Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Fashionable Garden Frocks for stylish ladies

Remember poor dilapidated Peggy?

  She's napping in front of a fan on the porch..it is terribly hot here.
Her lovely cotton saddle arrived but was much too small for her.
Nevertheless, her back has been healing due to the untimely demise of the her chief tormentor, the large red rooster  (But that is another story)
 It's rather disappointing that she won't be stylishly dressed to join these lovely ladies in the garden.

  Demelza was my main model, and got to wear all the clothes!
(just kidding)
 I can't decide who has the sweetest dress, but I am leaning
towards the flowery blue frock.
 How about you?
Illustration in watercolor and ink. I will enjoy seeing this as a greeting card as well as an illustration in the book.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Fresh and crunchy, from the garden...

I've finished painting my vegetable gardeners and am moving on to those little "Scratchin in the dirt" hens.
A partial drawing above
is coming to life.
 Not much of a post today; my computer "DIED" a week ago and I'm a squatter on James's computer, so I must be brief .
Being computer-less at this time, is why I have not been visiting.
OH well, must paint anyway!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Back to Painting

It's good  to switch gears every so often and I am happy to go from fiber and back to my painting
I made over 30 Hopalong Hollowfolk to take to this years shows.
They were pretty cute!
 The white rabbit was one of my favorites.
And the funny face kitties look pretty sweet since they got all their body parts.
This gal is about 6" tall and very light weight.
But this Puss
Is quite heavy and tall at 13".
Milo Is anxious about being adopted..he hopes to become a farm cat...because he is quite the mouser.
These and many more will be accompanying us this weekend for the Annual Berea Art and Craft show

Back to my painting...
I've  finally been able to begin painting all those illustrations for the garden book that I worked  on  over the winter.
Starting with this one:

Watercolor  and ink

For some reason,  I  love to paint vegetables

 I still have a lot more work to do on this piece!
..Hoping to finish this by tonight.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

God Bless America... So there!

I read recently that certain sports events are attempting to ban the singing of "God Bless America" at their games.....On the premise that it might be offensive to some people in the audience. 
Can you believe it?
 Of course you can; in this climate of self-hatred and anger towards anything that smacks of Patriotism or National Pride.
WELL, I for one am sick and tired of it, and I say :
God Bless America
God Bless the American People
Thank God 
for the Declaration of Independence
 which were written to protect, for one thing,

So won't my fellow Americans join me in singing...

  Happy Independence Day to you all!
The Song, "God Bless America" was written in 1918 by Irving Berlin. It was first performed on stage by Kay Starr in 1938.
All images are from Pinterest.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Harvesting and using lavender AND Winners of EAL magazine

 The 5 winners in  the drawing for a copy of Early American Life Magazine are:
Penny, Liz, Judi, Cathy, and Vic
Send your address to me, and I'll put your copy in the mail with a sprig of 
email me at: jeri@hopalonggreetings.com

I gathered a little crop of Lavender from the Potager and left 2/3rds of it still standing in the garden.
 Here is a lovely way to use the lavender from your own garden;

 Cover all the buds with your ribbon and then tie at the base.
And here you see the Lavender wands, also called Lavender Bottles;
Popular in Victorian times to scent one's drawers, lingerie and bedding.
The scent should last for years
 If you choose to dry your lavender, just gather a bunch with a band, and hang it 
upside down in a cool, dry place.

 This is my amateur adventure with Lavender:

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Poor ugly Peggy!

Poor Peggy, she was never much in the "looks" department, but thanks to an overzealous rooster, 3 times her size, she has become even uglier.
 Scrawny, shabby and small with dingy white feathers and a flopsy  comb, you would think the boys would completely shun her.
 But not this handsome Big Bruiser, he adores her and has mated with her so many times, her poor little backside is bald and scabby due to his claws. She spends much of the day hiding under a concrete table in the garden just to avoid him....but he always knows where she is, and is never far from her side. He is smitten. I have treated her raw skin with ointments and am attempting to make her a little padded vest  to protect her back from the roosters deadly talons.
Hopefully, most of my Lavender chicks will turn out to be hens and NOT roosters.
  If so, the big Bruiser can divide his romantic intentions between MANY hens and not devote all his energy and ardor to the poor dilapidated Peggy.
 And since I'm on the subject of  LAVENDER chickens, allow me to boast about my lovely patch of Lavender, which, by the way, actually does look purplish, unlike some little chicks that I know.
 A month old now, pullets and cockerels. Hmmm. I keep wondering when they will turn colors....
 in the Potager, just look at that!
  For the first time ever, my lavender patch is producing prolific blooms.
AN update on  the sitting peahen, Hettie Pepper. She didn't have the patience to stay on her two eggs, which is probably a good thing since they turned out to be DUDS.
So now she's back to pestering the young pullets and cockerels all day long.
 It is an honor to be included in my favorite magazine's:
Early American Life Magazine
My work  was accepted in two categories for the "Directory Of Traditional American Crafts" for 2016
       1.  My Book Illustration, under the category of

2. My  "Hopalong Hollowfolk"
 under the category of
I've read this magazine for over 30 years.
To see all the wonderful craftsmen and artists selected this year, you can get the August issue at new-stands later this month.
One of my Hopalong Hollowfolk will be pictured in the Christmas issue coming out in September. 
The magazine kindly sent some free copies my way and I would love to pass out 5 of them to my readers. Just leave a comment below and Next week I'll pull 5 names outta the hat for the winners.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

We can fly!

From my vantage point on the porch, I see this  sight every summer...little birds learning to fly. What fun!
Up in that corner of the eaves.... 
is a
What a feat! Every year they add another floor.
 After a few weeks, parents entreat their little fledglings to try those wings out!
Here, I will repeat a post I did 6 years ago... because nothing has changed, as little baby birds become aviators one by one....
 Welcome to flight school.
    " Peter Pan flight school had several graduates this week as all the wee BarnSwallow babes took to the skies!

 One by one, little birdsies held their breath and lept from the comfort and safety of their mud daubed nest and into the blue, blue skies; up, up and away! First there were 5.
 Then there were 3...
and 2...

 and 1.
But this little fellow wouldn't take the "plunge".
"I'm scared!"
Despite the encouragement of nest-mates and parents and aunties and uncles, dear little birdie number 5 remains in the nest.
 "I am ever so lonely. Where, oh where, did everyone go?"

 All of the young, new aviators swoop past  little Mr. Lonelyhearts nest, on the hour, admonishing him to:
"Come along, come along!
 It's GREAT up here, in the vast, clear skies! 
You simply won't believe your eyes!!! 
There are things called trees, and bees..... and clouds and seas!
 Other flying things to EAT, really crunchy, tasty treats! 
 Let's go!!!!!!"
 But little Mr Lonelyhearts just sits on the edge on his nest.

  This patient reporter will keep a vigilant eye and camera at the ready.... if and when birdie number 5 takes flight."
 Well , that was a few years ago, as you can see by the one-story nest. But, as I said, nothing changes; one by one the baby swallows leave the nest and swoop endlessly round and round the house with their newly discovered talent of FLIGHT!
 And, naturally, number five eventually discovers his wings.

 Here they are, stretching those wings and working up the courage to FLY!