Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Fun stuff!

I've been so negligent in posting on this blog, I'm not even sure anyone is listening anymore.

 Nevertheless, here we are after weeks of rain, and the dreadful incident involving one of our dogs.
  Keats was attacked by 2 vicious monster dogs, who got through our fences; wrecked due to heavy flooding rains.
 That occurred a month ago and he is 85% healed after much TLC. 
 The dogs ambushed him and had him on the ground when James witnessed the  happening from the window. Our dog had horrible wounds and gashes, the monsters were trying to kill him. Although James had his gun, but the dogs got away; eager to torment some other hapless creature in the woods, no doubt.
 I don't think Keats will ever be the same, he sticks to me like glue... because I was his nurse thru-out. He doesn't want to sleep outside anymore and gets very upset with his brother over the least little thing... poor boy!
 New art for the Spring Season!
These will be prints, but I really designed them to be Flat note cards. You write your letter on the backside of the image and slip it in the envelope. The cards are 4"x 9".

snippets of the cards....



   I made a new video on Garden Cloches... it's almost  time for we garden lovers to get our fingernails dirty and our noses sunburned. I did it today while planting 15 Peony roots.

Thanks  to those of you who are still here... sorry I've been such a slouch about posting and visiting.
  Fondly from the Hollow, Jeri

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Gifts for the Gardener

 It's never too early to think about the garden, and make your plans for the growing year. I've assembled a group of gifts that are universally appreciated by gardeners.
If you have a gardener in your life, consider these items for birthdays, Mothers day, Valentines Day Or just ANYday!

Did I forget anything?
Please add to the list, tell me what you, as a gardener, would be delighted to receive in your gardening package!

Little birds going off to a shop.... great gifts for the gardener!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

WInter gardening here in East Tennessee and missing the birds

 If there aren't any Robins in the yard, I can still have them in the house;

 This one even brings his own lunch...

 The only birds we see here in
Hopalong Hollow during the 
Winter months
     are the Cardinal, Sparrow
 and wren.
There must be others, but they
are elusive, and seldom seen.

I take that back: I just filled the bird feeders and SUDDENLY, as if by magic, we have bluejay, dove and Chickadee.
Go figure!
Of course, no bird can  brighten
 the bleak midwinter
 like a Peabody boy!

 I just love these troublemakers...

 There have been several mild days to do some winter gardening, good for the gardeners soul...

Join me in my winter garden!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Our bathroom from the past...

Hi! Long time no see! It's been a busy few months and I've been awful about keeping up this blog.

 Several years ago we did a bathroom restoration that we were rather pleased with. I posted it here in many photos, but I finally made a video of the circa 1900 bathroom. 
 My son bought me a great new camera and I've been filming everything!
 Hope you'll take a bathroom tour with me!
 Fondly, jeri

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Collecting teapots

 What with a computer down for a month, and 6 artshows in a row, I have been missing in action on this blog!
   I borrowed husband's computer and made a little movie about collecting teapots, something I have talked about more than once on the HH Gazette.

The cold months are the best time for pots and pots of hot tea! 
My lovely Daughter in law, Hara, has kept up my supply with myriad varieties of tea.
 Just look at all these tea tins from Hara!
 After I use up the tea, I still have these tins to use for holding flower seeds, beads, buttons and what-not.

 I must recommend to you the very best tea for winter time, if you love spicy, cinnamon and clove drinks, please try this:

 You can purchase through the Harney and Sons website OR on Amazon.
 If you like a milder herbal tea try the "Peppermint Herbal" or the 'Yellow and Blue", it has Chamomile and Lavender.
When the tea is gone, you still have the really cool tea tin.
Next, find a really special tea pot and some vintage cups... it is a lovely way to treat yourself. Oh, and don't forget the book you will want to read as you sip your tea in that comfy chair.

 My teapot collection:

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Little kitties

 Our Fall Shows begin for us at the end of September and run to December.

Little cats have been on the menu this week...

The life size cats are TOO much work, and I would never be able to charge for the time it takes to create one.

 Therefore the bitty kittys are taking over the table.
  Much more fun to make!

More affordable, as well

  YO and Meow!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Hopalong Hollow says farewell to Summer..

Summer departs at just about the time we've had enough of it. Too much heat, too many weeds to pull, grass to cut, and browning gardens; but summer memories can be sweet and poignant  and each year, wonderfully different from the year before.
 These are some from here in Hopalong Hollow.