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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Barn chic, and a show in Louisille KY


The smell of fresh hay loaded in our barn is the nicest of Autumn scents. Freshly cut and baled, this should be enough to see the girls through a mild winter, we hope.
 The donk's mouths are watering
but they can't have this hay till until their meadow has turned brown.

 The chicks in the barn are very particular about their furnishings, and a 2 story apartment is a must.

Shabby Barn Chic is the favorite decorating style of the barn-folk
and they like plenty of cozy corners for egg laying,barn chicks like to hide their eggs.
The pantry must be replenished with corn, chicken scratch and animal crackers with regularity; barn folk have very large appetites. As a matter of fact, eating is their favorite pastime.... presentime and futuretime.

Barn- folk are very big on wall art.
 (not a real mouse in trap, the real mice live under the barrel)

  And sculpture.

Take it from a barn chick, Barn livin is the best!

Part 2
Our art event in Louisville last weekend was an eye-opener...

And here is why...

The section of town where we set up our booth is Victorian heaven.

 The streets are lined with these fabulous restored homes. This area was once derelict and forlorn, with the properties going to ruin.
But not anymore. Blocks and blocks of homes have been beautifully restored to former glory days. Not exactly Barn Chic, is it?

  I looked upon this house for 3 days, as it was right in front of my booth.

You may have believed that Kentucky was just bluegrass, split rail fences, old log cabins, Thoroughbred horses and the Kentucky Derby..
But you probably haven't been to Louisville.
In addition to good weather and beautiful scenery,

Still, I am happy to be home on the farm. Tomorrow, a pair of Pea babies will be going to their new home..I will miss them.
Till next time, 
Fondly from the Hollow, Jeri


  1. What a beautiful neighborhood you were in. Hope your show was a sell out!

  2. Oh Jeri, I am so proud of you. A first place blue ribbon never gets old, does it. Course we all know you are so talented in so many areas. I love your barn and chicken apartment. My babies from spring are laying all over the place - only found two eggs today. I have 2 blue ice cream churns just like yours. I plan on making large bird houses out of them and placing them on a post. Just need to make the tin roofs and do it. Louisville looks beautiful. Who knew?

  3. I do believe you've coined a new decorating term! Barn Chic! And yours is the trendsetter! And that Art prize you earned. I'm not at all surprised! How wonderful that must have felt--not just because of the monetary gain, but that it was so prestigious. It's always nice to be recognized outside one's family and friends. ☺ You know it's not just because they like YOU. When I was at the Waterford Fair last week I wished I had the talent I saw all around me and realized if I applied myself to one thing, rather than all over the place like I do, I might grow such a talent. Maybe I'm a Grandma Moses-to-be and WILL later in life. Right now there's still too much to explore! I've only driven through Kentucky once and have always thought it would be nice to explore.

  4. What a lovely post! I enjoyed seeing the barn all 'chict' (new word) out. Such wonderful accommodations for your girls and a delightful place to visit.

    What a great view you had during the show. Such beautiful homes.

    Congrats on your blue ribbon win and the cash prize!!!

    You deserved that!

    Love and hugs and happy autumn ~ FlowerLady

  5. Good morning, Jeri Landers!

    You have given new life to the term, Shabby Chic! Shabby Barn Chic is a great lifestyle and many of us humans want more barn in our décor! Those metal cans, OHHHHH! How lovely those would look in a farm style kitchen, but yes, the "girls" would not give up their luxury items to any human! And the two-story apartments are lush and cozy! The donkeys look happy and that load of hay should keep them happy all winter!

    THOSE HOMES! Oh.....we were in Kentucky once many years ago. My husband had a job interview at small college there whose name escapes me at the moment. These lovely homes remind me of some of the great mansions here in Minneapolis and St. Paul that were built by the railroad and grain moguls of the day. SO LOVELY!

    Enjoy being tucked into your snug and happy cottage dearest Jeri!

  6. Congrats Ms. Jeri. How lovely to win a first prize.
    The Victorians are dreamy of course but your barn photos melt my heart. So warm and inviting.
    Happy Fall, Oma Linda

  7. Congrats, my dear!!!
    and so wonderful to see that area of the city being brought back to life and restored.. the history and beauty is being saved. I think many people would love to live where the animals do at your place!! Cheers!!

  8. Hello dear friend,

    First, congratulations on your first place, and the cash! How very exciting, and well deserved..

    I love your lanterns all in a row. And If I were a chick, I would love to have a two story apartment like this...

    Thank you for the tour of these beautiful Victorian homes... They are really a sight to see.
    In the end, there is no place like home, right?

  9. Congrats on your Blue Ribbon and accompanying $$ !! Nice! :))))
    Is it odd that enjoy seeing the barn more than the beautiful houses?? :)) ha ha ha ~ Barn girl myself I guess... ;)))

  10. Now Jeri - that barn of yours looks like the perfect place to visit. I am sure all your critters love living there. Wow the pictures of Louisville, Kentucky are gorgeous. Love those old Victorian homes. Congratulations on winning first place! You so deserve it. Have a great day and enjoy being back home.

  11. Congrats on your well deserved award! Looks like I need to put Kentucky on my list of places to visit. I love the old homes in your pics and am glad they have restored them instead of tearing them down. Also like your chic-y barn. Thanks for sharing!

  12. First place! Very well deserved!! :-D wonderful!!
    All of those " Shabby Chic Chickies" have the best surroundings!!!!! And there are so many things in your displays that are at our farm too! I was sitting there looking at all those goodies and saying "hey I have one of those...and one of those....and one of those too"! Hee hee
    The Darling Donkeys are so sweet (GarBear still says "NO"!....pout.......plot ) )))) tee ;-)
    I love the chicken nesting boxes, very nice and cozy!

    I really enjoy those houses pictures, I thought of you and tried to take lots of pictures as we were driving through all the quaint little towns for you to see . I don't know how long it will take to get my computer up and running( I'm dying to see any of my pictures bigger then a postage stamp)!
    Well,Glad your safely home, Many many Blessings and Joy and Love Linnie sent from my kindle

  13. Congrats on winning. I can't think of anyone who could be a better pick for first place!!! Love your barn decor. Couldn't help but notice your bell. I just found one (same manufacturer) and am hanging it outside the barn here. These bells were in demand after the Civil War...and were even carried by the entire US fleet in WW II!! Cool!

  14. make that WW 1 !! I got a little carried away with the 1's

  15. Congratulations on your award, Jeri! You are such a wonderful artist. I'm glad you're back home as I'm sure all your critters missed you. Your barn looks divine--what lovely quarters for your animals. ♥

  16. Wonderful on the award! Congratulations to you! I just love your barn décor!


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