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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Father Christmas

Once upon a time...
In a faraway place....

 a figure was fashioned,
with a beautiful face,

and delicate fingers, belying his grace.

Dressed in brown woolens,
buttoned up to his chin...

With a satin- white beard and benevolent grin.

 His blue velvet collar
sewn with gossamer thread,

And worn leather boots,
in which to tread.

 And lovingly crafted from plaster and wood...
tiny toys, drums and dollies,
for those who are good.

Each tiny piece

  or sewn with great care,

from the hands of an artist,
with great gifts to share.

This wonderful Father Christmas may look as though it is a century old, but it was created by a friend of mine and given to me about 20 years ago. The " faraway place" was Colorado, where I grew up. The artist is Rosemary Volpi. We have lost touch over the  years and miles between, but each year, I bring Father Christmas to an honored place, and am reminded of my friends great talent and generosity. Every inch of this Santa was created  from her talented hands, and I was so incredibly amazed that she gave this to me. I believe she has gone on to become quite renowned in the doll world.  Rosemary, where ever you are... Blessings to you this Christmas!
 I have noticed a real resurgence in the past 5 years or so, of hand-made gifts. I love that. I remember making all my gifts to friends way back in  my school days. I like to think that some of those little things, like the handpainted Christmas cards, the crocheted chignon netting, the quilted skirt, the little drawing of a mouse, or the big drawing of a beaver (on a brown paper bag), have survived the years.

  And now,
a little gift from me to you...In the spirit of Christmas and the giving of gifts, we will have a GAME to win this print.

 "Dashing Through the Snow"  
Originally a painted papercutting.. this is
a signed and numbered Lithograph
by me
  to one of you!
(We will have the contest next week, stay tuned )


  1. That Santa is is so warm and cozy looking...the attention to detail is amazing...you are one lucky ducky! Susan

  2. such a wonderful Santa! Every detail mixed with your wonderful words brought this post to life with delight.

    Your print is gorgeous!

  3. Wonderful Santa. What a treasure to have. Yes Rosemary Volpi is a well known doll artist but I haven't seen anything about her for quite some time. I remember reading about her in one of the doll magazines I used to get.

  4. What a beautiful Santa. His face looks so real.

  5. These wonderful decorations are like old friends bringing back holiday memories. What a gentle face your Santa has and enjoyed getting to know me through your thoughtful words.

  6. LIKE ALWAYS, I WILL BE HERE!!! Oh Jeri, first of all, this Father Christmas doll is utterly exquisite. It has the qualities of the old wax figures that I used to see at the Wax Museum. The boots and the carefully sewn coat are a wonder! Secondly, it is sad to have lost touch with people with whom you shared precious months or years with. But the gestures of kindness remain for we all take different directions in life. THIRDLY, YOUR ART has a place of honor in my home and I will gladly be back as usual to ENTER!!!!!!!!!! And of course, I totally believe in handmade gifts! The smallest gift but that has been made with love is the best. BLESSINGS TO YOU MY FRIEND! Anita

  7. He is simply beautiful. I enjoyed looking at each picture as we examined him and enjoyed your words that went with the descriptions.

  8. Oh My Jeri. What an amazing Gift from your Friend and a Cherished Family Heirloom! Her attention to detail is Perfection and I Love his Warm Smiling Face. Thank you for Sharing this Delightful Father Christmas!
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  9. Simply beautiful Jeri. The details are so amazing. She has a real talent. Your poem made it come to life.

    By the way I hope your hornets nest is empty too. Or we know what the next story will be about. LOL!

  10. You're so lucky to have a Santa that's also a gorgeous work of art, Jeri!

    I also love seeing those hand-crafted decorations that remind me so strongly of friends, present and past, each holiday season. Glad someone else does too!


  11. Handmade in a throw away world - I love it too. Amazing Santa and your print is just beautiful. Christmas Blessings xxx

  12. Your Santa is beautiful! What an incredible gift he was and continues to bring you such joy each year you put him on display. Such a talented friend you had in Rosemary. It seems a pity time and distance have caused you to lose touch with each other. I love the wonderful poem you have written in her honour and about your unique Santa. I also love the lithograph you'll be gifting to one of us. How thrilling!

  13. Oh what a treasure!!! I can't wait! Love the Santa...but the lithograph is wonderful.

  14. Your father christmas is amazing - he's exactly how a child would think he would look like! Hope your day is lovely - am thinking about what gifts to make - your givewaway is so sweet!

  15. OMG, Jeri, how exquisite and
    precious in detail is your
    Santa~ Rosemary, wherever
    you may be, reconnect with
    Jeri; what a growing and rewarding kindredship is
    awaiting.How generous you
    are, dear Jeri. Cannot wait
    to see the "contest" you
    have devised. Back to No.3!

  16. Santa Claus at home ! Very beautiful art work and wonderful decoration for Chrismas time.

  17. How have I missed these posts!! Busy in Santa's workshop, is keeping me too busy;)
    This Santa is exquisite! What a wonderfully generous gift...but that's what kindreds do for each other. Hand made gifts are even more precious, and I love that the tide is shifting back to these;)
    About the fence..that is the one that has been on the property. Our man is trying to figure if we'll need to put a small stone wall to level the base for the antiquated fencing. These projects seem to be taking forever, but I realize they're not so simple, so I wait...trying to be patient..
    I'm just thankful we're here...it will all come together with time, right?
    I know you understand, my sisterfriend...old houses ..always a project on the back burner:))

  18. What a gorgeous Santa. A true treasure Jeri.

  19. Oh, what an amazing gentleman this Father Christmas is! What a lovely gift indeed. She gave it to the right friend. Christmas blessings, Jeri.


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