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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Country Living Fair, a few photos

This fair is the very BEST! It has everything we love. The venue of Historic Ohio Village has as Wonderful atmosphere; it is early morning before the customers arrive, all is quiet.

Vendors arrange their wares to best advantage, for when the gates open there will be crowds of folk pouring in, buyers have come from all over the country.
 There are antiques and collectables to ponder over.
Multiply this booth 350 times and you will get an idea of the size of this show. I couldn't begin to tell you how much is here. I had very little time to take pics, so these are just some sneak peeks.
  There were many Gardeners delights; all those tents in the background had garden items, but it was 7:30 in the morning, and none of them were open yet, so I couldn't get photos. However, this little courtyard full of plants to purchase was nice.

Why doesn't my washtub garden ever look this good?
But that ornamental cabbage looked a bit wilted on this, the 3rd day.
 Notice the pictures on the wall? 

 They are succulent gardens in a shadow box. I don't care for the brightly colored frames, but the little gardens are charming.

 Need a pumpkin? How about a gourd? How about a squash?
 How about a really cool old red truck?!

That big greenie was the size of a small child!
I think the pumpkin pyramid must be the most photographed object at the fair.
Last year I purchased dozens of packets of heirloom pumpkin and gourd seeds  to emulate the pumpkin pyramid at my house; I forgot to plant them! Oh well, next year I will do it.

 How about some sinfully sugary snack?
These bakers ruin my diet every year.
There were many curiosities....
  Like these mounted bunny heads? Of course they are NOT REAL BUNNIES... You know that!
There were Book signings, a huge variety of needful things,
  and curious objects,
 and enthusiastic customers.
These were my neighbors. Do you need an extra large canvas bag portraying a porker?
  A a nice little pillow with a penguin?
  There are darling little shops with tiny gardens throughout the Village.

   I love this secret pavilion. Well, it's not really a secret, but it is tucked back behind a worn old wooden fence covered in "Virgin Bowers" Clematis. There are sets of cast iron tables and chairs sitting on the brick courtyard and on the grass, beneath a heavily vine-laden pergola.

 Here you can sit and admire your purchases whilst sipping a cold Lemonade and eating that Cobbler.
I didn't take nearly enough photos, because my camera battery was dead. I had to use the phone to take these pictures. Therefore, I have little else to show you. But, take my word for it, this is the best fair to attend all year. I love it, we did well and now we are home regrouping for the next event in Madison, Indiana in  10 days. You can be certain my camera will have a full battery next time!
Fondly, Jeri
Visit the Pumpkin Pyramid here:


  1. Congrats on the show, Jeri,... it looks charming.

  2. Wow ! It's magical Jeri ! I like the pumpkin pyramid ! And the pillows also ! Thank you for sharing here.
    Nice evening Jeri !

  3. I guess I'll have to just go to this Fair one of these days. I knew it would be great but after your post I think it would be grand! As for the sideways video. Once you upload it to YouTube they have a way for you to rotate it.

  4. Are you going to Scarborough fair, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, remember me to one who lives there...... It all looks lovely Jeri. x

  5. Wow! Now this is a Fair! And I love that red truck!! So many things to look at here... What a great place to relax and sample the bakers goodies, tucked away inside the Secret Pavilion. How cozy is that! So happy you did so well at the show... Thank you for sharing these great photos Jeri.
    love ya!

  6. I would love to go to one of the Country Living Fairs. I must put next year's on my calendar. Enjoy your time at home before heading out again, Jeri. ♥

  7. Oh My what a great show! I'm so glad that you got many phone pictures!! That is a wonderful fair!! I am trying to imagine how big it was!
    And it looks like you had great weather too!!
    Rest up and enjoy the short breather!! Hug those "Big Boys" for me! ;-D (love those doggies)
    Many Blessings Love and Hugs, Linnie
    PS the Mousiekins would be honored to help with framing! Hee hee

  8. Looks like a ball; wish I could have been there. I once used a goldfish in an antique fish tank as a prop at Round Top. Trouble was, it was so hot, the little thing was belly up the next morning.

  9. Bonjour,

    J'aurais aimé pouvoir partager ce moment... Merci pour l'ensemble de vos photos qui nous montrent parfaitement l'ambiance qu'il régnait !
    Nul doute que sur chacun des stands de multiples curiosités devaient attirer le regard.

    Je suis allée dernièrement à la Brocante de Leyment. Il y avait plus de 1300 exposants... Une foule incroyable !

    ♡ Gros bisous ♡

  10. JERI LANDERS! Welcome HOME my friend! But what an excursion of fun and antiques, country life and cottages! That sweet shop with the green picket fence...I would not want to leave, but to simply linger, take mental note and then start writing of what I'd see.

    How you do what you do....create, pack up and then leave is beyond my understanding. But you do it and I know you do it well. You must inspire so many who come to see your art IN PERSON.

    Enjoy a lovely, September day my friend. Anita

  11. Dear Jeri - what gorgeous pics. That pumpkin pyramid is fabulous. Looking through the booths and seeing the quaint buildings was just like being there. Thanks for taking me along. Glad you are back home. Have a great day.

  12. JERI LANDERS! AH, I get to come back here and stroll through this fabulous country fair. I can feel the lovely chill that warrants hot apple cider, tea or other comfort foods!

    Thank you my friend for coming to visit today. Sweet September is so graceful, helping me transition from being outside in the garden to slowly making my way in under the covers and freezing for 6 months! But each season has such greatness. As I'm typing here, I can hear the robins outside squealing as these seem to do, as they eat the seeds on the grass. Oh, Sweet September, indeed. And like you, I LOVE that photo on my post of the woman with her boots, socks and rake. Let's go. Let's rake up the memories and make new ones!

  13. Jeri, I am longing to join you! We must meet in real life, we are two creative kindred spirits! What fun peeks!

  14. Hi Jeri,
    Thank you so much for your visit. Seems like you have been away so long... Happy to know you enjoyed the furniture... I really had fun creating them... Yes, it would be nice for a doll house also... Lily just had to demonstrate... teeheeee.
    Take care dear friend,

  15. I certainly wish there was a fair here in the West--but I'm enjoying it vicariously through you and Cozy Blanket. I love that both of you took photos of the mounted bunnies, lol! Enjoy your brief rest. Wishing you lots of sales!

  16. I loved the photos-I'd rally love to go to this fair some time. I hope you rest up and please travel safely....


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