimed vehemently that the only things in the world that SHOULD be orange are Pumpkins, Oranges, Autumn leaves, a Harvest moon and a Goose's Bill!

I think she forgot to mention goosey toes....

"Lets start with your beautiful blue eyes." ( Hamish says my  eyes are the color of bluefish scales in the moonlight... isn't he romantic? ).  But the Mistress said " Fionna, your eyes are the color of Blue Lobelia, just lovely, my dear! Well, she IS the artist, so I will take her word on it.

My eyes got blue...

and then BLUER
until they were the color of Blue Lobelia...


     And my bill and tooties were the color of a Harvest Moon!

  Next I donned my famous bonnet. It HAS been worn by dollies and cats;  BUT it was meant for Fionna Goosefeathers! "What colors shall we paint it Fionna Dear??? It is a wee bit bland in it's original shades, don't you think?"

I was about to suggest orange, but I bit my tongue as I remembered her feelings on THAT subject.
"Lets go with pastels!" she exclaimed, interrupting my thoughts; just in time.


   Who would have though that purple and pink would go so very well with a pumpkin colored beak?

Dear Diary, the Mistress must value my opinion a great deal. "Tell me Fionna, dear, what color is your favorite for a bodice?" I had to wrack my tiny bird-brain on that one, but then I reminded myself, 'Self, you ARE the official garden guide here in the Hollow, and SELF, you DO know the colors of all the flowers.....Forget-me-Not" blue!'  I honked... rather loudly, much to my embarrassment.

"Excellent!" said she.  And, feeling flushed with satisfaction, I blurted out,' With  tiny pink flowers!!' and then,
  'Mistress, Mistress, May I have a dotted swiss blouse to match my hat.... AND a pink skirt??? And a crisp white Petticoat too???' I could just imagine the feminine beauty of it all.
  I began to wiggle and waggle out of excitement... oh dear, I am afraid I was not at all "still", like Mona Lisa.
Nevertheless, Mistress gave me all that my heart desired... she is such a softie.
 Suddenly, I began humming 'I feel pretty, oh so Pretty... I feel', "Be still Fionna, we are nearly finished!"
Dear Diary, after 7 days of modeling my portraits are complete! The Mistress was so pleased with the outcome she said I could keep the dress! I can hardly wait to waddle past the "Le Chic Chicken Salon" in my stunning duds, in full view of those 3 "French Hens"... so-called.  
 In the meantime, I think I will just take a quiet stroll down the Blue Lobelia path....."

" I feel pretty, Oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gay... and I  pity, any girl who isn't me today!"
 Dear Diary, I almost forgot to tell you... The Mistress was so pleased with me, she said that I . Fionna Goosefeathers, should have a book of my own! Just think, the "Autobiography of a Goose Gal.".. or "Confessions of a Fish lover" or  "Love stories from the Pond" featuring Fionna Goosefeathers and her dreamy love-boat Hamish... I can hardly wait.

 Välkommen till svenska läsare!


  1. Fionna Goosefeathers I love you.
    You tickle my fancy,make me feel like a child again and now I look forward to "Love stories from the pond" at least that's my pick.

  2. Oh Jeri - you certainly outdid yourself with Fiona - that special hat looks awesome - I too can't wait for a book featuring dear Fiona. Have a great week-end.

  3. THREE CHEERS for Fionna Goosefeathers the 2nd!!!!!
    You are a true super model indeed... I think I like the Autobiography of a Goose Gal, but Love Stories from the pond touches me also.. I am sure Fionna has many a tale to tell.
    How exciting this will be.. Your very own book Fionna!

    Jeri, I am at a total loss for words, but you know how I feel about your work.. I just love the colors here... These are my favorite colors. What I love most about you and your art is the fact that you are, as you put it ~ Persnickety~.... Details, details... Exquisite work! I can hardly wait!

  4. Dearest Fionna, I can't wait either. Thank you for giving us a peek into your diary. You are lovely. Bonnie

  5. Jeri,a book of Fiona's stories would be wonderful! I'm sure she will be eager to help you chose the "right-stuff"! Tell dear Fiona that I'm delighted to see her beautiful portrait.

  6. Hi Jeri,

    Yes, indeed, Fiona Goosefeathers does look so pretty in her bonnet.
    Loved the story and your exquisite drawings and colours.
    Hope you have a happy weekend


  7. Dear Fiona,

    Dotted swiss makes me feel beautiful too.

    Love, pogonip

  8. SO much fun to watch this piece come to life
    loved seeing all the details
    step after step
    reading your words inspired thoughts about
    OF COURSE she is a story teller
    and inspired my smile
    such a fun glimpse into your world

  9. Jeri, I was delighted seeing your beautiful art come to life. I love the whimsy and all those little details. Please tell Fiona she looks stunning in her beautiful clothes.

  10. OH DEAR....I am sitting here in the quiet and dark of the early morning. It is my favorite time of the day, for I can internalize the words, the spirit and joy of the morning.

    Fiona, TU ES SUPERB! C'est vrai ma belle, ta beauté est d'une qualité comme nulle autre!

    WOW. Jeri, your storytelling keeps a smile on my face the entire time, Fiona's antics are hilarious, and GO TELL THAT HAMISH that I said BONJOUR! My goodness you make me excited to draw, and that is a huge feat, for I am just barely coming around to actually enjoying my scribbles. LOVE EVERY BIT of this story, especially Fiona walking down her path. You are genius my friend. Anita

  11. Absolutely delightful! What a lovely way to start my morning.

  12. Jeri, what can I say that others have not. Fantastic and so enchanting. Fiona so deserves her own book, she sees so much that goes on in Hopalong Hallow. Fiona 1 is looking down smiling and honking with delight.
    Thank you so with these snipets. They brighten my days when a new posting appears.
    Lvu Deborah R.M.

  13. Goose gall you are exquisite - I love your orange beak and lovely feet and those lobelia eyes would charm the birds off the trees.

  14. Jeri,

    Your talent amazes me! I love this post and Fiona is beautiful.
    Can't wait to see if she gets her own book.

  15. Just so beautiful! And are you using cold-press? I get in such fights with that texture, but you really make it work! Really, really lovely!

    1. Kyra, 140lb cold press. Fabriano, it's great paper.. try it!

    2. I use Fabriano too, but the cold-press texture seems to be an issue for me with the details. But you make that work! Hmm...

  16. Thanks so much for wandering over for a visit. Well, I do have blue eyes, that's about all I can say about them...
    Were you able to see the lady and her dog out on the rocks? It was in the photo of me standing by the cliff... She was to the top left..
    Have a wonderful day today Jeri..
    Bebe sends her love to Dimity!

  17. Fiona is quite enchanting, even when french hens try to turn her into a silly goose.
    I am mesmerized seeing Fiona in her actual feathers with her bonnet on , and captivated by the lovely illustration!

  18. teeeheeee.....that guy with the horse! YOU SEE IT TOO? Oh what a hunk of a chunk is he! I AGREE WITH YA, JERI...hot as can be! The horse is precious too and the gruffer the guy, the better! Thanks for stopping by and this Fiona is just a crack-up; look that those FEET and chubby belly! teehee

  19. Jeri ~ Fionna is perfection in her universal bonnet, right down to
    the tiniest detail, with emphasis on tiny, including her dainty polished toes. The three French hens(of Christmastide fame) did
    themselves proud glorifying Fionna and she should allow them their
    brief moment in the celebrity spotlight, for she already securely holds the greater portion. The detail of her bonnet is exquisitely
    rendered (how do you do it???how long did it take?)Such realtistic
    fantasy.....Proud we are of you, our Jeri, for your great artistry
    and gifted imagination. Fionna has been added to my Barnes&Noble
    wish list....Does this mean #3 is on its way, bless your heart?
    Our Mary

  20. Darlin Mary, Fionna's is a walk-on part in Mamsey Bears book, and yes, I am nearing completion of it! So that get's me thinking, what next? I have 3 stories to choose from for the next book: one with a cat, one with a moose.... and then there is Fionna. Decisions, Decisions!

  21. Dear Jeri, You are OUR contemporary Beatrix Potter. I so thank you for stopping by and making that comment relevant to Beatrix's entry into the "man's world" of science. Thank GOODNESS she never met with recognition or success in that field. You're right, she would have lost herself in science and never filled our lives with her watercolors.

    This posting is so wonderful. I love watching the technicolor-watercolor progress.

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

    1. I LOVE it!! Thanks for making my smile stretch from ear to ear!!

    2. Sharon, thank you for such an exquisite compliment!

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  23. Dear Jeri,
    It was so nice to see your kind words this evening.. The wee mouse in the buggy was not my smallest.. I did manage to make one about half the size a while back.. I wish I could work longer hours with the needle felting, because I know there is room for improvement.

    So you have been painting ~tiny~ things this week.. Can't wait to see. I look forward to to your next post..
    Enjoy your weekend Jeri,
    With great admiration
    fondly, Penny

  24. I so agree with your friend above, dear Jeri...you ARE the modern Beatrix Potter!!
    Truly awe-inspiring work...
    This post made me giggle....she is the supermodel of all supermodels!! :))
    Hugs to you, and a big Brava!
    - Irina

  25. Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, men have named you.....teeheeee

    THOSE FEET! I crack up every time I come to see you modeling your feet, Fiona! And that white belly of yours I must stay, makes me HUNGRY! I love goose when cooked PROPERLY....but we are not going to talk like that, are we dearest?

    JERI LANDERS, DARLIN'! Thank you sweet Jeri, for coming to visit. Yes, I am taking a short break that started out ONLY because I was going to take a short trip to California. However, I had to cancel it. BOO HOO. I wanted to see family and friends and to run out to the beach at least one day of my stay, but it had to be canceled.

    I will be around, visiting blogs, but I need a break. We all have those dry periods, don't we?

    Hugs to all. Anita

    1. Anita, Indeed we do. And then comes Spring and the gardens beckon!

  26. Dear Readers, Fionna Goosefeathers here,sending you my hearty, honking thank you's for your kind remarks on my transformation; from humble goosey gal to gorgeous goosey grandeur! The "French Hens" are having hissy fits over my possible book contract, but I promised I would give them a small walk-on part in the story of MY LIFE. With love and Fondness from the pond, Yours Truly,Fionna Goosefeathers

  27. such charming characters
    such amazing details
    such a wonderful storyteller you are!
    thank you for sharing.... what you are up to!

  28. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    Fiona with the Lobelia blue eyes is absolutely exquisite! We just love her old fashioned frock and bonnet and such pretty shells! The colours are just lovely! Your sense of humor has us chuckling! Love that wattle building with the cattail top!

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah and Tillie Tinkham the seamstress mouse at the Corgyncombe Courant


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