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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Breaking up is hard to do..

  Oh My dear little Esther...
 What a fine little companion you have been these last few months.

 We have enjoyed so many meals together,

 there were times, I would rather just watch YOU eat....

  You have been so helpful at the art table. I don't know what I would have done without your assistance and feedback. my little dear.

 Even though it was a little difficult to see through the magnifying light when you were sitting on it....

 We managed to accommodate one another.

 And despite the fact that you knocked these old toys off the shelves a dozen times a day...

  And managed to devour most of my butterfly  and bee specimens..

  and break my pretty little egg shells...

  I still adore you and every shimmering taupe feather atop your little noggin..

 After all, you were learning to FLY!
And  learning to Build a NEST.

 Your choice of reading material has been impeccable.
Despite the little bits and pieces you leave behind on the pages , which is  why I carry a wet rag around in my apron.

It seems that God was watching out for you sweet little bird. First, when  I discovered you with your broken wing and blinded eye. And later,  on the night of the big storm, when all the cats were in the house, you were frightened by the thunder vibrating through this old house. Somehow you managed to  squeeze under the studio door and found your way to the stair landing. Just then, the lord of the manor awakened and walked  into the hallway, where you swooped onto his shoulder. Good heavens, you would have been devoured in a minute if my wicked cats had seen you!  But they didn't, and you were SAFE.

 Safe and sound, and ready to be free
  And so, today, I give you the choice....

Your little aviary door is open to the wide world...
 There is food and water on the landing.
There is a pink ribbon on the door to show you the way in and out.
 and a nesting box, should you decide to stay close to home...

  It is a wide and wonderful world out there,

  Filled with exciting new experiences, tastes and colors..

REAL colors...

not the ones found in my paint box, here in your little studio world.

Sometimes it can be a scary place. especially for someone so very small as yourself.
   And you must be cautious, wise and brave.

  You will meet many new friends...
  Sometimes, they will be a bit different from you, but You will enjoy their company anyway.
  And someday, you will build a REAL nest,
and fill it with REAL eggs.
 And the memory of me will fade away.

 But I will never forget you, little Esther. You will always be with me. For the joy of knowing one of Gods smallest creatures  is something I will never forget.

And now, I give you the choice to be free. The door is open and it swings both ways. You can stay, you can leave, you can do both. You are always welcome here.
  Now if you will excuse me, I am off to have a good cry.

UPDATE:  My wee birdie made her choice 2 days later. She spent some time going in and out, in and out. I really didn't think she would leave. I had my head buried in my work and when I looked up...she was gone. Gone for good. It was the right choice. I went outside and called for her, but of course she did not answer, why should she? She was FREE! The stupendous , wide sky was glorious that day, and Esther was somewhere UP in it! I was thrilled for her!  I hope she will be okay, out there on her own. But somehow, I KNOW she will.


  1. What a blessed little bird! I am sure - I hope - that she will stay close by (hopefully avoiding the cats) - she must have imprinted on you, being so close, so I wouldn't be so sure that she'll forget you...*hands over a big tissue and a nice cup of tea*. Well done for letting her have her chance, she's had a lovely - and very tolerant - friend in you.

  2. Oh Jeri I have been there a few times and it is never easy to let go of something so precious! I believe in my heart that Esther will always carry the memory of you in her heart whether she stays or goes (or both).
    Today is a special, sacred day! You were a part of something few will ever experience.
    I wish you many blessings on your home today!
    Tina xo

  3. Love gives us all wings to fly.

    Have you ever read "Scraggles" by Geo. Wharton James? Another orphan bird tale.

  4. Good luck to her. She is so sweet and what a nice experience for you to get to know her. Stay clear of the cats because cats will be cats. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  5. Our Mother stays in our heart forever, Ester is as much of you as she is of nature. Lucky for her, you live in paradise where she will choose to live!

  6. Oh, Jeri,
    I weep salt tears with you...
    These little ones wrap us all up in their sweetness and unconditional love. My mother always says we will be judged by how we treated animals...God's most innocent creatures.
    Thank you for being His instrument and tending to His Esther...for a sparrow does not fall, that He is not aware. You provided a safe haven.
    You are a blessing, dearest kindred,

  7. Dear Jeri ~ That was a sweet little tear jerker story. Little Esther had a wonderful life with you there. You gave her love, and she was nurtured and thrived. May her life be full and sweet. Maybe she will come back to visit you and she can tell you all about her travels into the wild blue yonder.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  8. I'm joining others reading with teary eyes and lump in throat. What a wonderful experience and I'm sure you've not seen the last of this sweet little bird. You were both lucky to have found one another.

  9. HOly cow...I am crying with you.....I cannot think of any other creature that evokes these emotions in me other than a little bird. Small and ubiquitious, yet holding a tenderness that grasps our hearts. That they could befriend US, give US so much joy and then FLY AWAY..oh Jeri, you have captured a DRAGONFLY...YOU have captured the poetry of your heart. Tell us all her little comings and goings...bless her and bless YOU my dear and wonderful friend. Anita

  10. Oh Jeri, this is is heartbreaking! I wonder what she will do. It's wonderful (and very brave)of you to give her the choice... and I'm sure the studio window will always be open for Esther.
    Has she chosen yet?
    Hugs to you today.

  11. Esther have a very precious friend in you Jeri !!! I'm sure that will help her all her little life.
    ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

  12. You should definately keep a box of tissues next to your post... It's a good thing i don't need to see the keys to type.... :)))))

  13. Jeri, what a touching account, what an achievement - it's been lovely to view this post. Lesley x

  14. Well, Jeri, I'm sobbing too! What a beautifully written post and it shows how beautiful you are inside and out!

  15. Dear Jeri,

    Oh my, sweet Esther has certainly had an adventurous life! I'm sure that you will be mentioned in her memoirs. :) Parting is such sweet sorrow; I pray that she will live a long and happy life, and that both of you will retain the memories forever.



  16. Hi Jeri,

    What a sweet story and so glad Esther was able to take rescue with you and you were able to give her a helping hand.
    Blessings to you both and wishing you a wonderful week


  17. That is one of the sweetest stories I have read! You have such a gift with words. I hope Esther comes back to see you. Have a good cry for me too.

  18. What a lovely story Jeri and what a 2nd chance she had with her life. I'm sure that one day there will be a story of Esther published in memory of the time she spent with you.

    Lovely to be popping over here again after such a long time......... I don't blog or blog hop as much as I used to.

  19. Tears!!!!!!!!! Such a darling little bird! I have so enjoyed your tales of her Jeri. I will miss her too. Cry...
    xx, shell

  20. Oh my heart.. now the tears.. This was such a touching story Jeri.. I know how very attached you have become with dear little Esther.. She was so blessed to be found by you.. You have a way with all creatures.. I have never known a wild bird to attach itself to someone like this sweet one did with you.
    I know it is hard to let her go.. I have a feeling she will return.
    Bless you for your tender heart.

  21. Jeri thanks again so much for your visit today and I meant to ask in my email if Esther had spread her wings and soared out into the world?
    Your post yesterday was so special and captured the exact feeling I have had in my heart many times when having to release a loved one I had nurtured. It was beautiful to feel it so well expressed in your post.
    Tina xo

  22. You have nutured little Esther and each of you have gained a new experience and created a friendship.
    My hope is that she will fly free, be amongst those of her kind, and return to nest in that delightful box you have so graciously created, sharing her feathered family with you.
    You have a kind soul my friend.

  23. Oh Jeri,
    How this makes me think of Lill' Peep the Song Sparrow and the messy messy Sparrow Boys "Raymus and Reimess" that the strong wind brought to me all at once a couple years ago...bitter sweet....but as empty and worried that ya feel...ya still kinda get that proud feeling like your sendin' them to nature collage! ;-)
    I hope Sweet Esther stops by to say hello, and maybe share some bread with ya! :-D

    Lots of blessings and Hugs, Linnie

  24. Dearest Pied Piper ~ I can
    just visualize your popping
    out to your garden and having Esther light upon your shoulder and catching
    you up on all her latest
    news and perhaps update you
    with sketches and notes she
    is preparing for future
    publication of her sweet
    experience in the Hollow
    with her cherished Friend..
    The exquisite colors of her
    feathers just cry out for
    a Jeri portrait to honor
    her title page...what say
    Bless you for the precious
    light you bring to our world.

  25. Good evening Jeri, ohhhhhhhh she has found her wings... sigh.... You were such a loving caretaker..
    Is her little door still open in the event she gets home sick? I hope so... I know you will miss her.
    Thank you for visiting, Bebe sends her best to Dimity Doormouse.

  26. What a kind, brave heart you have. Like the others, I cried while reading your post. Have to say you were very patient. We raised swallows a few times and oh the mess of birdies inside! Somehow I just know Esther is going to show up in a book and when she does we will all know the story behind the story. Blessings, Jeri and may your heart fly along with her to new adventures.

  27. Jeri, as a Mom its not easy to let them go, whether they are feathered, furry, with or without tails. I hope we see Ester in an upcoming book. hugs to you, Deborah RM

  28. ah, what a tale
    an experience
    a tender joy

  29. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    We are so glad that Esther chose to be free! You took such good care of her! We love all the photographs of her and of your gardens, too!

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  30. Well, you made me cry, too. So sweet. I came over from mudderbears and I've been poring over your blog. I love your art, your colors, your life - and your lttle baby donkey. Diane


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