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Sunday, December 13, 2015

A sad story, a happy story, an online show.

Life teaches us that not all stories have a happy ending. It is with regret that I inform you, my new acquaintance with Winston the Feral cat has ended in sadness. For the past 3 weeks, he had a calm and peaceful existence when he took up residence in our mud-room. With a hearty appetite, he enjoyed cream in his cup and canned kibble in his bowl,every day. We became friends when, at last, I was actually able to hold him in my arms and massage his neck and tummy. Then, suddenly, late last night he began an unexplained, laborious breathing. He lay prone while I soothed and pet him for a very long time. By morning, he had died. I am sorry to tell you this, but since I began his story a few weeks back, I think it only fair to be honest. It is not always sunshine and buttercups here in the Hollow.
On the other hand,
 here is an ending you will like very much, I think.
All spring and summer we waited for babies, we had sitting birds everywhere; ducks,  geese and peahens. NOT EVEN a single egg was hatched! When hatching season was over, the "pitter-pat" of little feet was a disregarded and dismissed thought....
Until this afternoon, when I walked passed Gwenda (the 2nd), whom, a mere 2 days ago I had  ridiculed for sitting on eggs. "Silly duck! You will never hatch those eggs at this time of year. You are wasting your time. Sheesh!"
I was wrong, look at Gwenda today, December 13th.
 This the most Beautiful sight I can imagine on a day like today.
  I counted 5 ducklings AND 2 crackling eggs, shifting around beneath her, getting ready to hatch.

Baby Ducklings in December,
of all things!
 I held a newly hatched duckling and I thought about Winston the feral kitty...
one little soul leaves this world and another is born, in this case 7 little souls.
So there is some Christmas joy, after all.
I finished the Possum Family
 They will be leaving for their new home tomorrow.

I am trying to set up an online show for December 15th.
It all depends on my ability to set up a particular photo program I have been wrestling with. I will update you on that. 
Fondly from the Hollow, Jeri


  1. Sorry for your loss Jeri. I've always heard when God closes one door, he opens another. I'm looking forward to your on line sale. Merry Christmas!

  2. Awww-I'm sorry about the little feral. It is so heart-warming to know that he felt love from you in his last few weeks, though. I f not, he would have passed alone and hungry. Thank you, Jeri, for being there for him. The baby chicks are beyond adorable and doesn't momma look proud.:) It must be hard to let go of your beautiful creations. Deb

  3. Prayers and sympathy for the loss of Winston. You gave him a wonderful life.

  4. Beautiful beautiful dear Winston!
    He needed you for these past weeks, sigh...
    He was very very blessed to have your love and comfort! Bitter~sweet indeed....

    How precious are the Christmas duckies! It gives the heart a start, and a warm thumpity to see and hear them!
    Merry Christmas Dear Jeri !! :-)
    xx oo Linnie~Lou

  5. Dear, dear Jeri,


    What a story of reality. But at least Winston passed in a home where he found LOVE, if only for a short time. YOU are the bridge between his lonely world and the world of LOVE. He was lucky to fall upon Hopalong Hollow and you....

    NOW FOR THESE DUCKLINGS! OK, first of all, we here in Minnesota are having a CREEPY, WARM December. No snow, warmer temps, and our shrubs are actually having a GROWTH SPURT! Just like the earth herself is having some climate issues, I am wondering if the animals are "confused" or if their cycles are having to adapt to the change in climate. Our squirrels have fattened up for the expected cold, but almost have these goofy, confused looks on their faces as if to say, "I'M OVERHEATING IN THIS EXTRA FUR!" teeeeheheeee

    Whatever the reason, you have yourself a miracle on Hopalong Hollow. The soul of one departed, the cycle continuing of others coming to you. They are precious, and I can almost see a peaceful look on mum's face.

    THE POSSUMS ARE AWESOME! Awesome possums...teeeheee

  6. That's too bad to hear about Winston. It is nice to know he had a few wonderful weeks leading up to his end. We are having ridiculously warm weather right now (Ontario 12 degrees Celsius - sorry don't know what that is in farenheit). So, it is not surprising that you have ducklings. I imagine there is all sorts of animal confusion out there. Do I migrate? Don't I migrate? -Jenn

  7. I am sorry about Winston but glad that he died in a peaceful loving place with someone who cared about him. Chirstmas ducklings! So sweet!

  8. Well, little Winston was well loved and cared for before he left this planet.

    What a wonderful gift of new little duckies! That is so dang sweet, it makes me want to cry.

    I wish you well with your online sale.

    Your little possum family is cute.

    Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady

  9. Poor kitty. The ducklings waddling in a row will bring your smile back. Will watch for the show.

  10. Okay those little darlings are just precious. The one with a brown tint on his/her face seems to be boss:) What fun. Who needs TV with such pure entertainment?

  11. Dear Jeri;
    Indeed it is a hard lesson from life that with the sweet comes the bitter, but at least in his final days he knew he was loved and had a place in this world. That is the greatest gift we can offer! Hugs!
    Tina xo

  12. Me again! I wanted to wish Gwenda a big congratulations on her new brood! They are a fine looking group of babies Gwenda!
    Tina xo

  13. Jeri, your Hollow has many depths.
    Thank you for letting us know about the loss of your rescued kitty. How poignant to think of the kitty receiving such kindnesses in those days spent under your care.

    Gwenda clearly has good instincts, too. Fun to see and hear those bitty ducklings in your video. This is a very sweet variation on having ducks at Christmas...wonderful surprise, and perhaps it was connected to climate change.

    And...your possums are quite marvelous!

    Best wishes. xo

  14. Oh Jeri,

    So sorry to hear about Winston, but ever so glad that you made his final days much, much better...you are a blessing to all your critters. And that Gwenda!!! What a beautiful surprise to have wee Christmas ducklings. When I see ducks, it almost always makes me smile and remember the year that our first grandchild was born. As Joseph began to be more active, our daughter mentioned that she'd like to have this kind of jumper thingy that hung between a doorway - named Quackers to be exact. Well Papa searched high and low in two different towns for Quackers for Joseph. To this day, we all get a kick out of all five of our daughter's kids using Quackers that Papa found so long ago. Maybe if one of the Christmas ducklings is a jumper, you could name him or her Quackers!

    Love from Diane in North Carolina

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Jeri, I am glad you and James were there for Winston. He knew the Hollow was the place that all furries are welcome. And, I do not think it a coincidence that one passes and another is born? Glad there are babies to carry on
    The possum family are just wonderful. Wish they were heading this way. The new family that acquires them are very fortunate.
    Merry Christmas and happy healthy new year, Deborah Rogers Mercy

  17. Oh my goodness, dear Jeri, I'm so sorry to hear about sweet little Winston. I'm so happy you gave him so much love to the end.
    Dear Gwenda must be so proud of her new family! Make way for ducklings! Merry Christmas to you, dear Jeri! xo ♥

  18. I'm sorry about your new kitty-but you're so right-not all stories have good endings. his was a short time with you, but you made it very good for him.
    I am smitten with the ducklings and I can almost feel them in my hands. Thank you for posting this-it was beautiful.
    The possums are just beautiful.

  19. All of those on rainbow bridge heard some great stories from Winston about this beautiful place he found love and protection at the end of his life. I am sure those little ducklings will help heal your heart for no matter how long we have a precious soul they end up endearing us and the loss is tough. Maybe we will see a Winston kitty appear Ina future book.

  20. Oh Jeri, I am so sorry about Winston.. Maybe he knew it was his time and went on a journey to find a peaceful and loving place to leave this world.

    Congratulations Gwenda! Such sweet ducklings... I loved watching AND listening to the video, Jeri... I could listen to the sounds in the Hollow all day...
    Oh my, your possum family are amazing... I am sure they will be loved in their new home.
    I am excited to view your online show..
    Happy Holiday dear friend

  21. Oh, so sorry about Winston. At least he had a warm bed and cream and good food during his last days.

    The ducklings are just adorable. Those little bills look so big on their tiny bodies.

    Only you could make possums look cute. As one of my friends said possums in general are ugly and even possum babies aren't attractive.

  22. I think it's wonderful that Winston had the opportunity to be loved in this life before he passed onto the next one. And perhaps the new baby ducklings are safer now than they might have been. there is a purpose for everything. best of luck with your show!!!

  23. I'm so sorry to hear about Winston, especially after he'd finally become friendly. Do you think he knew he was dying and is why he sought companionship? How lovely that you should discover the new births. God's way of reminding us life does follow death.

  24. Bonjour,

    Je suis désolée d'apprendre cette triste nouvelle. Toutefois je suis certaine que vous lui avez apporté beaucoup d'affection... Il est parti apaisé et câliné...
    Oh ! quelle belle couvée ! Un peu de douceur pour apaiser ce triste jour.
    Ils sont adorables ces canetons !
    Lorsque j'étais petite mon grand-père m'en avait acheté un. Il me suivait partout, il tirait sur mes lacets de chaussure !... Nous l'avons gardé longtemps avec nous.

    Gros bisous ♡

  25. RIP Winston. Know in your heart you mostly likely gave him the best three weeks of his life. And yes ducklings do hatch in December! I had seven hatch one year on the first day of Winter. Burned a lot of oil that year in the out building, lol.

  26. Hi Jeri, I'm so sorry to hear the news of Winston. He must of known he hadn't got long on this earth and knew that you would take good care of him in his weeks. Showing him love and affection and TLC that he hadn't known for a long time. The Goddess blessed you for what you have done for him by bringing you 7 baby ducklings to love and cherish. Bright Blessings Julie x


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