Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Scissors, papers, glue.

 As many of you know, I spend a good deal of my life illustrating books, creating intricate scherenschnitte and doing up to 26 art shows and events each year. But some times, I want to put the serious stuff aside and just have some fun... with
  If I can't be outside in the garden, in this horrid heat, I can still create a garden
 with paper.
  First, I will cut some grass,

 and make some teeny, tiny flowers...
 \and itty, bitty silhouettes.

cut, snip slice, dice, chop,
 But now I have a lot to work with.

Rabbits , birds, trees, fences cottages and FLOWERS

I love the textures of these art papers. and the GREENS.... Oh I love these GREENS!
Hopalong Gardens in a pot!

Bunnies and with wheelbarrows, poppies, foxgloves, tulips morning glory, hollyhocks
and little bird houses

  all made from papercutting.

Isn't this fun?

Layer by layer, like a paper cake..

I am growing...


Hopalong Hollow
In a Bell Jar.


 I have to admit, I got a bit carried away and built 8 of these.

  They are very sweet.
 Now that I have that out of my system. I can get back to painting moss on my illustration paper...inches and inches and inches of moss.


  1. Dear Jeri - many belated thanks for your sweets condolences recently. But on a happier note, ♥ HOW SWEET ♥ are this paper creations? Too darling for words. Sometimes it is good to 'kick off' and do your own thing.


    OK, I am hooked on paper. I have been creating something every day and I am hooked! I love silhouettes and last year in Nowhere, I started making Tea Rat and Rattus in silhouette form. WHAT FUN. This year for my Etsy shop, I cannot even find enough time in the day to get this paper love out of my system! I sold a wonderful paper princess dress and several pairs of paper shoes and now I am making more and trying to find good USES for them.

    Oh Jeri, your work is splendid. What type of scissors do you use for the TINY WORK????

    Have another creative day my dear! Anita

  3. Oh my goodness! I was amazed as I looked at each piece. The cow, duck, rooster, pig, sheep and the grass and tree and the flowers and your Hopalong home. Amazing. How could anyone not smile when looking at these?

  4. Jeri, these are magical. Magical places in a jar! Your imagination is amazing. Love them, love them, love them. Deborah Rogers Mercy

  5. That is absolutely amazing!!! How do you get such tiny intricate cuts that look to good? And to be able to see all that in your mind and put it all together in that way! Wow. I'm at a loss for words.


  6. Oh those ar to the moon and back beautiful!
    Did you get my email about the Barn quilt book?

  7. oh my goodness! what amazing creations! such a delight to take to heart! your talent overflows in all you do. lovely day to you!

  8. You have made this look so easy and so lovely--This is what talent is!! If I'd done it, well, suffice it to say it would like the 'mess' you had leftover!! :-)!!

  9. Wow. I'm blown away by your talent, Jeri! Your illustrations are always so amazingly detailed, and I see you carry that with your paper cuttings too. Beautiful!

  10. So sweet!! I loved seeing your creations. I make little bunnies from clay and am writing them a story. So much fun are creatures and green!


  11. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    How splendid your "paper gardens" are with all the flowers, houses, critters, birds, green grass, trees, and white picket fence! Love the foxglove and hollyhocks! It all looks nice the way you photographed it! What a wonderfully creative "fun" time you had!

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah and Tillie Tinkham the seamstress mouse and all the dolls at the Corgyncombe Courant

  12. Jeri,

    How is it possible that we are so on the same wavelength when we have never met face to face and we live across the country from each other? I too have bunnies on my fence tops and have been snipping wee birdies to perch on the nests under glass and bunnies running around the edges... but you have me beat! I have not done EIGHT amazing recreations of my home and garden this week! Oh my! You are splendid!

    I am working on another garden collection. Perhaps that's igniting the current snip-fest of ferns and vines and flowers over here. Some day it would be such a treat to snip away together.

    I admire you, Jeri, and send you the warmest of friendly greetings. May your brush fly and your animal friends smile on you.

  13. This must be how God created the world, one amazing layer at a time. I feel like a child again, looking at your art.

  14. Dear Jeri,
    You are fantastic ! What talent you have ! You have golden hands ! Wonderful ! Wonferful ! Wonderful work !
    Thank you Jeri for show us theses masterpieces.
    Nice week end in Hopalong and many many sweet kisses to your animals.

    Nathanaëlle xxx

  15. Looks awesome, Jeri! You can never go wrong "playing"!

  16. Good heavens, I am speechless! Each one more lovely than the one before!

  17. Oh Jeri! I am so late...
    Everything you touch turns to pure majic! I absolutely love these paper gardens.. All you work is so very detailed, no matter what you are creating.. I LOVE IT. You have put a BIG smile on my face today.
    I hope you are having a beautiful day..
    With great admiration and friendship.

  18. I am in awe of your talent, Jeri! I love everything you create!

  19. Hi Jeri,

    How very sweet your wonderful paper creations are, and your work looks magical in the bell jar.
    You are so talented and I love seeing what you are creating.

    Happy new week

  20. This is absolutely precious, Jeri!! You have all this up in that creative mind of yours...it had to come out! Good for you...a good distraction helps you settle back in to that beautiful book of yours..and the moss...lots and lots of moss:))

    Miss you, friend,

  21. Good evening Jeri
    Thank you so much for wandering over.. Bebe sends her best to Dimity...
    The kitchen is coming along.. I hope my energy holds out.. It's getting there.. I did manage to needle felt to canaries in the evenings..

    I keep looking at your paper creations here and I am just amazed. Like I said, Magic...
    Enjoy the new week ahead..

  22. Oh my gosh, Jeri....those are absolutely wonderful...like everything you touch...magic!! You must have the patience of a saint!

  23. Hello, Jeri! My name is Natalie and I'm the Office Manager at Tasha Tudor and Family, and I write our blog (Rookery Ramblings)....found you through my dear friend Christie @ Grammy's House! Loved her post on visiting you. This paperwork is amazing...just stunning! Truly like building a 'real' garden--layer upon layer, with lots of love, work, and dedication. Be well and Take Joy! http://www.rookeryramblings.blogspot.com/

  24. Good evening Jeri,
    Thank you so much for wandering over to visit.. So happy the little birds pleased you...

    Well, it is 6:15pm and 110 in the shade.. I am so done with this heat.. I hope your weather is ok there..
    Have a joyful weekend my friend.
    Thanks again,

  25. I looooooooooooove these! You know I'm going to have to have one! Where can I buy one?

  26. OOOOOOOOOO!!!!
    Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Ooooahhh!!
    These are truely BREATH TAKING!!!
    I just love them!! You must have had dents in your little thumbs and fingers for a spell!! Hee!!
    I sure did enjoy looking at these wonderful creative masterpieces!!
    Blessings, Linnie


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