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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Peabody boy and girls, up for adoption

Its the time for our dear little peababies to "fly the coop" I hate to loose them, But I simply cannot have 8 peafowl here. I have limited myself to our original 4.
It seems like just a minute ago, they were wee pea-chicks! 
 Now, our 2 little peaboys and 2 little peagirls are looking for a good home, with lots of space to roam around in, a garden to be beautiful in and  a mistress or master who will love them.
 At this age, it is difficult to tell the males apart from the females, save for a copper colored wing feather adorning only the males. We have 2 males, 2 females.
 I will soon be putting an ad, online, for their adoption, but wanted to give my readers first chance to adopt. If you live near enough our farm to pick them up ,( I am in East Tennessee) consider the joy of having peafowl in your life.
  Let me tell you all that you need to know about this wonderful bird.
 It goes without saying that they are gorgeous creatures, even the females, who don't have the spectacular feathers and color as the boys, but are graceful and elegant with lovely shades of turquoise, blues, aquas and greens adorning their long necks.

The males? No words necessary, just look at this handsome fellow below.

  This is a daddy, Hans... or Moses.. I still can't tell them apart. 
It takes at least a year for the males to get their true colors. In late summer, all the tail-feathers fall out one by one, and once they are gone, the feathers begin to grow back over the winter. Each  new tail grows  longer  than the one before.
This male has lost his tail feathers for the year. 
 The males start to grow that beautiful tail at around 2 years old and females of 2 years will begin to lay eggs.

  These are very intelligent birds, much more so than any of my other bird flock. They can be quite tame and will come when you summon them with treats. My youngsters  are eating from my hand. 

 What DO they eat? Ours free-range on BUGS, grass, and weeds. I supplement their diet with corn and they have a particular love of dry cat food, bread, chicken bones and just about anything you toss to them.  I have only seen them eating flowers once.  Here is a great plus for the gardener: peacocks, unlike chickens, do not cultivate in your garden and destroy everything in sight. They will, however, pick off the Japanese beetles and the other noxious pests, one by one.They stroll through the cottage garden  with great dignity and elegance, looking quite at home. You will love it! Oh the photos you will get!

  They do like to traipse through your vegetable garden and grab a tomato occasionally, but they won't devastate your crops.

You should have 2 birds, they need a companion and will become best friends.. I will only sell mine as pairs.
 They do get along with all other birds, but will definitely be the dominate, head honcho on your farm. ALL birds are beneath the Peacock ( at least they think so), as they are the ELITE of the bird world. No one messes with a peacock, even my dogs steer clear.

Peacocks, both male and female, perform a comical little dance when trying to show off or intimidate. I can't even describe it to you, it's a bit like the hokey-pokey.  They will shimmy, shake their back feathers and turn round and round. They are specifically trying to get the attention of another peafowl, but if one is not available, they will dance for any old rooster, hen or duck.
  Peafowl need protection from bad weather, they hate the rain. They need a barn or a shed to take shelter. But in the summer, they will happily roost in your trees at night.  Which brings me to this; Of course they fly, and until they are accustomed to their new home, they may sit on your roof for a few days. It is best to keep them in a confined space, like inside a barn, for about a week before letting them out. But they need room to roam, birds need freedom and should not be confined permanently.
 Peacocks have many many different voices,  a honk, cluck, ,  a chirp, a whistle, a quiet pleasant,click, click, click, and the males have, what would best be described as a "SCREECH" The first time you hear it, you are shocked! But you get used to it and come to enjoy the  absurd sound.  Your neighbors may disapprove, OR, they may like it too.. This is not a sound they make often, only during mating season, or to warn of a predator. The Peacock screech has been compared to the sound of cats fighting, a baby crying or a woman screaming... but I don't hear the similarity at all!
 Am I forgetting anything?  You may add to this list,if you wish.

I love these birds! I really do. I wholeheartedly recommend you add a pair to your farm family. I will be asking a very fair price for a pair. If you have any questions or  are interested in adopting our Peabody adolescents, born and bred in Hopalong Hollow, please email me at jeri@hopalonggreetings.com.
 Thanks for visiting today!  Jeri


  1. The noise they make never bothered me. They definitely have their own personalities and go about wherever they like. I could hear mine coming to roost nightly on top of my house. One time, one roosted on the barn during an ice storm and got stuck to the barn. Coyote finished off the last of my six. There really isn't a more beautiful creature.

  2. Ooooooooooooooohhhhh! (in a winey voice) Oooooooooo (in a "how cute are these" voice)! sigh....
    aaaaaaaaaawwh! (cute again voice) soooo cute sigh.......... someday!! ......beautiful beautiful peachicks growing up flying the coop!!
    xx oo Linnie

  3. Beautiful post. Your love the of the birds shows,
    If I ever have the room some day, then I'd definitely have peacocks around. They remind me of cats only they're birds.

  4. This is why I would love to live on a farm.. If I was, and was in your part of the woods, I would
    love nothing more than to adopt a pair of these beautiful Peacocks... You know I am a farm girl at heart.
    I hope you find loving homes for them... Such beautiful photos Jeri.

  5. so fun to learn more about these beautiful birds
    i wish you wonderful homes for your dear bird kin
    lovely photos too Jeri
    sweet autumn to you!

  6. How I envy your spacious garden. I would love to have room for peacocks but I know they would feel confined and hate my too often rain-soaked garden.

  7. Jeri, I so enjoyed this narrative along with the stunning photos of your birds!

    I don't seem to recall if you have done this, but have you ever painted and made a book JUST on Peafowl? With your detail in color and lines and your FANTASTIC PROSE, this would be a book of great delight! I just love reading you.....

    I'm a city slicker, or else I'd think about it! No room for peacocks here at Rabbit Hill....:(

    MUCH LOVE! Anita

  8. Blog encantador,gostei do que vi e li,e desde já lhe dou os parabéns,
    também agradeço por partilhar o seu saber, se achar que merece a pena visitar o Peregrino E Servo,também se desejar faça parte dos meus amigos virtuais faça-o de maneira a que possa encontrar o seu blog,para que possa seguir também o seu blog. Paz.
    António Batalha.

  9. Saw the handsome fella sitting on the back of a chair on your porch a few days ago..on our way up the mountain to the pottery. He's huge! And very beautiful!

  10. I have wanted peacocks-but I can't believe it-we are not going to' renew' our bird population here-no more geese after my sweet girls go to heaven. We have too many predators to battle off. I loved your little movie-the music was perfect too....

  11. Hi Jeri,

    The peacocks are beautiful and I loved seeing your photos - hope the dear little ones find loving and caring homes.
    When I was growing up we used to often visit the Domain near our home and go and see the Peacocks - loved seeing them put up their feathers and strut around.
    Happy week and many thanks for visiting me

  12. Where we're moving in NC, we'll not actually be that far (considering I'm in Vermont now) and this does make me rethink living in a neighborhood like my husband is leaning toward now. We live on over 10 acres and can have whatever pets we want. I rather like that (and the space and privacy...) I'd like to be able to have a peacock if I wanted. I wonder what would happen if I said something like that to our realtor? :) I'd love to give them a home, I hope you find someone wonderful to love them!

  13. Oh Jeri - what gorgeous and delightful birds. If I lived closer I think I just might have to purchase a pair (hubby would kill me - lol) but in the meantime enjoy them while you still have them around and wishing you blessings in finding them a good home. Have a great week.

  14. Hi Jeri,

    Oh, how I would love to have a pair of your breathtaking peafowls!!! Right now we're in the midst of a major house renovation and I know I wouldn't be able to devote the time I'd really want to them. So, I will just hope that maybe the next time you have wee ones, I will have the chance to adopt them.

    My husband and I were at the Days of the Pioneer Antique Show at the Museum of Appalachia recently and I had the chance to watch the peacocks and peahens. The Confederates kept firing cannon rounds and every time they did, the peacocks would sound off too. Mercy, the noise they make is something else!! I don't think the peacocks were afraid - just wanted to get in their two cents worth!

    I know that you will be very selective as to who you allow to adopt your babies. Hopefully whoever gets them will keep you posted as to how their doing and you'll let us all know where they are going to live.

    Love from Diane in North Carolina

  15. Hi Jeri,

    Grrrr...just reread my comment and realized that I used the wrong word. I should have said they're, NOT their. I hate it when I type too fast!


  16. HI Diane, I wish you would be able to adopt! Who knows, I may still have them in a few months. So far, no takers!


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