Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

New Books are here!

So exciting to see pallets of new books, a week early!
" PIPPITY TRIMBLE and the Cunning Green Stranger"

5000 books in 50 cartons of 102 books.... there were 26 overruns

  They look really nice on my table...

 But they look even better after they've been signed and carefully packed...
 AND sent out to all of you that pre-ordered your book!
 You should have your books very quickly.

Each book is signed with a message and tiny line drawing....
  I certainly appreciate your patronage my friends!
 Anyone can order a book off my website here:

 Come to my book signing/ open garden, here at the Hollow on June 22-23rd!

Monday, May 7, 2018

The trouble with ducks....

         Oh the trouble with ducks! We brought home 4 female ducks today, to make up for the over-population of Drakes ( male ducks) . As much as I love duckies, the males have a dark side... if you're a lone female duck during mating season, WATCH OUT! A group of 6 males and one lone female, (which is what we were down to), spells certain suffering for the poor little gal. THAT is why I purchased  4 more females, to even things out a bit.

 This should have been a happy experience, as I love introducing new "family members" to the Hollow. But alas, after bringing them home from a long ride in a large cardboard box, the gals were anxious and confused. As soon as I opened the box top to put them in a temporary pen, THEY FLEW out of the box and OVER the temp fence. Well, that was bad enough, but hey, they caught sight of the drakes and began to tag after them. Good, thinks I, all is well.  NOT SO!
I turned my back on them for 15 minutes to tend to a chore,
and when I went looking for the new gals, they were nowhere to be found!
 I searched our enclosed property high and low, all the drakes were accounted for, but no girls.
 Fiona Goosefeathers, my wonderful nanny goose, was honking her head off in the direction of the woods behind a small pond; but, how could they be there? That fence is intact, duck proof and 5 ft tall. Domestic ducks aren't supposed to fly... but apparently, my new girls had picked up the habit, because they WERE in the WOODS, BEYOND THE FENCE... I could hear quacking.  How in the heck am I going to capture little ducks lost in the woods??!!! This is an impossible task. Unlike puppies and small children, new ducks DO NOT come when called, they run in the opposite direction. First, I have to find them, and 2 of them are tan colored, blending into the leaves and bark on the woodland floor. I lifted the wire fence and squeezed beneath it on my belly. I am wearing my nice leather red maryjane shoes, with slippery bottoms, Bermuda shorts and a short sleeved shirt. I don't have time to change my clothes, I don't have time to grab my gloves and  pruners to cut away all the brambles and wild roses,because TIME is of the essence when little ducks are in the woods, they could be ANYWHERE by now. After 10 minutes of climbing up ravines and scrambling through thorny brambles, I plead with God to help me find those little ducks. I turn my glance toward a jumble of fallen branches and there they are, huddled together in a bunch, quiet as a stone! That, of course was not the end of it, we still had to capture them and it took James and I at least 45 minutes to finally maneuver them to and thru a fence leading to the meadow. Scratched and Bloodied, poison ivied, filthy, and sweaty...that was me after this ordeal. James fared a little better.
 AND STILL, one duck was missing.
 I had to quit, I went upstairs to wash off the poison ivy and I prayed again.." Lord, I know it is a small and insignificant thing... in the scheme of life, but you said that not even a sparrow falls from the sky that the Heavenly Father does not take notice... so, if it is your will, please bring that last little duck back home". I kid you not, within an hour, our dogs were barking at some commotion beyond the northern meadow fence. I knew something was up, ran over to check and heard the loud quacking of duck number 4!  She was trapped between the walls of a fallen and bent wire fence, just waiting to be rescued! I could hardly believe it... but it happened. We have some neighbor dogs, who are NOT NICE to small creatures and she was in the meadow adjoining THEIR property... they would have certainly killed her.
 With great thankfulness, I calmly retrieved her from her "prison" and HELD her firmly, carried her back to her sisters and released her into the PROPER meadow.
Today, all is quiet in the HOLLOW, we have recuperated from our trying experience and the dear little troublemakers are happily  waddling among the grasses with the drakes... and their new nanny, Fionna Goosefeathers... as if nothing had happened. But I know better.

Monday, April 30, 2018


  OFF on an adventure, Lars, Louis and Sir Hugh... can you guess who is who?

 I took their picture in a hurry, so it isn't that good...but they were moving so fast I could scarcely focus the camera.

 I will attempt to get a group photo when they return from their expedition.... I knew they were anxious to be off and away!

 Got a chance to use my zoom lens as they swept past me on the shore..
and I heard them singing a familiar tune.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Just waiting..

 I've been waiting on my books and working in my gardens. This is ALWAYS what the months of April and May look like for us. So,I really have nothing to post about except the garden work. I realize some of you do not garden, and may be thinking "Not another garden video!"
 Sorry, but that is the only thing going on in Hopalong Hollow at the moment.....
( I am probably mis-pronouncing "La belle Epoch" tulips)

Not just one, but two videos....

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Part 4 of the Potager in Hopalong Hollow:bulbs begin to bloom

The bulbs are blooming in some of the buckets and pails, the Narcissus and Alliums are poking through the earth... I would say that Spring is Here!

 In my Potager videos I recommended planting a lot of bulbs in your Potager, to start it out with a splash of color and happiness.
 Many of ours are appearing, rather early, I thought. But they are as welcome as the month of April


  Happy Spring!

Friday, March 30, 2018

PippityTrimble arrives as 5 advanced copies

Five advance copies of my little book arrived to day and I have to say how PLEASED I am with everything about the book!
It is a marvelous way to start Easter Weekend, with a grateful heart and a smile on one's face.

  Some of you have followed along with me on my 4th book journey and I thank you for it!
As you can see, I took the majority's advice and placed the little medallion on the bottom of the page, with the title at the top.

This book has been especially fun since the book only took my one year to complete as opposed to my larger books that require 2 years to finish.

 It's always a thrill to see the words on the pages. I am so used to looking at my paintings without them.

Embossed book jackets make them ever so beautiful.....
 It is a wee book at 6"x 6". I love that....

because these are Bitty Books for Bunny Paws!

You may remember the pantry in Pippity's house?

    But you didn't know about the stink bug!

 I am taking pre-orders on the books so that I will have all the envelopes prepared before the cargo of books come in on May19th.
All the information is on my website: 
OR just click on the Pippity Trimble logo at the top right along the right border,
That will take you to the order page.

 This book is also dedicated to all of my readers, thank you!
For those who live nearby and would like to pick up a copy in person, I am having an OPEN GARDEN and Book Signing right here in Hopalong Hollow,  June 22-23. Everyone is invited. I'll post more details at a later date.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Part 3 of the Potager.... we are planting seeds now...in the house.

Good Morning from Hopalong Hollow!

Are you planning your garden?  It's one of the pleasures of the cold months to imagine how wonderful everything will be when at long last we get to dig into that soil and begin the process of CREATING the garden.
It is very rewarding to start your own plants from God's tiny little miracle: the SEED
 I started these seedlings in the kitchen window in late Feb.: PENSTEMON and CANTERBURY BELLS.
If all of them grow to healthy plants, I will have dozens of beautiful growers for my cottage gardens and my Potager...for mere pennies.
 The seed is quite a wonder:  inside the tiny hardened compartment is all the DNA required to tell that miraculous little morsel what kind of leaves it is to have, what color, shape, size, and scent it is destined to be. 
A field of Poppies? A 7 ft, Hollyhock topped with soft pink ruffled and delicate blooms?
 A pear tree covered in red or yellow succulent fruits?
You can be the one to nurture these bitty seeds to become what they were meant to be, in just a few steps.
Part 3 of "Planning your Potager the Hopalong Hollow Way"