Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Monday, July 23, 2012

six little duckies

 Six little duckies 
 arrived one day.... 
 They came from a dirt patch 
10 miles away.

 Lookin' for some water,
 Lookin' for a home,
 away from the desert,
 and longin' for some loam.

 I put them on a patch of green where creeping jenny grows.
 with a basin  of cool water
 to wet their little toes

 "Jolly Good!" and "OOH La la!"
 Those little quackers  quack,
 they reveled  in the water as it 
rolled off of their back,
 oodles and oodles 
 of corn bits and noodles,

neath the gaze of a gander..

 for never
 in those duckies lives
 had a table been laid

 And with a hearty
 "HOWDY- do... won't you kindly follow?"
All the "finely- feathered wing-ed folk",
 "Welcome to the Hollow!"
Hopalong Hollow
 Population 2390  2396.....give or take a bee or two.


Duckie Lunch, fresh from my garden!!!


  1. Thanks for this, a perfect happy way to begin a Monday. Made me smile and feel much better.

  2. This is oh so sweet. I can't stop smiling. A great bit of sunshine on this gray, rainy Monday morning.

    Thank you Jeri for sharing your delightful, peaceful place.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Oh...I love it! I am rather sad I am out of school for the summer....my preschoolers would love this. I always look forward to your posts.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed my brief stay in this most ENCHANTING place my sweet friend. THANK YOU for coming to visit my post; I hope to put up a new one in the next few days.

    Jeri, your world is special to me. I LOVE DUCKS, they are SILLY, they are cute, they are funny!!! AND YOUR WORLD is where I want to visit and dream. NO WONDER YOU COME UP with the most darling stories and art!!!!

    Was our beloved Hamish in that gander gang??? Isn't summer just fun? Don't you just want to never, ever grow up? I DON'T! Summer keeps me exploring and YOUNG and heart and I think observing nature is one way to keep many things in perspective.

    Thank you for sharing your world with US!!! LOVE, Anita

  5. This is the sweetest post I've seen in a long time!! On a day that I'm feeling a bit down, it's given me a much needed grin and lift--THANKS for that, what cuties!!!!! :-D!!!

  6. What cute quackers you have! And what a darling photo of you in your summer hat, Jeri! Makes me smile :)

  7. The shade of your trees, they sounds of the honkers, and the beauty all around makes me so happy. I watched the video over and over. Thanks for sharing this with us, and making us happy just to be here in the moment.

  8. My goodness,thank you for the lovely visit.
    It's 92 here and very humid. I would love to sit in the creek with the gang.Delightful!

  9. Lucky Ducks!!! they found a perfect home sweet home!!!

  10. Ah Jeri, your heart is as big as that glorious watermelon.

    Thanks so much for this. I loved this posting. It made me laugh.



  11. oh..aren't they precious!!
    such a lovely post!!
    i was taken to such a lovely,cool and happy place! i will be smiling all day!!
    thank you for the pleasure of SPENDING A BIT OF TIME IN SUCH A DELIGHTFUL PLACE!

  12. Hi Jeri,
    Can we make that 2397 ? Take me five minutes to pack my bags.. haa.
    This is just what I needed today..
    Visiting you is always, always like reading a storybook... I loved this post... Such sweet little ducks!
    You look simply beautiful here Jeri..
    Thank you so much for visitng.. No, my kitchen cabinets will be white.. I have spent most of the time sanding the wood, repairing and priming..
    Loved the video... I just wanted to follow along down the path and dip my toes..
    Enjoy your day my friend.

  13. Jeri, thanks for posting and sharing this video. I love the honking and I do love those peacocks! Visiting your blog makes me long for living in the country again. Your piece of God's earth is delightful and I am sure He takes delight in how you care for it and your animals.

  14. I love them Jeri! They look so happy in their new home and I must say I think I could enjoy a little bit of that duckie lunch myself!

  15. I love the picture of you, Jeri! What a sweet post! I love it. I got you card today and hope you will have lots of money plant next spring.

  16. Jeri love ~ What a delightful post..
    The ducks are ever so precious...
    want to just pick them up and hugggg
    Love the picture of you in pigtails.
    what a radiant countenance; ever young. Thoroughly enjoyed the serenity of the video....music
    perfect....made my day. Just love
    you with blessings, dear Friend.

  17. Love your duckies, and their lunch from your garden looks delicious.

  18. Wonderful! The ducks are so sweet and the pea hen so pretty.

  19. Oooooh, I love this post. What I wouldn't give to sit right down smack dab in the middle of the water with a watermelon on my lap and six little duckies pecking away at their lunch! They probably wouldn't mind if I had a bite now and then either, I expect, or if I rubbed their soft downy feathers from time to time.

    Your farm is enchanted. Thanks for sharing it. I'll be watching this video real often.

    Love from Diane in North Carolina

  20. Dear Jeri,

    What sweet duckies! They remind me of the Mallard ducklings that were abandoned in our backyard a few years back; I love their fun personalities, and their joie de vivre.

    Your watermelon looks good enough to eat! ;) I hope you saved some for yourself.



  21. What a joyful post! Ducks certainly have funny personalities and so much charm.

    Well I did a bit of research on fried marbles and boy was I wrong! Fried marbles are just that...tossing marbles in a frying pan to create a crackle effect used in jewelry and crafts. Here's more information:


  22. Oh dear...I put the wrong link the previous post. lol


    There...that's better.

  23. MY Goodness!! they've grown so fast in just one short week!!! Makes me miss that hollow, even more, dear friend.
    Much love,

  24. Dear Jeri...how utterly precious and charming...and FUN! They are all so sweet and silly...hee...what a joy is your world!
    And you look gorgeous...I bet that watermelon was divine...
    Thank you for sharing this enchantment!
    - Irina

  25. Hi Jeri,
    Thank you so much for wandering over for a visit.. I think my roses look a bit off from the heat but should perk up.. I am sure your roses will grow up to be absolutely beautiful...
    Oh these ducks are sooooo sweet!

  26. love this photo of you! Such a beauty.
    such lucky ducks too! eating home grown watermelon and having a gorgeous home. You are so good with words, loved your post.

  27. Dear Jeri...I was so glad to see that you visited those lovely secret gardens!
    That tree you mentioned looks like it came straight out of Hopalong Hollow...and what a beautiful space you imagine it to be behind the door. That would be perfect, I agree!
    I am so sorry that I missed your previous post on the storm damage!! Oh my goodness...thank heavens no one was hurt, but I am so sorry for your precious garden.
    Take care, and I hope your weekend will be wonderful...
    - Irina
    (And congratulations to the lucky winner of your stunning artwork!...love the lady with the red hair ;))

  28. Hi Jeri,

    Such a sweet post you have shared today. Thank you for sharing a little of your magic from Hopalong Hollow.
    You look fabulous and how delicious the watermelon would be.

    Happy weekend

  29. Dear Jeri, What a delightful website!! Oh my! And you have perfected 58! No doubt! You are absolutely lovely and you art work and little duckie creatures are just grand!

    Lynn Dylan

  30. Beautiful Jeri!!!!

    My dear, I wish you a most FABULOUS visit with your best friend next month! It was SURREAL to see my girlfriend/sister the moment I saw her at the airport. It was fun to GOOGLE EARTH our high school, our neighborhood (she lived around the corner from me) and to relive our teenage years. It is always so wonderful to visit you, and to get a visit from YOU!!! I saw the most beautiful movie last night: WAR HORSE. Oh dear, the English cottage, the GOOSE, THE HORSE...it made me think of you for some reason....be well. Anita

  31. Message for Dimity Doormouse from Bebe.. Please come and enjoy a day at the beach with me in Nowhere..
    Bring your swimsuit and sunscreen.
    Mum is still working in the kitchen but I just had to get out of there.. She said I had helped her enough...

  32. I l love it!!! You must have so much fun with all your birds. I love the way the geese took them to the pond to swim. Have a great week.


  33. Lovely little duckies ! Thank you Jeri for show them to us, I love animals and to see them live is charming. I dream to have, like you, a cottage with garden and many animals, it will be so great in life to can watch Nature, to live near animals. I live in a city with a little garden, yes it is a hapiness but I need the hapiness to live in country... Ah ! Nature and animals, I love you !
    Nice august month Jeri !

    Nath x

  34. I am GREEN with envy Jeri! My Mallard ducks that stayed with us this spring and part of the summer flew back to the lake to molt and I sure miss them. I hope to see Brad and Angelina again late winter or early spring for the 3rd year in a row. But for now I live in your lovely world thru your blog, the perfect place to be....... in Hopalong Hollow!



  35. What magnificent additions to your family! I think there is always something so special about white feathered birds. You are a lovely host and your hair!!! ibeautiful!!!

  36. I enjoyed discovering your blog for the first time today. Transported for a moment in that duck video. Major destresser after a hard day of work. Ahhhh....thanks.

  37. What a delightful post. Lucky duckies, they are. Love the last photo of you and the watermelon. So cute!


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