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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

So who is in charge around here??!!!

While the Mistress of the Manor is busy with her pencils, scratch, scratch, scratching away, secluded up in her little studio. who, pray tell will take over as editor and chief of our Gazette???

 Can such a responsibility be  given to the Duck and Goose folk?
 Good heavens, NO! All they care about is splashing in the water and painting their toenails.
 What about the residents of the barn?

Oh puh-lease! Do these look like people you can trust with really important news?!
All they think about is FOOD!

  Besides, they have a lot of laundry to do.

  Perhaps some Woodland folk could lend a hand... er paw.

  Well, so much for THAT idea!

 And what about these folks, can we expect high quality reporting here?


 Since sleeping,
  is what they do best, I daresay.

  Therefore, as always, the job falls to me, the ever dependable, inquisitive, loyal and willing.... Mavis Mudd,

Reporter extraordinaire, collector of juicy gossip AND the most intelligent, industrious,  and humble of all the residents of the Hollow. 
 And THIS is what I have to report today. Do you remember Just Jane Black?

 Why, it seems like only yesterday she was writing forlorn letters to Dear Dolores, asking for advice on how to attract a suitor, being that  poor Jane is such a plain and ordinary little chicken with so few prospects. (Quite unlike myself. Suffice it to say that I, have never been at a loss for male companionship and am constantly being wooed)
 Well. Jane disappeared a while back and talk was that she had given up any hope of love and  had traveled to distant lands, becoming a foreign correspondent.
 When lo and behold! Who does Mistress discover hiding in a gully, in the snow, with 5 little chickpeas???

And do you think Jane will tell any of us the who, what and wherefore of all this? Not a bit! She just spends her days spoiling those little chicklets and strutting about with a coy attitude and  a glint in her red eyes. 
 But, trust me, dear reader, I shall find out the skinny on the story, to be sure!

 And, I hear tell, that Fionna Goosefeathers   has ordered a new bonnet from the Sears and Roebuck catalog, this one to be exact
 Has she no respect, doesn't she KNOW this hat has feathers on it!!! And where does she think THOSE came from?

 My word! She has a perfectly good bonnet now.
 Heavens to Betsy, I'VE been wearing the same hat for 3 years.
  And that is not all, indeed, she has ordered a corset as well!
 I stopped wearing these long ago, they are so confining, and I am a 20th century chicken lady, by golly.

  Of course,  we all know why she has gone to these efforts. She has set her cap on Hamish, goose dude deluxe.

For she has changed from ugly gosling

 to beautiful goose lady since coming to live with us.
 She stated, when first  she set eyes upon Hamish, that, "When I grow up, I am going to marry him!"
  But now, she has become quite full of herself, knowing that the Mistress will soon be drawing her portrait, AND she gets a special page in the Mistress's new book. Her vanity is going to be simply unbearable. Nevertheless,  she has her work cut out for her with Hamish. 

 For this gorgeous goose man  has set HIS cap on someone ELSE. And you will never guess who!!! A human!!! In Minnesota!!! What on earth is he thinking!.
  We will do our best matchmaking for dear Fionna,( despite all her vanity), for she will make a much more suitable companion for Hamish. After all, how many humans are willing to dive ten feet deep into a muddy pond, eat tadpoles and party in the cattails all through the night?

 Well, I will keep you informed of all the latest!

  Signing off for now.... Yours Truly, Mavis Mudd of  "Scratchin in the Dirt"


  1. Dear Mavis,

    You certainly do look the lady for the part, my dear! I'm sure you'll keep us updated on all the goings-on at your place; keep those feathers ruffled! :)



  2. I just love it! How sweet. I do hope Fionna gets her Hamish!

    Your drawings are wonderful and I would love to see some of your books.

    Happy drawing.

  3. I had a very enjoyable visit and absolutely loved the little video! Truly this is one of the best blogs I follow!
    Tina xo

  4. TEEEEHEEEEEE!!!! I TRIED SO HARD TO GET IN THIS MORNING AT AROUND 3:30am when I first saw your new title pop up, but to no avail, I could not SEE the new post!!! BUT HERE I AM, MINNESOTA HEART THROB of Hamish the Cassanova Goose....oh my goodness, EVERYONE is looking so good, and the reporting is TOP NOTCH JOURNALISM!!! What delicious dirt, what high qualityy MUDD! My hats off to you all, and the PICTURES ARE BEYOND HOOT! Oh my goodness, I must go to this farm to meet you all in person. Jeri, you did it again. I am here trying to pump out something with my crazy work schedule and YOU HAVE JUST GIVEN ME NEW LIFE....what fun.....ahhhhhh, I so love your work!

    LOOK SHARP EVERYONE! The New York Times has nothing on you, fABULOUS REPORTING!!!

    WIth much love and admiration, Anita

  5. Dear Miss Mudd;
    I looks Like you are doing a Fine job of Looking out for things in the Hollow. I am sure the Mistress Knows that she has left things in very capable hands.
    Oh My Goodness what is Miss Fionna Thinking with that Bonnet! Feathers! Imagine that! If she thinks that Hamish will notice her because of that Silly Bonnet, she is most Misinformed! Well I suppose once Hamish realizes that Courting a Human, Especially one from Minnesota is simply not Possible, He will then Notice Miss Fionna. Well I Suppose they will Make a Handsome Couple..Hmmm
    As for your Bonnet Miss Mudd, You have Been Brought up Well.Everyone know that Modesty is Paramount in Society.
    Well I must Bid you Goodbye Miss Mudd. I will however like to know more about Miss Jane Black when you have more information! I would be so pleased if you could keep me informed of the situation.
    Respectfully Yours;
    Miss Petunia Puddlesworth

  6. Your post made me smile. Love the "little chickpeas". Such a world you live in. Mavis Mudd seems up to any task, but then again your other friends look like they own the place as well. Hope you have a wonderful January.

  7. What a fine-feathered staff you have. The chickpeas are adorable. When I was a child, I named one of our chickens Aunt Mable after a great aunt with the same name. I'm enamored with all of yours!

  8. Dear Jeri
    I think my dear friend Anita said it all! This was such a treat for me today... I love all that is going on at the Hollow..

    Thank you for your visit.. Bebe will be back for her summer adventures this year, this I know...
    Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all.

  9. DEAREST HAMISH, when it comes to geese, you are the top bird old man! You are sleek, beguiling, almost hypnotizing, but dear fellow, I am spoken for!! BUT NO FEAR! I do love to correspond and I have the perfect gift for you. It is coming in the mail, and it is a portrait of you in WATERCOLOR! YES! YOU, MOST ELEGANT HAMISH! You are the only goose for me dear heart, for I once knew a goose that was the fattest in the land. He name was GANDOR!!!! teeeeheee! This gander was a giant of a beast who never let the other geese eat! His eyes were sunken in, he weighed at least THREE TIMES MORE than the others, but he was meaner than a nest of HORNETS!!! You dear, are a gentle goose and may you hang your portrait in a place of honor, knowing that I admire you so. BE WELL MY FRIENDS!!!!!! Anita

  10. What an interesting tale Jeri, featuring your wonderful illustrations and the players who provide inspiration. Good luck with your new book. Lesley x

  11. Anita, A portrait of Hamish?! What a treat! Now both he AND Fionna will be immortalized!

    Penny from OUR Lil Miz Mouse( soon to be renamed) "Dearest Bebe, Please keep us informed of all your new adventures, for I am just a homebody and never leave my Hollow..."

    Muse and RICHARD from the chickpeas " We really, really, really,. run that fast....Really! Mama Jane can barely keep us under control. He,he, he... we are naughty lil chickpeas!"
    Jill, Petunia, and Marquetta, From MAVIS " Dear girls, I will always save my best bits of gossip for you... I am learning more and more about Jane's Misadventures... oh! You just won't believe!"
    Kay,Nath and Tina, from Fionna Goosefeather" Do you think I look fat in these feathers?? Do you think I should learn to speak French and paint my toenails a deep shade of Ruby?? Oh How will I win the heart of my dear Hamish??

  12. It is quite fun to see where you get your inspiration and humor from! You must be endlessly entertained and your art is quite personal as you Know all the characters!

  13. YEP, There is a portrait coming of the MAN himself...if I am correct, he is the feller in the gray suit, is he not? SPLENDID! Then he will be most pleased with his watercolor!!!!

    Oh Jeri, you should make a little newspaper and frame it or send it out! I WOULD KEEP IT!!!! That would be so darn cute...Anita

  14. As always you have carried my away to a wonderful world of talking critters with fasinating stories to tell....I do so look forward to every new post that you make.
    I finally finished my fabric book. Whew!
    Those baby chick are the cutiest things ever.BLESSINGS to all in the Hollow.

  15. Good Morning Jeri and Miss Mavis!
    Just stopped to say Hello! I am sure you are very Busy Bee's Taking care your Most Important Work! Can't wait to get a Peak maybe.
    Hugs From
    Ps; I am from Minnesota.I was born in a Most Lovely Place called Blooming Prairie.. Do I have a Chance with the Most Handsome Hamish???

  16. Oh dear Jill, Hamish is being inundated with letters! I am afraid it is going to his head. But I caught a glimpse of Fionna this morning and she looked quite fetching in her new bonnet and hourglass figure. I do believe Hamish is beginning to take notice!

  17. i am now following as i really must keep up with all the news at the Hopalong Hollow Gazette.

    it's so wonderful ♥


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