Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Rabbits .....

Mr Twigs Halifax is knowledgeable in the field of bees and fungi. It seems an odd combination of interests, until you learn that he is also quite a fine cook, his specialty being wild Chanterelle and Portobello Mushrooms sauteed in a rich Honey-n-Herb Butter sauce....
His own recipe, of course.

Twigs is often joined on his early morning mushroom-hunting forays into the woods, by
the ever so lovely Miranda.

She doesn't give a whit about mushrooms, but has a certain vanity and fondness for "showing off" her many hats;
As they walk thru the woods, she enjoys the admiration of the chipmunk, squirrels and woodpeckers chattering from the treetops about how very pretty she looks today.
"What? this old thing? I only wear this hat when I don't care WHAT I look like...." 
Miranda always brings along an empty basket, just in case Twigs discovers a large cropping of Shaggy Mane Mushrooms and runs out of space in his back-pack.

 Miss Emmaline, prefers to stay in the garden, tending the herbaceous borders, the strawberry beds and
experimenting with every new seed she can lay her paws on.
She is so anxious for her seeds to come  up, she tends to be bit overzealous with
the watering can.

Nothing makes her squeal with excitement quite so much as seeing  new seedlings
popping up, where, only last week, there was nothing but mud.

Emmaline has a special corner in the garden where she grows the herbs that Twigs Halifax uses in his Honey-n-Herb-Butter Mushroom sauce.

She's grateful that Twigs manages the bees... for she simply has no time for gathering honey,
but does enjoy their constant buzzing amidst her Petunias and Bee Balm.
  All in all, these  Rabbits make a pretty good trio.
 Happy Gardening!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

We know Spring has Arrived in the Hollow when...

We know Spring has Arrived in the Hollow when:
 you need a  really good perch to be on the lookout for  "the CRANE".

  and when the Mistress turns you loose in the strawberry beds
 leaving you to cultivate the earth to a fine, granulated and perfect soil.
In fact, everyone on the farm is cultivating.

 You know spring has arrived when Mathilda tries for the umpteenth time to hatch the dozen or so eggs for whom she has so carefully prepared an ivy nest .
(I Hope, this time, they hatch for you sweetheart!)

 In early Spring
the Wisteria is incredibly laden with blooms and the hypnotic buzzing of the bees,
as the heady fragrance fills the garden.

 It took 8 years for the Wisteria to bloom like this.
This plant was the reason the Lord of the Manor built the huge Pergola.  It worked!

Spring  HAS arrived  when the seed packets overwhelm me.... How can I plant all this stuff?
 WILL I plant all this stuff?

Well, Spring MUST be here for sure, "the CRANE" has arrived!

How do you recognize Spring at your place?

Friday, April 7, 2017

First Spring show of the Year....

We had our first show of the year last week at the Watermelon Moon Plantation.

 The Hopalong Bears made an appearance though I had not even priced them, put in their whiskers, or given them name-tags.... Therefore, they were only making a debut.

My bunnies were thrilled to be taken out of the studio and into the fresh Spring day.
 I've had these darling gossiping squirrels with me for over a year, but I am fine with that, for I love them dearly.

The show was on the grounds of  Emily's 1835 Farmhouse, which is her shop as well as her home.

 Emily's Plantation house was decked out to inspire anyone who loves this charming style.

 She and her team have a wonderful knack for table decor and their were at least a dozen tables set up throughout her shop and porch of the  Plantation Home.

 I got so many ideas , and came away with a few bags of BUNNY GRASS. You can see the grass growing in various containers on the tables.
 I will be making several containers this week and will show you how to do it, great Easter decor!

This is an extremely long porch... but you could take many of these ideas and apply them to a small porch or deck.


I took a gazillion pictures of the inside shop, but I don't want to overload you. I'll post those later.

I couldn't wait to come home and give my own porch a makeover, I am working on it today...
Have to say, I've been so busy with artwork and critters that my blogging has suffered a good deal, if I haven't visited your blog in a while that is the reason. 
Cheers to you and Welcome Spring!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Shifting gears in Art

Because I make my living with art, I often have to shift gears right in the middle of a project, going from one medium to the next. In this case, having finished all the drawings for my Pippity Trimble book, I must set them aside for a month before I can begin painting them. WHY? Because I will spend the  month of March making bears, rabbits, mice, fox and sheep for some upcoming Spring shows. Sometimes it's good to take a breather from one medium  and do something distinctly different, as it renews the imagination and prevents me from getting into a slump.
I started with bears
  I've never been completely happy with my bears and I've been trying to give them a different look. Sort of a cross between Teddy cute and Grizzly serious.
 I had some wonderful colors of wool to use.

and began sculpting bear heads, one by one.

The Bear population began to grow and grow...

I liked the ones with the long noses,

and made many with Pinocchio profiles
I fancied his turned up nose.

A few were a bit funky... with uneven eyes that need straightening.
 Some had chubby faces
  And others were gentle ladies in bonnets.

Two of them looked more wily, and so they became foxes.

 In the end, I had 9 bear heads and 2 fine fox

  No matter how many times I do a face, I can never duplicate it exactly on the next critter. I guess we all have our distinct look, and bears are no different. I hate photographing needle-felting because the fibers just stick out all over the place in the picture. These just look 100 times better in person, trust me.
Now, I need bodies for all these Hopalong Hollowfolk
Then it's on to the mouse kingdom....