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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Online show date...

Firstly, I want to thank you for ALL for  the lovely comments in the last post. I know  you have a heart for animals, just as I do, and Winston's brief story was one that touches a chord.
 On line show tomorrow at 7:00 PM
It seems rather crazy having my first online show only 9 days before Christmas, but, I just feel like giving it a trial run. Instead of putting up a Christmas tree, I've been laboring over a new program to get this thing up and running. Tomorrow, I will have a link to the site. 
Not everything you see above is up for adoption, but there will be a very nice selection.

 Aren't they just ducky?!
On the night they hatched, we had freezing rain. Mother Gwenda and all the babies were drenched to the bone and shivering and shaking. NOT good for baby ducks. They must stay warm. We brought the entire family into the nice dry mud-room, set them upon a bed of straw and sheep's wool WITH a hot water bottle. One little duckling was barely moving so I wrapped him in a dry cloth and set him next to the heating bottle.
Today, all was well and when the weather improves , I will let Gwenda make to choice to move back outside. 
We invited Fiona Goosefeathers into the mudroom to meet her new grand babies. Fiona actually raised Gwenda, and hates to be parted from her.
She flipped out...she loves baby ducks.
 See you tomorrow night?


  1. Aw, that's so super duper sweet Fiona flipping out over her grandducklings! They are so precious its almost sad they have to grow up. Wishing you well on the sale!

  2. Oh my!! Gwenda's duckies are to die for! And Fiona so proud! They are lucky to have you to keep them safe and cozy warm!! ;-)
    Wishing you great success on your sale :-)
    love Linnie Lou

  3. Greetings!
    Jeri, your body of work is just amazing, and you look so lovely sitting there with all your fuzzyfoots..
    Baby ducks are so adorable!
    Wishing you much success on your online show!

  4. Jeri, your creations gathered around you and on the stand LOOK like a Christmas tree. I wish you great success with your first on-line adoption. And it seems the mudroom has been put to wonderful use these past weeks sheltering God's creatures in their time of need. How wonderful it must feel to celebrate Christmas in this way so like the first one.

  5. DEAR JERI! I am late....early morning now and I'm off to work, but I'm glad to came by first. WOW, there is a grandduckmother in your family! HAHAHAHAHHAH I never ever heard of that. CONGRATULATIONS to all, and I am so happy for you that you are venturing out in this way. Give it time, but of course, you are a pro and know the ropes! What a testimony to all your perseverance and hard work....look at that gaggle of geese and rabbits and ducks and possums and.........

  6. Oh those dear sweet little duckies! Fiona looks proud and happy.

    Wishing you well and I will check out your sale tonight.


  7. What a wonderful feathered family you have! I love the picture showing the sunlight on those fuzzy ducklings. -Jenn

  8. Good luck with the sale~Your lovely group will find good homes I'm sure. Love seeing Fiona making sure everyone is ok...so cute!
    Blessings to all at the beautiful Hollow....

  9. I'll be there and I bet the geese were honking at the babies. Even my old Tom Turkey used to be very vocal when babies hatched. It was as if he was saying, come quick and look what has happened. Love the picture of you with your creations.

  10. What a wonderful little family! Oh, that I had a mud-room full of ducks! You are one lucky gal!!! Good luck with the show!
    Tina xo

  11. you amongst all those amazing creatures is a wonderful sight!
    I wish you a fabulous show!


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