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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mona Lisa of the Goose kind...

 Dear Diary, Today was my first day of modeling for the Mistress. She is immortalizing me in  her new book!  I shall have 2 whole pages! Well, I cannot take full credit for the honor, because it was Fiona Goosefeathers the 1st ( my predecessor) who was the true inspiration. But she has long since passed  from this  earthly world and is now dwelling in the land of heavenly feathers.
 Everyone says that I look exactly like her... Except, for the fact that she was missing an eye on one side her head!  Well, not exactly missing... just sort of "sewn shut" They say that being a one-eyed goose gal is what gave her such a  feisty disposition.

This is the Bonnet I was told to wear... bought especially for dear Fionna the 1st.

 I am sure you recognize it hanging from her long elegant neck.( Note the funny little shoe button eye.) I am glad I have both of my blue eyes intact.
  Dear Diary, The Mistress dressed me in lovely garments and took special jewels from the vault to festoon MY long elegant neck. She put me in an awkward position and told me be as still as Mona Lisa. I do not know who Mona Lisa is, but I can assure you, I stood very very still. I like to please my Mistress.
The Mistress began to draw...

  And draw,

and draw. For a very long time! Even my feet had to stay perfectly still! I felt very self conscious and   began to wish that I had gotten a pedicure.
 I tried to think of something to keep my mind occupied and so I dwelt upon my dear Hamish.... Oh how I adore him! He is a Gander of Magnificence!

Dear Diary, Today, Hamish caught a glimpse of me in my lovely little modeling frock and seemed quite smitten! He asked me to accompany him to the  "Moonlight at Midnight Serenade' at Croaky Toad Creek on Friday. OH, BE STILL MY HEART! I do hope the Mistress will allow me the loan of this dress!

At long last I can come out of this position. Who knew modeling could be so painful?!!

Dear Diary,  My profile is coming along nicely...

I look every inch the Lady
 And I am sitting as still as Mona Lisa.

 Dear Diary, After 4 days of standing on my poor little orange webby feet, we are 
Finished at Last!
The Mistress says she is quite pleased with the drawings and will have me sit again when she is ready to paint. She has loaned me the little dress AND the bonnet for my upcoming date with the divine Mr H.

Now I can concentrate on winning the heart of Hamish  and getting a pedicure!  After all, I am an artists model now.

 Dear Diary, Wish me luck!


  1. Ohhh I like "The Land of Heavenly Feathers"
    That's where my Blue Bell is..sigh.
    Oh what an elegant little Lady! And her Mistress has captured her likeness superbly!
    Can't waite to see the colors!!
    Blessings, Linnie

  2. Delightful, simply delightful! Visiting your blog encourages us all to become children again, to revert to that magical time of make-believe. I could spend all day here!

  3. An artist model and a perfect Mona lisa in the fashion week!!
    ...Actually, mona lisa or Judi dench in "Cranford" ? : same Bonnet!!! :)
    Absolutely delightful!!
    "Longue vie et succès à ce nouveau livre"!!

    ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

  4. Dear Miss Model of the Year,

    I am ever so delighted to know that you will be trying to win over the illustrious Sir Hamish; to my understanding, he had a slight LOVE JONES for a certain HUMAN in Minnesota, but I think that with this bonnet, this stance, this ELEGANT AND MOST PERFECTLY EXECUTED RENDERING, you shall have your man, er..your GANDER! And all eyes,(I hope, that are intact) will be on YOU!!!!

    Dearest Jeri,

    You are SOMETHING ELSE!!! I should be so good, so detailed! You will see soon, Sir Hamish in watercolour, and a little sweet surprise in an envelope. I draw little Marie Antoinettes and glitter the heck out of them, for I need embellishments. YOU on the other hand, do not. Your sketches show years of expertise and wisdom, and of course, a fine UNDERSTANDING of the feathered folk!!!

    YOU ARE SUCH A DELIGHT MY FRIEND and let me know when Sir Hamish comes a knockin'!!!!!!


  5. I just loved this. How sweet she is and what a wonderful model and she's in love and hopes to win Mr. H's heart. I bet she will.

    'Heavenly Feathers', what a beautiful place that must be.

    I can hardly wait to see this in color. Your work is lovely and your tales inspiring and encouraging.


  6. these are gonna be very wonderful!
    she is a lovely model ;o)
    I love your drawings..

  7. You & your characters continue to inspire me & my work. I so enjoy reading your stories & watching your drawings come to life. I would love to see up close what you see everyday. Thanks so much for popping by my blog & for taking the time to comment me on my work...much appreciated! Have a mice day! Susan

  8. Mona dear, you did a lovely job modeling. I can't wait for your pages to take on some color!

  9. I am so much a fan of your work. I look forward to each and every new entry in Hopalonghollow Gazette. Fiona is lovely in her frock, some ladies were just born to model. I am sure Hamish is quite smitten.

  10. I love this post. You are truly a treasure!

  11. You are incredible!!! and this makes me all kinds of happy.

  12. Jerri your work simply amazes me. You are so talented. I love seeing your illustrations come alive. I am certain Fiona will have no trouble at all at winning Hamish's heart.

  13. How delightful! I can't wait to hear more about Fiona and Hamish. I just love your drawings and seeing them in all their stages.

    Wonderful, simply wonderful.



  14. Dearest Mona,

    Dahling, you look simply divine! :) You are no ordinary fowl, it is clear, sacrificing your very comfort for your art.

    Your mistress will be hiring you an agent before long, I'm sure.



  15. Hi Jeri,
    I'm looking forward to my "Journey of Bushky" to come soon :-)
    And I am up to 98(plus 31 in the belongs to page) blue bunnies and counting!.............err did I say "I" err.. I mean my Grandkiddies are up to 98 plus...yeah that's the ticket the...Grandies..hee
    Blessings and Hugs from Gramma-Linnie-two-crossed-eyes......wink ;-)

  16. Dear little sweety goose, you are very very beautiful !

  17. Fiona is modeling for one more picture, walking through a field of bluebells.

  18. Dear Jeri
    Mona Lisa for Sure!Miss Fiona is a Most Accomplished Model! Your Drawings are Perfection of Her!It is so Much Fun and Interesting to watch your Process for Creating these Most Marvelous Illustrations!
    You are Capturing all of the Citizens of Hopalong Hollow so Perfectly. Surely there can be No Complaints from your subjects. I am sure that Miss Fiona will be very Pleased with the Dress you are Sharing for the Dance. Master Hamish will be Left Speechless! I can not wait to see more of your Masterful Work! And Oh Yes! Hear about Miss Fiona and Master Hamish escapades at the Dance!
    Respectfully Yours,
    Miss Petunia Puddlesworth and Jill

  19. Each time I visit the Hollow I am transported backwards, sideways and forwards into your magical world that brings back so many memories of my years in the country. I hope the exquisite Miss Fiona has a marvelous time with Hamish.

  20. Hi dear Jeri (finally),

    I love watching your elegant progress with a whimsical subject. Very inspirational for me.

    Sending love across the miles,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  21. Mona is a perfect model - and her portrait came out so delicate and beautiful - the prettiest lil goose lady ever!

  22. Dear Jeri
    I left a comment days ago and I guess it is flying around blogland somewhere..
    Fiona looks sooooooo lovely..
    I see Mrs. Whiskerkins loves blueberry... Well, SEND her over to Nowhere today Bebe is having a fundraiser. Selling blueberry pies!

  23. Dear Mother Hopalong
    I wish to thank you for your order of 23 pies! I am so happy mum made so many, and yes, I would gladly accept Bunny twists for payment. I know one little mouse that would simply adore a embroidered hanky.
    Yours truly,

  24. EVENING MONA LISA! How would you like to come to NOWHERE to see Bebe's NEW POOT POOT BF-3000! Tea Rat's gift to her! There are more pies to be had, so come on down! Thank you kindly for coming over to purchase the pies....Bebe is now ready to take you up in the wild blue, if you don't mind sitting in a metal winged creature!

    Have a lovely evening, Jeri!! Anita

  25. Hi, I have enjoyed visiting your blog. Your art is amazing!
    Happy Creating, Gail

  26. Mistress Jeri,
    I do Believe I can hear the swish of Paint Brushes and the Whistle of the Kettle on the Stove.The Wonderful aroma of Freshly Brewed Tea drifting throughout the warm House. Outside,in the Hollow,The sounds of its Citizens starting there Evening Routines.. Getting Ready for Sleep.The soft glow of the Light From the Studio washes over the Garden Below.Listen.. and you will Hear.. The Swish, Swish of the Mistresses Paint brush ..
    Hope you are Staying Warm!
    Ps Was I Even Close? I would Love to sell some of Work. I was a Floral Designer for Years, Before That a Dental Assistant. Then Started doing Merchandising and Display. This Mixed Media Art and Digital Collage is Brand New to Me. I started exploring this type Art last June. I am really Feeling Like its a Good Fit for Me and Looking Forward to Learning More.

  27. Teeeeheeeee. I can see this barnyard dance where everyone is flapping their wings, lifting their hooves and bleeting, barking and squawking with love. Oh Jeri, Penny and I love to play in Nowhere, and you are always there to throw out a fabulous comment to just make us laugh!!!! I am so glad that when we knock on your door and say, "Can you come out to play?" you always run out to meet us in the garden. HAVE A LOVELY DAY DEAR FRIEND!!! Anita


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