Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Up and down the garden paths

  Fionna invites you to waddle along as she follows the garden paths, here, in Hopalong Hollow.
 First, you must cross our rustic bridge which can be a tricky proposition, so watch your step. The bridge crosses over Croaky Toad Creek, and it really needs to be replaced. But we sorta like seasoned, old beat-up  things around here. We're funny that way.
Now we will walk across the  short stone path...
and onto the old brick walkway.
Where we will meet up with Fionna Goosefeathers, resident garden guide.

Here is the front yard garden. It started out as a small patch of flowers, but has grown by leaps and bounds.
"That is because I fertilize it with regularity", says Fionna.
"Come along, now, make haste!
"You will  most certainly run into a resident of the Hollow as you walk the paths.
"Watch out for Ivan, Attila and Hamish; otherwise known as the Bully Boys. Actually, their honk is worse than their bite. In fact, they are quite cowardly, if the truth be known.
"Let's proceed onto the slate path, past the shade gardens,
and Pippitty Trimbles cunning stone cottage.
"Stroll past the foxgloves, Hosta and Astilbe. This is where I often enjoy my early afternoon nap. Being careful not to crush the flowers, of course.

"OOPS, we mustn't disturb Mia, she is sitting on ducky eggs beneath the
Hydrangea bushes! She is a dear little duck, one of my truest friends.
   "Here is the old Mulberry tree, where hundreds of juicy mulberries will soon cover the ground and be devoured by the bird-folk. I will get my fair share; if those pesky chickens don't get here first!
  "Let us now pass over to the other side of the red gate and onto another stone path, which leads to another cool and serene shade garden on the east side of the potting shed. This is where I take my late afternoon nap.
 "The Mistress purposely left that old hinge lying on the ground as a hint to the Lord of the manor; 'Please fix the gate!'

 "Here is where Dimity Doormouse resides, in another lovely stone cottage, three stories high!
" The Mistress just planted this new garden against the potting shed. Honestly, she never knows when to stop.If she had her way, the entire grounds would be filled with flowers! The lord of the manor would like that, he would never have to mow the lawn. It seems as if he is ALWAYS mowing the lawn.
Next year, the blue clematis should cover a good deal of this side of shed.

" I do hope you enjoying your walk with me! Do you think, perhaps, you could waddle just a bit faster?
"Keep on the lookout for funny faces that seem to come out of nowhere!
You never know where they will be hiding.
Sometimes, they even surprise me!
 let's follow my favorite mossy brick path and into what used to be the goat and sheep meadow. ( An area which was also fertilized with regularity.)
"These  200  year old bricks were given to the mistress by a friend who salvaged them from her house renovation. It looks quite messy now,covered in moss, but she likes it a lot; she is funny that way. Here is what it looked like when she first laid it.
 "Below is how the meadow used to look, when those nasty Turkey Boys lived here. Oh, the stories I could tell you about their horrid dispositions, I declare! But the Mistress liked them regardless, she is funny that way.

     "It's so much nicer now, since those turkeys ran off into the woods. All the ducks and geese rejoiced and even the sheep and goats were relieved when those wicked turkeys disappeared. The Mistress was quite beside herself though... she even suspected that the lord of the manor had something to do with it. Of course, he didn't! He would never! 

" Yes,  this area of the grounds is quite lovely now, although it still needs a lot of work. Of course, my job is to prune and fertilize,
and give garden tours.

"'Ah, but to have an entire field of Foxgloves!',That is what the Mistress says. Maybe I shouldn't eat so many of her foxglove seeds... but they are such tasty, tiny delicacies, even better than the Hollyhock seeds which have a pleasant nutty flavor... oh! did I say too much? Please don't tell her I said that!

"I am not a lover of lawns. Rather would I see daisies in their thousands, ground ivy, hawkweed, and even the hated plantain with tall stems, and dandelions with splendid flowers and fairy down, than the too-well-tended lawn." W.H. Hudson

"Well, we have plenty of those weeds around here;
but not in this wheelbarrow. Of course, that would depend on your meaning of a "weed". Mistress loves creeping Jenny, she calls it a ground cover. Mistress hates Creeping Charlie, she calls it her dreaded enemy! She yanks it out of the ground with such venom and fervor, we all go into hiding until she has banished it from sight!
" I happen to know for a fact that ANOTHER duck is hiding beneath these Daylilies, sitting on 12 more duck eggs! I do wish those ducks would limit their families to less than five. That incessant quack, quack, quacking is really getting on my nerves!

 "Well, this is as far as I go. WE have had a lovely walk, thank you for joining me. Are you ready for Lemonade and sugar cookies on the porch?
 I am! It is my favorite part of the garden tour.
Lets waddle,
Up the steps,

and enjoy some refreshment.
"I just hope the Peabody Boys are not there!
But, that is a story for another day."


  1. Oh , I just love the first photo, just beautiful, what a lovely home you have, with all your feathered creatures, cheers Marie

  2. I love Fiona. She captured my heart when I saw her sporting her new bonnet.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the tour she led us on, she is a lovely and helpful guide.

    What a delightful place Hopalong Hollow is.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. And there is something about Fiona that you do not know; she has only one eye. She was born that way. She does not like to be photographed from "that" angle, but I think it just adds to her charm.

  4. You have the BEST blog, I just love coming here ! Your garden is so delightful, I always feel if as I am on a Fairy Tale cottage tour. Beautiful, beautiful garden, just loved it ! Gina

  5. Fiona, that was a wonderful and beautiful tour. I would love to have all the space to garden in one day.

  6. Fiona, Hamish, Attila and Jeri....ooops, did I leave anyone out? YOU ARE ALL AMAZINGLY CUTE! My friends the Dutchess and Penny told me that I would love you, and they were right! Fiona dearest, you make the best garden tour guide, and you keep a well-fertilized garden, indeed!!! HEheeeeeeeheee! I love every inch and stone and turn and curve of your sweet garden and I will take a tall glass of lemonade, please. Thank you Jeri for visiting with me; yes, a good teacher will leave an impression in your mind and heart forever, and I hope that my students will remember the skills as well as the good times we have shared. Now, for more summer fun to begin and I can't wait for more of Fiona's fun!

    Blessings, Anita

  7. What a lovely garden you have and such a charming guide, too! I wish I had your vision and green thumb!

    Your fence is charming, too.


  8. Thank you, Fiona, for the enchanting garden walk and my the lemonade is delicious and the cookies divine. I must say, I rather like the brick walk now that it's become so much a part of the lovely garden.


  9. Beautiful and charming from top to bottom, Jeri! Fiona made a charming guide.

  10. Thank you all for waddling along with Fiona, she does have a tendency to gossip a bit; that's the way she is.
    Marie,Rainy, Gina and Catherine, I know what beautiful gardens you have,I think I would like to stroll thru yours!

    Barbara, if You knew how many plants I have killed you wouldn't think I had a green thumb!

    Anita, the teacher I mentioned on your blog told me I was an artist.That meant a lot to a little girl, at the time.

  11. Jeri Fiona is just so sweet and what a great tour she gave. Every photo was like turning a page in one of your books. Your garden is so beautiful considering all the feathered friends you have wandering amongst the flowers. I would have thought that they might start to eat the flowers the way chickens do.

  12. Rosie, I thought, when the chickens first showed up on my doorstep, they would wreak havoc in my gardens; amazingly, they just cultivate! However, the new peacocks are showing a special interest in the fuchsia flowers and I have to keep a close eye on them, little devils.

  13. Lovely post . I truly enjoyed the tour!!! Happy summer!Smile~

  14. Now that was fun. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

  15. Oh Jeri, what a beautiful garden.. I would love to walk down that path and have a conversation with Fiona... I just love her.. You have created a garden of sheer enchantment! One can never have enough flowers right? Lovely post.

  16. Thanks for a wonderful tour of your garden Jeri - it looks like heaven!

  17. I love your garden but it is your porch that I envy even more.

  18. I just found your blog through the blog hop party. I am in love with your pathways and Fiona! I am adding your blog to my roll.


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