Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Waddling round in the Hollow with Fionna Goosefeathers II

"Greetings and a heck of a hearty HONK, HONK, HONK! Tis I, Fionna Goosefeathers II, giddy with anticipation as I prepare to take you on my first Hopalong Hollow tour.

 Following in the webby feetsteps of my predecessor, the dearly departed Fionna Goosefeathers the First, I am now, OFFICIAL tour guide in the Hollow.  Won't you Puh-leese follow me?

 Let us meander past the roses and chives along the brick paths, ( my, my, the mistress is certainly NOT a brick layer, will you look at these lumpy paths??!) 
  But, says she, ' "If it's good enough for Colonial Williamsburg, it's good enough for me" ',Whatever that means.
 "A professional garden lady spoke disdainfully about Knockout Roses, so the Mistress planted even MORE of them, and surrounded them with wild flowers, she's stubborn. We think that garden lady would not like the wildflowers either and consider them "weeds". But we like them.
"Notice the strawberry beds. Normally,  those pesky PEABODY boys would have poked holes in the fruits and taken the best of the best, BUT I got up extra early this morning to pick a basket of fruits, JUST for us!  Please help yourself...oh, uh, excuse me, that extra large plump one on the top.. that is mine.... but you can have ANY of the others.

 "Speaking of the peabody boys, let me just tell you, ever since they grew those garish tail-feathers they have been unbearable! Strutting here, strutting there, walking the ridgepole of the potting shed to show off those tails  to  full advantage. Personally, I think those colors rather gouache... and prefer the subtle greys and tans and whites of... of... well, goosefeathers.


"Oh dear, speak of the devil and the devil appears! Here they come, hurry, hurry,
 before they see us and start following us about!"
Just slip silently past the stone lady..
"I don't know who she is, she never says a word, just stands there with her apron open.

She sort of gives me the creeps... but the Mistress sees her everyday from her kitchen window and tells the Lord of the Manor, " I just love that girl!"

" Here you will see the Mistress's attempt to protect her new lavender plants from marauding chicken cultivators  Silly Mistress, does she really think putting her plants behind bars will protect them from crazed chicken gardeners?
  HAH! not a chance, just look at what they did to her little moss garden she planted last week!

"Bits and pieces of mosses scattered all about, hither and thither, simply ruined! Why, if it were my moss garden, I would ring those chickens scrawny necks, indeed I would!"

 As we wander up the hill I ask you to observe the strange creatures who dwell here. Each and every night, I thank my lucky stars and the fireflies above that I was  born a goose and not one of these!
 Can you imagine it?
80 degree heat and wearing an arctic parka?  It's a good thing the Mistress is handy with her kitchen shears. She clips and clips and snips away like a whirling dervish!

  But it takes her hours and hours.
and most of the debris is simply waste material, oh so very icky.
  Save for a little pile of soft fluff.
" When Mistress has finished the job,
 she looks  and smells just like a barn rat!
 That's what I call love...
 How one can love a sheep is beyond my goosey understanding..Harrumph!
 Sheep never bathe... unlike we feathered folk who are quite particular about our toilette.
Bathing is especially enjoyable in the Mistress frog pond... ooops, I shouldn't have mentioned that , well, we only ate a FEW of those frogs. Now, you won't breathe a word of  that, will you?

We splash  with regularity at least 25 times a day!
after playing in the mud.

 " Now, I would be remiss if I did not take you to Mistress pride and joy, the potting shed garden.
"No, No, NO!
  That is the BEFORE picture, when those SHEEP people had to live in that old shack!
That's more like it..

"Oodles and oodles of flowers and plants. It's also a handy place to lay eggs,

if you know what I mean.

  "Oh I have so much more to show you, but seeing as this is my first time as tour guide, and I have worked up quite an appetite, what say we  give it a rest and mosey on over to the creek bank for a few crawdad canapes??
 and pink lemonade? "

 Thank you Fionna Goosefeathers II, Now, what's this about my frog pond??!


  1. Ahhhhh.

    I needed this right before I go into the four walls of the classroom where I TRY to make magic happen, but really, there is NO SUBSTITUTE for being outside in the fresh air, on a farm, in a garden and with A GOOSE TOUR GUIDE TO BOOT! Oh Fiona II, you are SUPERB! LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your photos that I am sure YOU shot on your own....but how ask I, with those wingtips! The Mistress is a FINE brick layer, and has the keenest sense of space and design. Most of all, her love for ALL OF YOU is what comes out the most, and for that I am so pleased. Oh how WISH WE COULD ALL MEET!!!!

    I will go out now in the classroom with a smile on my face, knowing that there is a world of creativity out there within which I will dwell and create. LOVE TO YOU ALLLLLLL! Anita

  2. Good morning Jeri ~ I can't quit smiling. This was absolutely delightful. Please tell Fiona GoosefeathersII that she is a wonderful tour guide with a fantastic sense of humor.

    Your gardens are so very lovely and I'm happy to see your knockouts surrounded by flowers.

    Love and hugs to all of you there at Hopalong Hollow.


  3. Oh what a lovely tour, Fiona!! Your mistress certainly does have beautiful gardens. As for the chickens on our farm...some of them are on house arrest now that the gardens are in full bloom. One coop that is too close to the gardens for comfort....those hens will stay in their own yard until autumn. I have to admit... Hamish makes my heart go pitter patter, too!!

    Have a lovely day!!!!

  4. Happy morning! Everytime I visit I come away with a feeling of being on vacation. Fiona, you are a fine guide showing us all the BEST places in the garden. I especially love the frog pond and can just imagine how much fun taking a dip would be, if I were a duck or a goose! It's all so beautiful in Hopalong Hollow..

  5. Oh this was such a wonderful tour and the tour guide is well versed in the lay of the land. So fun. Oma Linda

  6. Fionna GoosefeathersII you did great as our tour guide. Thank you, what a lovely place you have.

  7. Oh Fiona you are a true honk of a tour guide.I tagged along with ever so much delight and envy!
    I could almost smell those Roses.
    I would love to visit but feel my pond frog
    Fernando and gang would be so insulted if they were eaten.
    Most certainly though I will look forward to part two of the story.
    For now, do take it easy on the frogs.
    Hugs to all, Amy Jo

  8. Oh Ms. Goosefeathers this was such a most excellent tour. I do so wish we were neighbors.

  9. What a gracious and witty tour guide you are, lovely Fiona!
    Dear Jeri, thank you for the wonderful giggles...this was fabulous! You know I adore your magical garden and all of its precious residents...
    Thank you for this most delightful experience!
    Big hugs,
    - Irina

  10. Thank you Fionna Goosefeathers II.
    What a wonderful tour quide you are. I truly enjoyed every step..
    I actually love the way the Mistress layed the bricks... My kind of brick layer.. Looks great to me. I think I may need to come have a talk with those chickens.. They need not to mess up the beautiful garden.
    Everything looks so beautiful Jeri.
    I am so happy I was able to leave a comment.. I have been having such a hard time leaving word with you the past few days.
    Enjoy your week. Would that be dear Beatrix standing there?
    fondly, Penny

  11. p.s. forgot to mention.
    I love the photo of you and Fiona!
    You look so very lovely..

  12. There is a type of special hen house on wheels--I forget the name. They've featured them in Acres USA magazine and Mother Earth News, but they're also featured online in a few places.
    You can reposition it anywhere in your yard, and the hens stay put and can still peck and feed in a fresh area without wrecking the garden. Plus, they're kept safe from foxes, etc.
    Just a thought.
    LOVELY blog.
    Precious story line and great photographs. Must be great living as you do!

  13. Oh Thank You Thank You Fiona!! What a wonderful tour!!!

    I just LOVE the impliment lavender cages!! But the picture of the Hen's foot in one gave me a bellie chuckle!!
    Do LOVE the brick path!! And those Blue boys are brilliant!!

    Beatrix got me bellie laughing with her expression wilst dangling a beard! I must say I am coveting that fluff!!
    I have to shear Fraser McGrumply soon too!

    Blessings and HUGS, Linnie

  14. It's Nice ! You are lovely Miss Fionna Goosefeathers !
    Thank you Jeri and good evening

  15. Dear Sophia
    Leave it to me...I hope I did not offend you by calling you Beatrix! Well, I know the Mistress will give you a great new look.. I must say, I just love working with your wool...
    Thank you, and thank you Jeri!

  16. Oh Fiona II, my dear, what a lovely
    picture of you and your Mistress...
    You are the consumate guide through
    things magical...did you not need
    your famous bonnet this day? The
    gardens are so lovely and the
    winding paths so rich in discovery.
    Love the fragrance of your lavender
    all the way from here....
    Blessings of the day ~

  17. such a lovely and lively and beautiful world you have created for you and your critters! treasures every where you look!

  18. Dear Fiona,

    What a rollicking tour you've given, bless your feathers!

    Those darn chickens can certainly wreak havoc in the garden, can't they? Of course your people would never do such ignoble deeds!

    Thank you for further peeks into the magic at Hopalong Hollow.



  19. Hi Jeri
    Just thought I would pop in to say hello.. I will check back for part two! This was such a fun post.
    I hope you will be able to attend the Paris Link Party at Anita's on June 8th.. Hope to see you there.


  21. Dear Dimity Doormouse
    I had no idea you were afraid of heights and I see the Mistress has been keeping you very busy in the garden. Must tend to those nasty weeds yes? Ok then.. I will make a note to self... Bring Dimity Doormouse Chocolates and Brie from Paris... Check! See you upon my return.( I will try not to eat them)


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