Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Title page, FINI!

             Well, almost. There are still a few stitches to add (Rococo, for Mary) and a small pincushion to the right of Dimity Doormouse that needs painting. 
"And you forgot to give us our whiskers!", states Dimity.

All my little friends did a lovely job on the stitches.

But this book is not about little needle-mice, it is the story  about a BEAR, and her little cublet.

Mamsey is also a Mistress of the needle...

 and deftly maneuvers  her canoe with the greatest of ease along the rivers and byways of Hopalong Hollow.
  I hope to show you her colors very soon.

 Till then, back to the paintbox!


  1. I am always so amazed at your artistry. The details are always so fantastic. It is turning out beautiful Jerri.

  2. Oh Jeri ~ I just love this. Your artwork and characters are always a delight. I am awe struck once again by your talent.

    Happy Painting.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  3. P.S. I've drawn out my next bit of embroidery, and after seeing this page of yours I'm inspired to get out my needle and threads.


  4. Wonderful, poétic, joli !
    What a great talent you have ! I admire...
    nice week

  5. My dearest Jeri!!!

    I have been out in the garden all day long and I had SO MUCH FUN! I saw all kinds of critters such as cardinals, RABBITS, of course, SQUIRRELS and some neighborhood dogs!!!! Not anything like what you have at the Hollow, but we city or rather SUBURBANITES who love nature will take what we can get! Oh dearest, your art is magnificent. YOU are magnificent, and I take you opinion as GOOD ADVICE and it comes to me as a great compliment. Now, we are not actually taking classes, but rather last week, we went to an OPEN VOICES gathering of "writers", but these people are just like us...people who want to write..however, there were some people there that were simply snobs and well, I learned a lot from them, how NOT TO BE! I just want to write and let my words tell it all, not be a celebrity or THE WRITER...just an instrument. I am reading several books however, that ARE HELPING ME IMMENSELY to understand exactly what YOU told me. Ultimately, it is our own voice that comes out. I am enjoying Ted Kooser and Mary Oliver at the moment..both poets.

    WELL MY DEAR, your bear folk are now enchanting me and I await the colored version!!! MANY THANKS DEAR FRIEND, Anita

  6. Oh I can't wait! This is wonderful Jerri!
    xx, shell

  7. Your work is just so soothing to look at. Such soft delicate colors.
    I can't wait to get ahold of that book!

  8. Dearest Dimity,
    We Mousiekins so enjoyed ourselves
    on our last visit and shall look so forward to the Barn dances (Owen shall bring his new Tennessee Fiddle) and we can't wait to attend the the Pumpkin Festival!!!Count us in this Autumn!!

    Dearest Jeri,
    Once again you are enchanting us all with the sweetest of characters! The little charming personalities that you are releasing are warmth to the heart!!!

    Oh and Jeri!!
    I just got my copy of "Early American Life" (Aug magazine) and on pg62 was a beautiful "scherenschnitte house blessing"!!!
    I thought to myself..."That sure looks like Jeri Landers work"!!
    and then the caption told the truth!! :-D
    Congradulations for a magazine appearence!

    Lots of Blessings and warm hugs Linnie

  9. oh my, i just read the last three posts to catch up a bit as i haven't been blogging for a couple of months. how. cute. !!! i am in awe that you have ester and she is recovered! i have not seen a baby starling though they nest in our gutters (hubby doesn't know nor will i tell on them) however, they are either dark gray or black when i see them.

    after seeing your adorable photos i am now feeling guilty of allowing my big black cat rocky to eliminate the tiny mouse that trespassed into our home. :) thank you sharing your sweet little stories. you bring me back to my childhood days of reading thorton w. burgess. your talented drawings are very beautiful!

  10. Your mousies are tres cute! You put so much love in everything you do--art, stories, garden, critters. Getting a sneak peak as the magic unfolds is lots of fun.

    My recent art attempt consisted of crayons on the tablepaper at Macaroni Grill :)

  11. Dear Dimity
    Oh yes, I am having a grand time. As soon as I finish the painting I am working on I will scamper over to see Michelangelo's work! I see you have been working very hard on your embroidery, it looks spectacular!
    Thank you so much Jeri for the wool (can't wait to use it) and the beautiful surprise! I will treasure it always.
    You are a gem..
    Your art is such an inspiration to me.. This is pure perfection.
    Thank you dear friend

  12. Just beautiful Jeri! It almost brings tears to my eyes as it reminds me of my childhood and the belief I held in my innocent head that animals lived lives just like ours! Very special art!
    Tina xo

  13. Absolutely adorable. I love all the details.

  14. This is so incredibly beautiful, Jeri!!!

  15. Jeri, it is wonderful to see your artistic process, i adore the details in your work, you must have oodles of patience. The book is going to be dab. Esther is such a sweetie!

    It is inspirng to be surrounded by countryside i agree, a walk always fills me with new ideas!

  16. Jeri,
    As I love to needlepoint and embroider...this illustration just does it for me! Makes me love the craft of sewing even more...makes me clove our little mousie characters even more...and makes me appreciate you incredible talent even more, if that is possible!
    You must come visit Bebe in her little overalls, helping mistress Grammy in the cottage garden at Rose Water;)
    Dad brought me three different shades of iris to transplant...and I'm begging for more. I will be posting more photos soon...as we made much progress ...
    Blessings from your Tennessee friend,

  17. Knock, knock! Bebe here... Is Dimity Doormouse in her burrow? I came over to invite her to a party over at NOWHERE ... If you can make it, come pick out your lampshade.. We would love to have your company.

  18. Hi Jeri,

    What beautiful artwork, you are so talented and love the sweet illustrations and colours.
    I love how the words look like they are embroidered.
    Have a lovely week, painting.


  19. Dear Jeri,

    How absolutely wonderful! You must have a teeny weeny brush for all those stitches! We're having so much fun, watching as your book progresses. Everyone sends their love to Esther, too.


    Marqueta (and children)

  20. Absolutely stunning, I am speechless with admiration for your work. I've lost track of your blog and activities - is all this for a book that is to be published? Because if so, please let me know for I am in the process of creating a new Book Lover's blog to include news about all the books I receive for review. If this is of interest, please email me at annsomersetmiles@mac.com

  21. Dearest Jeri,
    For a moment I thought the painting was a REAL cross stitch pattern. Amazing!!!
    Have a lovely weekend~

  22. Oh darling Jeri,

    Anytime you visit, whether you are first or last, is a treat. I am honored that you would come visit me my dear and TALENTED FRIEND. I am so inspired about the age at which you first published. IT REALLY IS NEVER TOO LATE! I remember seeing a woman in her 80s at the university I attended getting her Bachelor's degree. VAUT MIEUX TARD QUE JAMAIS...Better late than never.

    HUGS TO YOU and the feathered folk...how are those geese doing? I saw the wild turkeys again this weekend. I call them the JOHNSON BOYS, 'cause they hang out mostly on Johnson St., just three blocks from us!!!


  23. Hi Jeri,
    Thank you so much for your value-able advise. You are right about the curtains.... I thought about increasing the shades around the folds specially where the dog is but I was afraid to make the curtains stand out more than the girl, although they were in fist plan. I am still learning.hehehe

    I did not know the artist you mentioned but when I gooogle her name and so the books , I immediately recognized the books. They are so very lovely and the children are so sweet looking. I may even have some of these books in our school house.

    Thank you again for your input. It means a lot to me as you are such experient and professional illustrator your self!

  24. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    What a lovely needlework in the hoop illustration on your title page! Tillie Tinkham, the seamstress mouse at Corgyncombe, loves the little critters' fashions! We can't wait to see the other illustrations painted! That little turtle setting on your title page drawing is adorable!

    The other day, our little boy goat kiddle came in the kitchen from outside, straight away he spied the August issue of "Early American Life" magazine and wanted to eat it! We fortunately rescued it and we are so glad we did, as we see you were chosen to be in the "Directory of Traditional American Crafts" for your Scherenschnitte! Congratulations!

    We sure hope Esther learns to eat on her own soon!

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  25. Jeri,

    This is WONDERFUL! and it is the title page...so much rich, full, beauty.

    Thanks so much for sharing this.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  26. Jeri, Your artwork is just exquisite. This page is beautiful! It is always such a pleasure to play catch-up on your blog! Thank you~

  27. Hi Jeri
    I a now able to get back into my blog.. Would not let me in all week. I wanted to thank you for coming over to the wedding and the birthday wishes..
    Hope all is well with you.. Bebe is packing her bags and will be on another adventure soon I hope.
    Take care my friend

  28. Dear Dimity Doormouse
    I have such good memories of our visit.. I miss you all at the Hollow.. Yes, I would be happy to bring enough Belgian Chocolate's for everyone.. I am having a grand time! Mum says thank you so much.
    Your friend always,

  29. DARLING DARLING JERI! Sooooo good to see you!!! YOU are the 100th comment....oh how wonderful. Yes, colors, as YOU WOULD NOW, being the artist you are, are so inspiring. That aqua blue fetish I have just brings so many good memories to mind of swimming pools, French Riviera excursions and cool and calm moments. What are you up to lately dearest? How are the creatures doing? I miss your posts, always waiting to see what issues out of the farm! HAPPY DAY DEAR ONE! Anita

  30. What a precious painting - just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Oh Jeri!!!! Sounds like the Hollow is in full swing for summer madness!!!! Oh, give those critters a big hug for me, for I love goats and I even adore geese, even though they hiss at me when I go by them at the lake!! I saw a mother rabbit make her nest the other day in my neighbor's weed-ridden yard!!!! It was phenomenal; I had never seen that before. She was tugging and tugging at the tall grass and I thought, "WOW that rabbit is hungry!" Then I saw her come back for more and more and more and she was quite rotund. I am speculating that she was making a nest, however. AND I HAVE BEEN PAINTING! I am proud of my illustrating skills but my watercolouring technique needs some WORK! Dearest Penny gave me some tips and also Patricia from Woolytales and all I need now is another day outside in my garden to give it another whirl and try their suggestions. OH THE FUN!


  32. JERI!!! YOU CAME and IT WAS SUCH A LOVELY WELCOME to have you...yes, my little Steiff terrier by my lamp is my favorite little guy, though I have some other ones that make me laugh! The old paintings, my harp room....and that grand room. Oh dear, I have had THE BEST summer, just sitting here and creating. I have tried my hand at WATERCOLOURS! WHAT FUN! What a mess I have made for I am not using the correct paper, but I AM LEARNING. Penny has been tutoring me as well as Pat Cabrera and what fun I have had.

    How are those animals? WE HAVE RABBITS EVERYWHERE!!! WE have a couplet who LOVE TO BE IN OUR THYME! They fiddle with the thyme with their little paws as if they are trying to get the scent to waft in the air and the SHAZAMMMMMM! They devour. No worries though because that thyme has taken over my side of the planet! I have little gardeners on retainer here!


  33. WOOOOOO!!!! UNORTHODOX is my middle name! I am off to the store for a while, but when you can, email me:


    I need help! I got a lot of insight this weekend, but more is BETTER!

    BISOUS, Anita

  34. Beatrix Potter would approve of your creations I am sure, so charming.


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