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Friday, March 1, 2013

Good Riddance to you Sir Percival!

If you have chickens... you may have met this devious fellow... we know him all too well.

 That is why we hired:

 But the girls have not Been able to stop a devious criminal whose modus operandi changed when he heard these two tough law officers  were guarding the barn.  He decided to kidnap  birds on the OTHER side of the barn perimeter  "I know how to outsmart the Fuzz!" Sir Percival  was heard boasting..
The girls suggested we round up a posse, to help  stop this dastardly rogue, pronto!  "We can't guard both sides of the fence, claimed the overworked Bobbies. ' It's  hard enough policing the raccoons and possums around here!"
  Whatever were we to do??!! We have tender ducks and chickens just ripe for the plucking by a villainous Knave! We contacted the  Sherlock Holmes Detective and Protective Agency and they recommended two promising candidates, who came from a long line of AGENTS chosen for just such an assignment. We hired them right away... but, it may be awhile before they can accomplish their mission; 
because,for now
 they are a little too young,
  and small,

 and fluffy.

and hungry,

 and sleepy...
 and cute, and darling, and precious..... Oh my gosh!

AND, they poop an awful lot.
   But aren't  these just the best little Guardians you ever did see???!  Meet Agents Keats and Liam...  practicing their martial arts moves.

Great Pyrenees pups, 6 weeks old, destined to weigh up to 115 pounds and slay dragons with the best of em!
Agent Keats
Agent Liam

with a nose for crime!
(maybe they aren't 007 ..closer to .007,
 but just give them time) 

PS. If you have Great P's, guarding your flock, any training tips would be most welcome! 


  1. OMgoooooodness! They are SO sweet! We have a horrible time with foxes and more (even skunks, who knew that skunks ate chickens?!?) But the worst of the worst criminals out here are the raccoons. I always thought they were so cute. Not anymore! Sheesh! With this batch of 25 chickens, so far, so good, but I know with Spring setting in, it's about to get tricky!

  2. ADORABLE!!!! So very, very cute!

  3. They are such sweetie pies. Sorry to hear you are having criminals invade your bit of paradise.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. oh my gosh, your pups are so cute! keep sharing photos of them ;-)
    my friend got a pup a couple months ago, i think i am in love with her, they grow so fast!

    your art is a joy to see.
    i wish i could see a fox.... but do not like the idea of it eating your friends.

  5. Jeri,

    They are too cute! They will make a perfect addition to the hollow and your fox problem will be over. That is unless you let them come in the house and sleep on the sofa... (I am a pushover for a wet nose...)

  6. GP are the very best dogs at keeping law and order in a barnyard.....
    I'm sure the donks will appreciate the assistance. Lucky you with fuzzballs of love to squeeze. Oma Linda

  7. The BEST little Guardians... wishing I could cuddle up & hug them! Thank-you so much for sharing these fluffy little balls of love ;-)

  8. Oh Jeri,
    So sorry you have a thief among the chickens! I know Jemima will make a good deputy, but we know much more is needed.. Your ADORABLE Pyrenees will take care of this, that I am sure of.... They just need a little time to grow. I love this breed.. Such great photos!
    This will be exciting to watch them grow.. hmmmm.. I wonder, would this inspire yet another book? Keats and Liam, agents on the hunt!
    I love your illustration!

  9. what a bundle of love, and what an amazing breed..good luck with them, after losing my papillion Skeet,( my heart) almost 3wks ago, I am dogless for the first time in 30yrs... it's kinda lonely though Murphy my kitten keeps me company... then my bestie friend forever horse got sick last night and I had to put him down, worst pain I ever felt in my life...baby animals just make your day, even if they are just photos... thanks for sharing, they helped my sad day.. xo

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  11. Oh my goodness Jeri, Those great Pyrenees puppies are precious indeed! Such good herding and loyal family guardians they are when they are older as well . Beautiful noble breed Great Pyrenesss. That is just too funny we both have puppies in our new posts. My post had nothing to do at all with my puppies, mostly a funny eye Dr visit until the end but then I tied them in as they are just too cute as cuteness goes and I love taking pictures of them ! Oh those little fluffy puff pups of yours are quite adorable !

  12. Love the pups. They look like they are up to the task keeping tge unwanted visitors away. Was there a welcome to the Hollow party? These guys look happy to be there
    Lvu Deborah RM

  13. Dear Jeri,

    What a couple of cuties! I wish I could give you some training tips; but we've never had anything that HUGE before. :) Look out, Mr. fox!



  14. OMG they are too cute!! Love them and that fluffy butt <3.

  15. OMG.....JERI!!!!!!!!!! I am in LOVE!! These two little fluff balls are just adorable. Congrats!! Can't wait to follow the antics.

  16. I JUST WOKE UP from a delicious nap on the couch. Constable Penny White came by to my post and alerted me that there was a crime scene to be witnessed here, but what is to be find is CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!

    AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! YOU HAD ME AT JEMIMA and her mummy, then you hilariously escort us to the cutest bundles of FLUFF EVAH!!!!!!!!

    Jeri, you must crack me up. I love it. I love your style, I love your farm, I love your animals....the list goes on.

    I see that THE HOLLOW is under tight surveillance, but your little guards are going to need a bit of training. They will definitely fall asleep at the switch, for they just have food and sleep on their minds, like I DO on a Friday night!

    teeeheheheheheheheh....LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    (I just saw a man today walking his TWO, full=grown great pyrennes. OH DEAR.....WHAT MONSTAS!!!! like we say in Boston!

    HUGS MY DEAR! Anita

  17. Is there anything in the world cuter than a puppy? Well, two of them, I suppose! I love the photo of them zonked out after their little tummies are full. So sweet!

    Love how you portrayed the fox as a dandy with his paisley breeches, red waistcoat and purple top hat!! So perfect!

  18. Utterly, utterly gorgeous.
    I have heard that Alpaca make wonderful watch-dogs. Why not get an Alpaca then you could keep those two just for cuddles.

  19. Don't have any but the ones I've been around are very sweet natured - and HUGE. Nothing beats puppy breath.

  20. not 007 but maybe .007 - hilarious!
    I can tell by the gleam in their penetrating gazes that those two
    will have matters under control in no time. Now don't soften their determination with too much cuddling, oohing & aahing and
    smootches....must keep them tough and focused on surveillance,
    rescue and capture in the Hollow. What a comfort & joy they will
    be, indeed (poop and all) Sending snuggles to them and hugs to you
    and his lordship.
    Blessings ~

  21. Hi Jeri,

    Oh my, how very precious and darling your little Keats and Liam are.
    They look so soft, white and huggable.
    Do hope that Sir Percival will visit some other place now, and leave your little cuties alone.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend

  22. congratulations on your new fur babies!! they are the cutest pups i think i have ever seen!
    the daffodils are blooming here with the snow swirling around....

  23. Dear Jeri:acabo to find your blog as I am a big fan of the corgycombe courant, and she recommended it me. I am a big fan of Beatrix Potter and especially of Tasha Tudor, and now I found you that it is a true wonder!I love your drawings they are authentic works of art, I like your words and above all I'd like to say that people like you are a great source of inspiration for others.
    A big hug and I hope to continue to see them.
    Mª Carmen Duque

    1. Thank you Carmen, I am happy if I can inspire. Please come back again , soon!

  24. Aren't they beautiful Jeri! I know you love James Herriot, but did you ever see an obscure cartoon called 'Belle and Sebastian'? As soon as I saw the pictures of Liam and Keats I realised you have two 'Belles'!!

  25. Jeri,

    These puppies are adorable! An overload of cuteness, for sure! Hope you don't mind but I'm going to post a picture of them on my blog.

    1. Sharon, that's fine, everyone needs to see double-CUTE!

  26. The sweetest, most adorable special agents I ever did see.

  27. Dear Jerri - these look like cutest special agents I have ever seen - have two dear friends that have raised these great dogs. It takes a firm hand but they are wonderful once they are trained. Good luck in catching Percival. Sorry that Jemima and Ursula couldn't catch that wiley fox. Wonderful art and wonderful pictures of your new fur babies.

  28. Oh my goodness...Jeri, I am in LOVE!!!!! :))))
    How wonderful for you, and a handful, I'm sure!! :)))
    A very good friend used to have a GP, oh, he was the most loving, beautiful doggie....and BIG! :)

  29. (That sly Mr. Percival is a handsome fellow, though, I must say) :)

  30. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm about to pass out!!!!!!
    They are absolutely precious! I love these dogs. My aunt and uncle had one on their farm. His name was Zeus. He was such a lovey.

  31. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    How cuddly, sweet and cute Agents Keats and Liam are! We know they will make an excellent guard dog team!

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah and Tillie Tinkham the seamstress mouse at the Corgyncombe Courant


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