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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Still at the worktable, and no Christmas pudding

  While many of you are enjoying a cider scented house with  baubles, orange slices and vintage tinsel prettily dangling from your fresh evergreen tree, with wreaths hung with care, and Christmas  in the air... I am STILL at my work table.

finishing up critters.
The Opossum family of four is about to be united. They will soon have to pack their bags, and dress in bonnets, vest and shawls, for they will be Christmas traveling this week to a new home.
I will show you when they're finished.
The large squirrels are not yet spoken for.

Frankly, I am tempted to keep them both. I have kept Miss Millicent in my studio for weeks, due to my affection for her.

The problem with me, is that I hate to say goodbye..

These are  a few of my Hopalong Hollowfolk recently completed.
I still have a nice selection of mice, small rabbits, birds, a cat, and critter-topped pincushions for adoption.
I've considered having an online show/sale. I have observed several other artists and craftswomen doing it with great success. They set a date for the sale, and post all the available pieces at that time. Pieces are sold as a first  email, first serve basis.  Would this be of interest to you? Let me know by leaving a comment or email me here:
  If you would like to see some of my past creations visit my Pinterest page here:
 I am used to selling my work at shows where people can hold little the critters in their hands, tickle their fuzzy toes, make eye-contact and fall in love., so selling them on my blog may not be the way to go. But what the heck, you never know if you don't try.

Speaking of shows, my very last show of the year is really not what I would consider a show at all. Because it is a no stress, local, very small open house show with 3 fellow artisans.
Easy, fun, pleasant and only 5 hours long!

 Update on our feral kitty...
We've named him Winston C. for his pleasant looking exterior but feisty interior. Winnie for short.
(Besides, Winston Churchill is one of my favorite historical figures.)
 Winnie can't decide whether he is a pet, or still a wild boy. He will become quite content as I stroke his soft fuzzy head, and run my hand gently down his back. He has even learned to purr, but then, suddenly he will swipe at me with those lethal bared claws! 
 This friendship may take some time.


  1. Dear Jeri I can so understand not wanting to say goodbye to your sweet woodland family. They are awesome friend. Hang in there with Winston- he will end up being quite special- just needs your special tlc! Hugs.

  2. I don't know how you ever give up your beautiful creations, Jeri. I know it's your business....Great name for the feral fellow! ♥

  3. That is so funny about Winston. I have a barn cat (she is spayed) named Pond Kitty. She stays by the pond a lot. Doesn't like any other cat. After I had her fixed, I brought her to the house where she terrorized the other cats and my weenies so she got taken back to the barn. Even today, she'll talk to me and want tickles, then I turn around and she'll meow and swipe my legs with her claws. Some cats just don't adjust well. I think your idea is good and definitely worth a try. Easy way to sell. I forgot, do you still do etsy? Your art is perfection and must fly off the shelves. I think different avenues is a win win.

  4. Your creations are sweet little beings and I'd have a hard time selling them if they were mine.

    I wish you well with your online show/sale.

    Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady

  5. One day Winston will change like the sun shinning through gray clouds. He'll start keeping an eye on you, nudging closer, and then whala! No more swipes.

  6. I know how you feel about saying good bye to your creations. I have wondered about selling online and will be curious how it goes.

  7. I've never done an online show myself, but I am so pleased that you have taken up needle felting and combined it with awesome sewing skills (something I lack in spades) - your work is utterly sublime and I think you should give it a go - nothing ventured etc!

  8. I LOVE YOUR CAT! He looks just the right character for such a name, and I too love W.C.'s quotes. What a SPIRIT! And.....Jeri Landers, you MUST go to the top with these pieces. Get out there because your work is just as amazing and even more so than many of the big names in the business. The detail, well that goes without further saying. YOU ROCK in the animal world! You are an elf, working 24/7 in the workshop! I LOVE IT!

  9. After spending so much time creating them and giving them a personality, I can only imagine it must be difficult to let them go. I have a really hard time putting things I've made up for sale, because they are usually a one of a kind something that I will never make again. Your felted creatures are really masterpieces, Jeri. Best of luck with your sale!

  10. Your creatures are beautiful-and no wonder you love them-it shows! Hope you have success with your online sale-I'm sure you will!

  11. So good to hear the Winston is still in residence. I bet he recognizes a nice warm winter home with good food to eat when he sees it. The real test will most likely come when winter turns to spring. The wanderlust might strike him then and off he will go. But if anyone can turn him into a sweet little pussy cat it will be you.

  12. I NEVER tire of enjoying ALL of your Critter~folk!!! They are so "alive" with your very magic "Hollow Dust" :-)

    I love the Kitty~Boy and Winston C. suits him !! Our Mr Stubbs was very hard to crack but now he is a lovey~dovie !!
    Enjoy your holidays xxoo

    PS I'm writing from my brand new computer, my old one was only good for short spells and then abrupt shut down, it's nice to be back to enjoy dear friends! Love Linnie~Lou

  13. Hello dear friend,
    I am in heaven here! You are such an inspiration... Your critters are too sweet for words.. Masterful workman ship as usual.. I would expect nothing less. Yes, I think you would do very well having an online show and sale..
    I honestly do not know how you can let go of any of them. Can't wait to see your possum family completed.. They are fantastic!
    Have had computer issues and have not spent much time on the computer. Sorry I am so late.. Someone coming out Saturday to fix the issues.
    Holiday blessings dear friend.

  14. Mr and Mrs Claus are lucky to have elves to help out when the workroom is going full tilt before Christmas, Jeri; just something to consider.

    I think an online sale would be fun--I'd get some closeups of your lil critters. Of course, my keyboard might get a little wet since I know your creations would have me drooling...


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