Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Potting shed and garden wrap up

I don't know about you, but toward the middle of August, I am DONE with gardening.  My best flowers have faded, my weeding has become haphazard at best and it is just too darn hot!  But some areas have increased in lushness in just a few weeks, for example...
  This is our dear little potting shed. Last year, James and I built the cedar arbor from the trees on the property, of course he did MOST of the work. The garden surrounding it was non-existent, but now it is dense and happy!
  This is the olde red door from England, on the potting shed.
 I love anything from England, land of my ancestors.
 I don't know why I call this a potting shed, I never pot anything in it. It is more of a gathering place for garden books and my own artwork and craft. I should call it "Mamsey Bears Mercantile".
In fact, next year, in the spring, it will become a Mercantile. We are having an EVENT... It will be an open-house and book-signing for my new book,
 "Mamsey Bear and Mopkin" 
  I will tell you more about that later,  you are  invited!
   I hope that by then, the morning glories and climbing roses that I planted around the cedar arbor will have clambered up the cedar posts, and reached the red tin roof of the shed.  I had high hopes that this arbor would be covered in grapevines by now.. but this is all I got so far.
 But the trusty Morning Glories, can always be depended upon!

Isn't anything with heart-shaped leaves perfectly fine?
 Creeping Jenny and wandering strawberries carpet the stone and brick surface beneath the arbor,
and the wisteria covered the little arbor off the porch.

 We didn't have a hive of bees this year, but we did get some handsome dragonflies,
  and the pergola that James built in the Spring is slathered in vines.
 For the first time in history, I did not KILL my potted plants on the porch!

  All is well with the new duck family..
 and the Peabody boys have lost ALL their glorious tail feathers for the year.
  Now they belong to me... 
whatever shall I do with these??

 I will think on it as we drive to North Carlina..
 Must dash! We are on our way to Black Mountain for the Sourwood Festival.


  1. Dear Jeri ~ I always enjoy visiting sweet Hopalong Hollow. It's like a mini vacation.

    Everything is looking well and I do hope vines will cover your arbors for your event next year. There is so much to see and enjoy there that I'm sure if it's not fully covered people won't be disappointed.

    Glad to see your latest duck family. I didn't realize that the peacocks lost their tail feathers every year. What a bounty for you. Those are such beautiful, glorious feathers.

    Have a wonderful time at the festival in NC.

    Love and hugs dear Jeri ~ FlowerLady

  2. Jeri, your place always looks magical!! And if you need help, I could take a couple of those magnificent tail feathers off your hand!! Are you selling your lovely paper cutting globes on line???? They are beautiful!! I always enjoy my visits to the Hollow...thanks for sharing, Jeri!

    Have a great N.C. trip!

  3. Love seeing your garden! Wish I could be at your book signing, but will await more details! I left behind a 23 year garden -- my solace -- and am building a new garden and just love seeing beautiful gardens to inspire!


  4. Bev, I will have these glass gardens for sale online as soon as I have a pretty good selection. I'll let you know.

  5. all so pretty!!!
    such a treat for the eyes and soul!!!

  6. I truly love it when you post, I feel like there is still magic in the world. I think it's all at your place !
    We vacation in NC in Oct.,in the Brevard area. Michigan is home and NC is Paradise.

  7. Jeri,You are an absolute magician in everything you touch ... and imagine.

  8. Dear Jeri,

    Your garden looks wonderful to me! The only things blooming for more are marigolds, love-lies-bleeding, and cannas lilies (plus the weeds, of course). Just think how nice those grapes of yours will be next year!

    Looking forward to more fun posts,


  9. Jeri, Your post are always a delight. I cannot wait to hear about your new book. I love it's title. I will be off purchasing books for our children's library in a week or so. I hope I can find a few of yours.

    Your gardens look lovely. I think everyone is tired of my whimpering over our disastrous heat, so I will not even go into how my gardens are looking.

    I hope you have a wonderful and successful weekend. Bonnie

  10. Storybook perfection...that little red door must have secrets & stories of its own.

    What a treat to have found you ;-)

  11. I just love your work! There's a slim chance we might be near you in May. We are thinking about going to John C Campbell for classes.

  12. Hello Jeri,

    Reading your post is just what I needed today. You make magic real and happiness become part of each day. I appreciate your imagination and all of the beauty you create, inside and out. Thank you.

  13. Everything is just so gorgeous and lush. I was very happy I didn't kill my ivy plant on the back porch. That's the only thing I can grow.
    I was at Black mountain 3 weeks ago. Such a beautiful place.

  14. Good evening dear Jeri,
    The garden looks so beautiful.. The top photo would make such a lovely painting, and I just love your red door from England.. I can clearly see where alot of your inspiration comes from...

    Good to see the ducks are doing well, they are so cute..

    I wish I could attend your book signing.. I hope you are enjoying the festival.. Wishing you the best.

    I LOVE your glass gardens Jeri.. Simply magical.

  15. oh look at that painting! so charming.
    i hope you had a wonderful time at the festival.
    so wonderful to see your garden and red door.
    sounds like you will be having a wonderful EVENT!

  16. How wonderful to see the progress, dear Jeri:))

    And those baby ducklings are certainly growing!!

    I wish you could see my Creeping Jenny transplants...you will be so proud of how they are representing their home in the hollow. Sadly, though, the strawberry plants did not survive the heat...but I will try again next year by planting some earlier. Can't wait to see Mamsie's Mercentile next spring, for you KNOW we would not DREAM of missing the celebration:))

    Hugs and love to all the honking children, there, along with the nibblers and cluckers and to you and your dear James,

  17. My darling Jeri,

    It is so good to be back in Blogland where all the creativity that gives me steam resides. I am in love with your shadow box of the ducks and Oh how I could tell you stories of wanting a potting shed! But we added a lovely deck off of our French doors from which we can see our boxwood gardens and some of the antics the local animals provide....we had a heat wave here and the resident squirrel laid up on a limb of the tree, just as lethargic as you could envision a squirrel!!!


  18. I am SO HAPPY to have read your truthful confession of being worn out!!! Ha, I am not alone! But my garden is the size of a postage stamp compared to yours.

    Sending love,


  19. Dear Jeri,

    Your garden is a dream ! A wonderful paradise. I admire all that you made, you have many greats talents, a real fairy !
    I wish you an excellent week.


  20. I love your garden. It makes me feel peaceful just looking at all the various lovely areas you have. I don't know what you can do with all those feathers....a lamp shade...a fan...a feather flower?

  21. How exciting! I will definitely make a point of showing up at your open house next Spring. Rutledge is one of our favorite stops and we'd love to finally meet you! And I'm sure we need a Children's book for somebody! :o)

  22. Oh..and last but not least!!! I'm loving your garden..especially as I have been living in a condo the last 4 yrs and have none! :o) Will take notes when I visit for my future gardens and landscaping in NE Tn. The potting shed looks like a mini Swiss Chalet..my fav. architecture!


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