Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Monday, January 15, 2018

woodsy wonderland

Thank you for your feedback on my book cover.. 99%  liked the logo on the bottom and Title on the top and I'm going with your suggestions . The Pippity book is out of my hands and off to layout and printing.
For those who  create things, you may agree with me that it's good to have more than one medium to work in. It's nice to move from 3 months of painting and back into fiber.

I don't know about you, but I really to shift gears in my art. Do you often find yourself shifting gears in your work? What art forms do you move back and forth between?

 I am currently preparing work for an Exhibition at the Southern Highlands Craft guild Gallery.
The exhibit will run for 4 months, Mid Feb to May. There will be 5 artists featured and the theme is "Wonderland".
I'm working on 5-6 pieces for this show, all woodland creatures.
 So far, I've only got the heads....


They are close to life-size.

 I'm not at all sure what I'm going to do with them from this point on....


 But I do know that they won't be naked.

 I like to dress Woodland critters...
 I will need 2 or 3 more characters, any suggestions?

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A survey on a pretty little Book Cover.... Your input is required

I'm pretty excited about this new book because it is different from my usual books.
  It is a very small size...  6 " square.
I call these books:
 This little trademark appears inside the book flap.

This is a new series:

Her logo


  Her Book Cover ...front, back and flaps


 The book is in it's last stages of layout before it goes to the Printers... but I have a dilemma.
I cannot decide where to place the Logo on the front cover.

This logo will appear on all of the Pippity books


  I've done 2 mock- ups.
 Disregard the differences in paper color on the logo, all the edges will blend in the final layout. I need some feedback: which looks best
 Book Title on top?
, The Title on the bottom with the logo on top?
   The title text will be embossed, so It will not blend into the background as it appears to do in this mock up.

This may seem a small decision, but it is pretty important.
YOUR Opinion is important too!

Title on top After some cleanup.
 I had to "remove" much of the foliage on the bottom to keep it from looking too cluttered. I used my scherenschnitte skills to cut it off the original painting. Sometimes, unorthodox methods are needed to accomplish a task.

The Book layout man needs my decision soon


Sunday, December 31, 2017

Greens in the windows, but no where else.

Winter is upon us in East Tennessee, without the beauty of snow.
The solemn greys, browns and beige seen from our kitchen window allow me to view the landscape with a completely different perspective.

Barren trees in silhouette seem even more interesting and majestic somehow; Branches and tendrils and twigs reaching towards Heaven.

Birds that were scarcely noticeable in the lushness of summer appear more visible and numerous as they flit through the skeletal remains of the coneflowers and sedum.
 The world is a different place when GREEN is gone.
Very quiet, very still.... just resting and secretly renewing itself.
The only green we have now, are the  50 cent Kale plants I rescued from certain destruction at the Co-op,
 the basket of Holly from our bushes, 
 the Romaine leaves sprouting in small dishes

 and the Rosemary Sprigs I hope to coax into rooting. 
All in the windowsill...
  All looking out upon the Grey, brown and beige landscape of winter.

From here in Hopalong Hollow, we pray your winter and your New Year will be most bountiful, renewing and beautiful.

OOPS! I've just been haughtily reminded that their IS some brilliant color in the winter landscape...
5 of them! 

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A year in Pippity.....

Looking at Pippity's Year..

 Illustrations began in March...

These are the endpapers before being painted.
Bit by bit...

and stroke by stroke,

the paints bring the pages to life.
I enjoy going back through my photographs to see how each page progressed.

You never really know what the effect will be, until you paint.
Sometimes I have to "fix" something that turned out completely wrong. I changed Pippity's bedspread 3 times.
Usually, I have to "imagine" my rooms....but I sometimes have a prop that I can paint from..

Such as this marvelous mouse-size, cast iron stove inside Trimble Manor.
 My Preying Mantis "models" had to come from photographs because no obliging insects would pose for me.

  In all, there are 20 illustrations.

This video shows the last illustration in the book

 All are completed except the Book jacket, which is the job of the day. That's the best job of all!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Eight Christmas trees....if you can stand it!

Since beginning blogging in 2008, I have always done at least one Christmas post each year with images of the seasons decor and, of course, the TREE.
This is the first time in my life, I have NOT put up a Christmas tree. I don't know why.... I just seem to be woefully short of my usual Christmas spirit.
 It was all I could do to put wreaths on the windows!
But, because of tradition, I hope you won't mind if I put up the images of our last 8 years of Christmas trees.....it would just seem weird  not to post anything.
                       Besides, they were  all quite beautiful and each one very different.
This one was Victorian. 
This was a feather tree with antique toys. The plaster
Father Christmas is a candy container

This was an artificial Charlie Brown tree decorated with my Hopalong Hollowfolk.
 I no longer have ANY of those little critters, except the little rabbit in plaid trousers..

Another feather tree with Antique glass baubles, little woolen sheep and a treasured Santa made by a friend.

I put this tree on the porch for the Chickens! It was decorated with fake fruits and Peacock feathers
The gals and guys gathered round and admired the tree greatly.

A small tabletop tree with glass birds and glass bead chains and old books and puzzles.
This one was  a stunner!

This was a sparse Cedar tree from the woods, decorated with orange slices, gingerbread, paper stars and nuts. It was a pioneer tree, it smelled wonderful.

 A tree in the kitchen with little star lights. My kitchen is Yellow now!

The old paper mache Nativity IS set up..
and it never changes. 
Because that is really what Christmas is about anyway.

I've been preoccupied with finishing up the book I started at the beginning of this year.
I have only to finish the book cover......

  This book will be completed by Christmas..... It took me less than a year. That's pretty fast for me!

                 Many thanks to those of you who have followed this blog faithfully.
There aren't many of us left, it seems that blogging has gone out of fashion for many.
But not us!! Right?? 
Merry Christmas to all of you!