Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Once in a Blue Moon....

If you are very lucky, 
 You will find that special someone....

 To travel  with you down the streams of this life...

and feather your nest,

  And build a happy home. 

You never feel alone in the great, huge world...

Or travel the roads solo,
   Because together, you are a TEAM

And when you are face down in the dirt....

Your special someone is right alongside....

Picking up the shovel  and digging out the weeds..
And when you are scribbling away, too busy to cook... or tidy the home, or spend a quiet moment or two...

Your someone prepares feasts fit for a queen!

 and fills your day with sunshine!
  What joy! 

 If you have a Special someone,,,
 As I do....
 Be sure to let them know how much they mean to you.  Right this minute! 
(Dedicated to my special someone, James, the Lord of the Manor )


  1. Fantastic ! I like your sensibility and poetry, Bravo for all.
    Enjoy your Week-end.

  2. This is a Wonderful Post Jeri! You have a Gem!
    Your Work is Looking Wonderful! Thank You for the Peek!
    Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  3. Great post...have a wonderful weekend together!!

    Stay warm and stay happy
    T D and Company

  4. JERI!!! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS! And, that Fiona in her bonnet is too sweet for words. Mr. Hamish is going into the post TODAY for I am off of work, I will have a moment to get to the post BEFORE it closes, and tell me, how is HE doing? Has he found his match as you and I have? The love lorn Hamish is a handsome chap indeed and he looks fabulous in WATERCOLOR! So may you both find my rendering true to form! And yes, isn't it wonderful to have the one you love be there for you? The king of my castle is a peach, a menche, a CHUNKA MUNKA!!!!!

    MANY WISHES TO YOU FOR A HAPPY WEEKEND, nice and cozy at the farm.....hugs to you, Anita

  5. I tell my love one every day...so he won't forget..hiihh
    but your ducks eat only the weeds...mine eat the plants too...In a very short while I have nothing left..not even the roots...
    beautiful story again...though it feels nothing like spring, the animals know it is on its way...
    Lovely Greets from a very wet holland!

  6. What a great post Jeri. I tell my love how much he means to me regularly too. I feel loved and blessed.

    Thank you for the glimpses of your lovely artwork. You are such an inspiration to me in your words and pictures.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. Awe, melts your heart. You two are two lucky birds!

  8. I love to hear about sweethearts. You are a good man, James. As always, I never tire of your work.

  9. That was so very sweet! I love my sweetheart.
    I happened upon your blog through the Corgyncombe blog. I have enjoyed my visit and I look foward to more.
    Tina Kay

  10. Ahh, that's very sweet. You are very blessed indeed; an artistic gift and that special someone. Have a nice weekend with them both!


  11. What a lovely tribute - you obviously make a great team Jeri. This post makes me smile! x

  12. I love you drawings! You are VERY talented! I put up some paintings I drew on my blog.


  13. Dear Jeri,

    How sweet! You are very blessed, indeed. :) Thank you for the reminder to give my sweetheart some warm fuzzies when he comes home from work tonight.



  14. Oh Jeri,

    Hamish is going to travel and get to your doorstep in now time! I see that Attila resembles our chap to a TEE! Hmmm....I hope they don't squawk over who's likeness it is!!!! I had to trim the paper a bit so the watercolor is on a sort of square sheet.....do with it as you will...but Hamish just might like it the way it is....and YES! I am shocked at the amount of comments on this post...it's the blue Audrey Hepburn photo with the blue feathers...everyone loves BLUE, AUDREY, and some WHIMSEY!!! MAY YOU HAVE A FABULOUS DAY painting, drawing, CREATING! I will be painting our new family room and office and it is so gorgeous; I cannot wait to live in it!

    HUGS TO ALL, Anita

  15. Dearest Jeri,

    You have an award to pick up chez moi! Come on down and bring the infamous Hamish with ya!!!! Anita

  16. HOORAY FOR HOPALONG HOLLOW GAZETTE! There is MUCH on these pages that is worthy of MANY MORE ACCOLADES! I had a hard time linking this morning, and if I could have spent more time, I would have SUNG HIGH PRAISES about this enchanting place...there will be more fun to come as when spring arrives and everyone is ruffling their feathers, there just might be a journalist award created for MAVIS and her mudd-slingin' gang!!! Cheers dear friend! Anita

  17. im not a rabbit but i'd like to leave a little message here, i love your blue moon :)

  18. Ohh once in a blue moon is such a lovely, romantic way to tell the world what a special partner you have. As always I am enchanted by your post.

  19. ah, such a sweet and loving post. I love all your examples of love!

  20. Beautiful post Jeri... Wishing you a wonderful week ahead..

  21. Hi Jeri
    There is much going on over in NOWHERE.. Wander over when you have time. We would love to see you there.

  22. Hi dear Jeri,

    This is so sweet and yes, I agree, we MUST let them know how much they mean to us.

    Jeff got a big kick out of the comment you left about him. He is pretty proud of all that homemade pasta. You should see the new batch he did. Wonderful, but is most wonderful is the fun we have together.

    Thanks for stopping by and cheering our day.

    Sending love across the miles,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  23. Hello, Jeri!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment you left.

    I can see I'm going to be in for a real treat visiting yours! What a magical place you've created! I have added my name as a follower right away, so I'll be stopping by often :)



  24. What a sweet post. It sure does make everything in life better when you have that special someone there beside you.

    I also wanted to thank you for visiting my daughter Sweet Pea's blog. She was so excited to find you had left her comments and especially that you took the time to notice her artwork.

  25. Hi Jeri
    I was so happy to see you came to Nowhere to visit Bebe flying her poot poot.. Oh yes that is a grand idea to have her fly over to the hollow... I will keep that in mind for my next post in Nowhere.

    Have a great day

  26. Jeri, you've got such a lovely space here, and this post is just gorgeous! Let's celebrate the speacial someone! Am coming over from Anita and am your newest follower!

  27. Hi Jeri

    Here is the post


    If there is a particular photo in this post that you are interested in and need it to be a bigger size to help you with your drawing let me know and I'll send you the full resolution .

    Can't wait to see what inspiration the post gives you.

  28. Good Morning Jeri!
    You must be a Very Busy Bee and making some Wonderful Progress! Your Creative Muse has come to Visit!
    Hope you are Staying warm!
    Happy Friday!
    PS Miss Petunia Puddlesworth was wondering if Miss Mavis had anymore news to report. I told her I would pass the message along to you.

  29. Dear Jeri;
    I was so sorry to hear about your Miss Fionna. Our Pets either Feathered or Furry take up a very Special Place in our Hearts don't they.They give us more Joy than we could Ever have Imagined and only ask for our Love in Return. They Truly are a Blessing.

  30. Ooh this is just my kind of place. utterly enchanting!
    i found you via a magic door on sweet Anita's blog.

    warmly wishing you and all the delightful company here a very happy, sparkly, wonderful weekend xxx


  31. GOOD MORNING DEAREST ARTIST, WRITER, and friend...thank you dear heart for coming to visit with me. I know that you sooooo understand the blank page. I feel as if my job and fatigue and our renovation project are just a bit much at the moment, and I am mustering up the creativity I so want to create, but I am so far from being the kind of artist I was meant to be. I am not afraid of hard work and commitment to improving, but TIME is limited!!!! Hamish is safe, he will make it to the post soon, and you will see my silly attempt at capturing his image. How is the feathered beast these days????

    THANK YOU SO MUCH; it is such a pleasure to know you dearest!!!! Anita

  32. Good morning Jeri
    The BRIDGE is completed... Would you like to come sit a while?
    Have a wonderful weekend in the Hollow

  33. hello my lovely

    many thanks for your kind words.

    i am so happy to come back for more of this joy

    wishing you a wonderful week ahead

    warmest hugs to all at hopalong hollow xxx


  34. Dear Jeri
    So happy you came to see the completion of the bridge, but I think I need much more practice on water... I too hold my breath and say a prayer. I quite often find myself curling my toes..haa

    Painting was done with acrylics on wood. I really miss working with oils... I used them for over 25 years, just cannot deal with the odor of the turps anymore. You are such an amazing artist Jeri.. I just love your work. You are a true inspiration to me..
    Thank you so much for wandering over to visit.
    Warm regards,


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