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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The perfect ending to an otherwise icky day

The Mistress of the Manor had not been herself lately.. She had been transformed into a basket case.. Buried beneath piles of papers,( we are not talking water-color papers here, rather, those  papers full of figures and dollar signs and "paid in full" stampings); the Mistress was ready to pull out her hair and die a slow and agonizing death. This kind of paperwork is not the sort of thing that anyone likes.. least of all artists, who are allergic to math.( Fellow Americans know that of which I speak)
 The Mistress needed a breath of fresh air.
 She kicked her adding machine, and headed out the back door.
 She grabbed a basket and walked through the potager, plucking tomatoes along the way. 
She strolled  to the pear tree to pick a few small, fallen pears , took a deep breath and muttered to herself, "I'll give these treats to the "critters"  She pondered on the fact
that Critters never need worry about figures, sums and dollar signs and TAXES.... lucky critters.
 She leaned her elbows on the aged old farm fence and called out,"Sophia! Beatrix! Margaret! Goat gals! Ursula!. Come and get it!"
 The sheep gals galloped to the fence with great anticipation knowing garden goodies awaited , and anxious to gobble up as many tomatoes as possible before the goat gals arrived from behind. (If the truth be told, they are GLUTTONS)

The Mistress spied the long velvety ears and stunning donkey face of Ursula as she strolled  casually  over the hill.
but Alas.. what to her wondering eyes does appear?? She stares aghast as another set of long velvety donkey ears appear, trotting alongside Ursula.....
  but these are smaller donkey ears attached to a  most adorable wee black BABY donkey!
Who is this and where has it come from!!!??? 

Good grief and Good heavens! Ursula has had a baby and no one even KNeW she was pregnant!
Everyone knew she had a healthy appetite, she was quite large, indeed,
and could devour animal crackers by the bucket. (But all the gals have a bit of belly fat, for food is the joy of their lives) 

(DEJA VU... the same kind of surprise occurred 2 years ago, when Rosebud the goat surprised everyone with a lil kiddle)
 Oh what delight and happiness!
   Ursula has been keeping a secret from us for 10 months. She must have been "with donkey" when we bought her, for there is nary a donkey dude within miles and miles of us.

 The Mistress welcomes this precious little gift from heaven, smiles the biggest smile of her day, and looks up at the gorgeous vast sky above.

   The same vast sky that our little Esther flew off into, just one week ago.

 It only takes the miracle of life to show you what is really important in this world. And that sometimes, our troubles are really quite small.

 Whether a male or female remains to be seen. but the Mistress is picking out names for the darling donkey baby. Only one day old today!

A new member of the Hopalong Hollow family.
   You will be hearing a lot about this little person, as soon as the Mistress finishes her paperwork.

  PS: We learned that a donkey can carry a baby for up to 14 months. No. wonder nobody knew!


  1. Hi Jeri,

    Oh what a wonderful post today!
    Love your sweet new addition to your family, what a darling sweet baby.
    I agree wandering around your beautiful garden and farm would be so much nicer than sitting at a desk with papers and doing sums.

    Have a happy week and enjoy the new baby

  2. Oh my goodness, I've been missing so much. I'm glad I stopped by today, just in time to read about Ursula's baby. How charming!

    Please tell mama...

  3. Oh dearest Jeri!
    Such a precious blessing! When a sweet one leaves us...God sends another thing to love...remember, He knows us inside and out...we who love all God's creatures...He sends us another to tend to, and "mother". ...and then our perspective is brought back in focus. All those numbers and that icky math stuff, will all work out. Don't give it any more power over your JOY...keep it in it's place, sweet girl. Prayers continue to be lifted up for you, my friend.

  4. Oh my gosh! I just don't know what to say~~Congrats I guess! Love the blog! Carol

  5. Guessing then Immaculate conception it isn't.

  6. "Welcome sweet one"
    This is one lucky donkey baby. What a wonderful place to be born.
    Hugs to you and all

  7. Oh my gosh! What an awesome surprise and a beautiful little baby! I would loved to have seen the expression on your face when you first saw him/her.

    Can't wait to see more pics.

  8. Your blog is one that cannot be missed, not one time or we miss out on blessings! I just finished annual paperwork for Mom's Medicaid, a royal pain but a necessary evil. I live in fear of doing it wrong and dream that I'm lost, i.e. lost in paperwork! Good luck with your adding machine, may it add to your coffers, never to use the minus key!

  9. Oh HAPPY DAY! Well, except for the icky math.. teehee. Yes, I too know of what you speak..
    What a great surprise this must have been for you.. She is so sweet! See what happens when you take a break, go out for fresh air?
    I just loved this post Jeri..
    Enjoy your evening.. Bebe sends her regards to Dimity Doormouse.

  10. Oh Lovely Donkeys ! The baby is very very cute !
    Thank you Jeri !
    Hugs and nice day


  11. Dear Jeri ~ What a sweet surprise to your wonderful family there at Hopalong Hollow. Gifts like that do help to give us a different perspective on our everyday lives.

    Thank you for sharing the beginning of this donkey tale.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  12. JRUI! Oh dear, I am so excited that I mispelled your name! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU and URSULA! SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! Oh dear, a story in the making? "And then GOD gave us midnight!" She looks like the midnight sky to me! OH what a delightful surprise my friend! Oh dear, math....paperwork....shhhhhh...I am a teacher, but a LANGUAGE teacher, so I can say this...math is NOT fun WITHOUT some games and useful tasks to attach to it. But when the tasks involve bills or such, FOOEY! Animals, art, nature, FUN if better! But God gave you Midnight and there you have it. Peace to you dearest....what a joyful surprise!!!!! ANITA

  13. A great surpise, I'm also amazed you or your husband, the animal experts in my opinion, had no clue she was pregnant ! Wake up over there in Hopalong Hollow woman ! A delightful true story to pass on to generations. Keep your eyes open for more, Gina

  14. Oh Jeri!!

    What a wonderful surprise, this new little one. I vote for naming him or her Ickynot to remind you that he or she brought such pleasure to you on a blah day and is anything but icky.

    Speaking of names, I'm going to get chickens soon and I'm so excited. I'll name them after my mother and her sisters. Their maiden name was Goforth and I shall name them Lily Lucille, Martha Aletta, Hazel Lee, and Melba June. The sign in the henhouse will read:

    "Goforth girls...lay eggs!"

    I absolutely cannot wait to hear and see more about your new little critter.

    Love from Diane in North Carolina

  15. Dear Jeri,

    "Numbers are our friends, numbers are our friends, numbers are our friends. . . " :)

    What a sweet and precious donkling you have been blessed with! I can almost feel its soft fuzzy head, sigh.

    Thank you for sharing your sweet critters with us.



  16. What a wonderful surprise Jerri. It is so sweet and will be a welcome addition to the Hollow. I imagine you wondered where it came from. LOL! I can see your new drawings starting already.

  17. Oh Jeri, how MARVELOUS to see you today!!!! THANK YOU FOR COMING and yes, that video is stunning. I showed it to my fourth grade English language class and they got the picture. They had a wonderful year in writing last year and come this end of August, I am back in the classroom. I have had the BEST SUMMER just reading and learning and trying my hand at more sketches. It has been very fulfilling. Poetry is my passion and I have been learning how I can improve my writing, so aside from dabbling in some silly art, I am wanting to indulge my senses and skills in poetry..not a bad pass time.

    I SO LOVE THE NEW ADDITION TO YOUR FARM! WHAT A SHOCK or rather, a pleasant surprise!

    MANY HUGS, Anita

  18. Hi Jeri
    Seems I am following Anita around today... I am so happy you enjoyed the moon and music.. I love that song too, and it is Anita's favorite...
    Bless your dear mother..
    How is that little new addition doing? She sure is cute!
    Enjoy your day

  19. I love your new little surprise blessing! How very clever of Ursula to produce a foal out of thin air just to cheer your day.

  20. Awwww, Ursula-GREAT SURPRISE...and look how svelte you are now...and look at your little beauty. Congratulations.

    And yes Jeri, you're sure welcome to come, but head for Maine where you can sit by the sea and soak up the beauty.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  21. How adorable, what a wonderful suprise, love those eyes! We had 3 suprise baby guinea pigs once, they were so cute & so tiny.

  22. What a happy surprise! The baby donkey is so cute and mommy donkey is so sweet when they are next to each other. Love them!!

  23. Oh how neat! A surprise baby donkey. Be sure to let us know what you named him or her.

  24. There is a sense of well
    being in knowing that 2+2
    must always be 4..the romance of mathematics, although maybe not so
    romantic for you
    this day, dear Jeri. Seems
    Ursula had her numbers all
    lined up and ready to show
    you that they don't lie....
    the inevitable happens
    according to some Divine
    plan, 2+2 will always be 4
    and new life arrives at the
    appointed moment to surprise
    you with joy. Good work,
    Ursula. What a happy
    equation you provided.
    Now dear Jeri, back to the
    numbers...Think 3!!!! The
    Children are waiting....
    Love and Blessings ~

  25. Oh Jeri~

    What a wonderful event! My goodness and a shocker at that! Enjoyed reading the whole story and I too can relate to kicking the adding machine. I had to drink a Grumpy's Chase the Blues away smoothie today!
    Blogging from Once Upon a Fairyland. I am Anita's friend and fellow writer on Nowhere.

  26. That is the cutest, large eared baby doll I've ever seen in the donkey world -- sweet, sweet. What a shocker! One leaves, another arrives, that's a farm for ya'.

  27. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    How adorable! What a delightful serendipitous surprise! We love its sweet little white muzzle and white around its eyes! It reminds us of our Nubian goat Louisa May, especially when she is running and her ears are up!

    Congratulations to all!

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  28. Ooh Jeri, what wonderful albeit unexpected surprise !!
    A baby donkey....I have never seen anything as cute.
    Ursula looks like she is a wonderful mum, another precious resident to add to Hopalong Hollow.
    Do tell us the name when you decide.

  29. Jeri, Jeri, Jeri...again and again, your blog and stories bring me so much joy! What a wonderful gift! Such a precious little baby! Esther watches from the trees and smiles.
    xx, shell

  30. JERI! Oh dearest, it is always so good to see you, whether or not it has been for a while or not! I know you are always busy with your art and shows! Oh dearest, I do hope all that PAPERWORK you had to do is now behind you? Oh let it all be over with! And Ursula's little baby...I hope she is well!

    I saw the bear that Penny is fashioning from that wonderful wool you sent. What a joy it must be to make those darling creations with such fine wool!

    I send you my wishes for a calming week and weekend to come. August is going by too fast for my comfort!

    BISOUS! Anita

  31. Goodmorning Jeri
    Thank you for visiting Eloise and your kind words.. I love the name you have picked for your bear...
    Sorry I am just now getting back to you.. My poor old computer is acting up and was not able to connect with anyone.. It is ok for now, so I shall cross my fingers..
    Have a beautiful week.

  32. Ooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
    I have fallen soo behind, and I managed to miss this one!!!
    OH SWEET Ursula!!!!She looks so proud of her sweeeeeet little CUTEEEEE!!! What a thrill!!
    Hope all is well and BLESSED at the Hollow,
    Hugs, Linnie

  33. I love that little donkey! You should paint an animal Nativity with your assorted array of creatures.

  34. Oh Jeri, what a perfect surprise, and the perfect antidote to accounting! What a little sweetie!


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