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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Caption this picture and win a Christmas print...

 I didn't realize it was already the 14th, YIKES!  We best play this little game right away cause time's awastin!.
  Please  caption Naomi's photograph with all the wit and cleverness you can muster.
I know there will be some great captions, because my readers are very smart and creative folk, AND you wouldn't be here if you didn't have a sense of humor.

 The winning caption gets this:
"Dashing Thru the Snow" 
size 9 1/2" x 25", signed and numbered litho
I originally created this piece as a painted papercutting.

Whoever's caption makes Mavis Mudd cackle the loudest, is the WINNER!
Mavis Mudd
(resident chicken lady and gossip columnist extraordinaire)

  Now put on your thinking caps and create a caption for Naomi the goat.


Mavis will choose the winner on Sunday...then I can send out the print on Monday,,, then You MIGHT get it before Christmas..or maybe not.
  Anyway, you will have it for sure for next Christmas!


  1. "I told you my darling, I will never be unfaithful to you again!"

  2. Sharon, Bravo!.. Mavis is chuckling already!

  3. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAIT.....

    first of all, my next blog post's header is titled, "Dashing through the snow" so please don't think I was copying!!!!

    OK.....oh dear, I can't think of anything! When I first saw the picture, my OLD EYES couldn't focus and I thought Naomi was a burrito!!!!! I MEAN, a CHEESE AND BEAN BURRITO! Go figure that one out!!!!!

    WOW, I am out of ideas here dearest...pass the baton to some other clever blogger, but just to tell you, I THINK YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!!!!!! You know how to have fun!


  4. Anita, you should win a prize just for making Mavis spill her tea all over the nesting box as she guffaws over the "Cheese and Bean Burrito" remark! She always said Naomi ate far too many burritos and that is why she never kept her girlish figure... the one Mavis prides herself on.

  5. One comment ?
    "All the tenderness of the world in her sweet glance"
    I love this little darling.
    Nice Christmas Time Jeri !

  6. Nathanaelle, Naomi Is the sweetest goat I ever knew, it is true.

  7. "If I lost my horns I could pass as a Jack Russell".

    When I first saw this I really did think you had a dog just like mine, I should put my glasses on!

    Have a Happy Christmas xxx

  8. I gotta pull what on Christmas Eve!!!

  9. YYYeeeessss....

    It reminds me of the look I get went I want something done and they are just way too busy relaxing LOL

  10. You lookin' at me?
    What a sweet innocent little thing!

  11. Valerie, She does look a bit like our long ago Jack Russell, Lydia...but she is much more coy.

    Judi, You have just given me a GREAT idea for next years Christmas painting!

    Marta, Basically, all they do is layabout and EAT!

    Osage, Looks are deceiving, she is so far from innocent!

  12. Email came in from Linda, thank you Linda!

    Linda K Miller has sent you a link to a blog:

    Jeri, she is just so sweet saying "just let me take a little nap here where it is warm and soft...then I will finish decorating the cookies and wrapping the presents".

  13. Ok, I guess I don't mind helpin' pull the sleigh in a pinch but there will be absolutely NO FLYING involved!!

  14. Twas already messed up I just sat down to rest a while. xx

  15. "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!" I love the look on her face!

  16. "Bring me a blaaaaaaanket. I'm ready for my naaaaaaap."

  17. Shhhh! Don't tell Father Christmas you saw me at Jeri's place without my antlers. I'm in disguise until the 26th!

  18. " Ah, Yes? Can't it wait? I am just Getting Ready to Roll to the Other Side. Hey do you know if anyone has found my Sunglasses? I don't want to Develop Premature Crowns Feet. Someone once told me that Time has a Way of Marching by and Most of the Time its On your Face! You know I think that it was Dolly Parton who said that. Hmmm.... Be a a Dear and Do Find out where those Sunglasses Went."

    Love doing this with my Cats and Dogs too! Also Babies! To much Fun to Had!
    Have a Wonderful Day Jeri!

  19. "Do these horns make me look fat? Be honest...I can take the truth...maybe."

    Love the picture! Diane in North Carolina

  20. "Will someone Pleeeaaase rub my tummy and help me get up a good burp!
    I think I might have, ahem, over indulged!"

    This reminds us of our Lydia Corgi when she got into the cupboard and ate till she couldn't eat any more! When I picked her up she felt so heavy and she let out a little whine and she was so round and full! We fed her mighty light until she returned to her normal shape!

    Our goats get up burps when we rub their backs and tummies!

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  21. 'ah, come on, just a little roll in the hay'

    I would love to hear Mavis chuckle!
    Your painting over flows with charm!

  22. You woke me to help you clean the chimney for who?

  23. Great job ladies! Mavis is having a tough time,deciding and has actually thought up a few of her own .......

    "And this is just what I'm eating for breakfast!"
    "What, this old coat? I only wear this when I don't care WHAT I look like!"
    "Introducing our new Calender,
    'Barnyard Babes!'
    This months pin up gal is sure to put a twinkle in the eye of any old Billy Goat!"

  24. Baaaaa
    Baaaaa - humbug...
    every year, every year...
    the same ole trek caroling
    around town when I should
    be on the treadmill at the
    spa and getting a Christmas
    coif ~ Jeri, you go girl!

  25. "I need a nap...wake me up when it's Christmas!"

    Merry Christmas Naomi and Jeri and Hopalong Hollow friends.


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