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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Inside the Christmas boxes

Christmas Boxes...what's inside?

  This has become a personal Christmas tradition , the Christmas Boxes. Since little-girlhood I have been enamored of the yearly ritual of gingerly sorting through the Christmas memories  contained in these boxes in the form of little glass baubles and tinseled tree treats and all manner of delights to the season's senses.

It has been a hectic year for us, 30 art events! Now, I plan to sit upon the thin tapestry rug, with a cup of  Orange Spice tea, a nice blaze going in the stove and unwind with my little ritual.  I open my first box,

a tin box with a Dresden Dove on top contains....

 delicate glass vintage birds.
 These have been collected from hither and yon for years. Who knows how many small fingers have held these delicate birds, and handed them up to mama to place upon the highest branches.

This one was on our tree when I was 6 years old....
That makes it a very old bird,,, sorta like me, a vintage bird!
 Birds in early winter.... in the house..perching in a tree.. I like that.

What, pray tell, little treasures dwell, in this box?
Homemade paperdolls.
  We made these  Victorian style ornaments  years ago. Using old batting, crepe paper, vintage style faces, bits and bobs.... it was fun! You should make some with your children or your little grandbuns.

 Her dress is of pink crepe paper, antique lace and ribbons.

An old father Christmas face,dyed cotton batting and antique tinsel.

You can easily find Antique faces and forms online.
These paper ladies are dressed in checkered tissue paper, crepe paper and crinoline fabric.
She is my favorite.  Old tatting on skirt bottom, fabric and ribbon roses came from a shredded 1940's nightgown, and her little golden wings have  fluffy bird feathers as well. I think she has my little girl face from long ago, although I cannot prove it to you.
 A bit simpler form here, this lady has an ethereal look, even her hair seems to be blowing in the breeze. Her wings are made of Dresden paper doilies.

Here, a beautiful Lady Liberty of paper stars, a tissue paper dress and a bit of golden glitz. Are you inspired to make some of these? Please do!
Boxes within Boxes.
And what is in this dear little tin box??
Ooooh! Tree candles,
to go with the weighted candle holders,

  What would Christmas be without little Stars of Bethlehem to shine from the evergreen boughs?

"Oh Holy night, the stars are Brightly Shining"

 Glimmer, glitter, little star..

I don't think I should use these, 1920!!!!! They shout "FIRE!"
But the box is cute.

More vintage glass.
  and yet more. 
  I think I have enough STUFF now, to fill this tree.
 Now, the Lord of the Manor does NOT do trees.... this is a job for the official tree dresser, moi.
  So, I will be back here in a few hours..... bye for now. This could be a three pot o tea job.
 Put on the Pot
 I love visiting other blogs at this season to see how differently everyone decorates. Some dress their homes in elegant, icy whites and angel wings. Silver Trees hung with  glistening icicles and lace. Others are Early American Primitive, with stuffed clove oranges, strung popcorn and cranberries on a cedar tree sitting on a braided rug.  You can almost smell the woodsmoke! I love them all!  The imagination  and  individuality that goes into folk's decorating is a joy to behold!
I can't wait to see what you all are doing.

"Now is the season of the holly and the mistletoe;
the days are come to which we hang our rooms with the sober green of December and feel it summer in our hearts."
 Saturday Evening Post
December 1866 

.This tree looked a lot bigger in the woods...
But not this fancy!

After Christmas, when all my treasures go back into the boxes, my barn ladies will get a special treat. They will get to devour this tree! NOTHING goes to waste here in Hopalong Hollow.
 Finished! Time to sit and enjoy. 

 "May this impart, with all my heart,
A Happy Christmastide!"


  1. Oh such eye candy you have!
    Beautiful things.

  2. WOW! what wonderful vintage stuff!
    I collect old christmas decorations myself, but I don't have as much as you have, also have a few vintage birds with real feathers....ooooh so pretty!
    hihihi I am a vintage bird too!!!
    have fun decorating...

  3. Precious Jeri,

    It was a wonderland of joy taking your tour down memory lane, and I even recognize some little ornaments that my momma used to use. Oh, this was a delicious post, and let me ask, WHO EATS THE CHRISTMAS TREE? WHOSE STOMACH or STOMACHS can bear the NEEDLES? YIKES, I am an ignoramus in the barnyard department!!! SPLENDID POST MY DEAR FRIEND!!!! Anita

  4. Dear, dear Jeri ~ What wonderful ornaments and stories with some of them. You have a beautiful collection, and after seeing your tree, I'm in the mood to get ours out of the attic along with all of our decorations too. I always enjoy decorating the tree. Taking it down and putting it away is always sad, but at the same time, it's the start of another new year, with all kinds of possibilities.

    Maybe today I'll make a start, time will tell.

    Have a lovely day gazing at your beautiful tree.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. What a delightful post! I have looked and savoured every picture and word, wonderful decorations , I would have loved to have a cup of tea with you and a natter while you hung your fab dec! I specially loved the candle holders and your home made angels, you have made me feel all nostalgic and christmassy, thank you,Linda x x

  6. Oh Jeri, you have stumbled into Nowhere I see....teeeheee, you are gonna not want to leave. Yes, that rather rotund rat is RATTUS and the guy with his arse up in the air and nose in the box is the infamous Tea Rat....my silly doodles. Are you free on Dec. 18th? Do you want to be dazzled? Do you want to experience NOWHERE theatre at its best? Then follow these two rodents and come on down for some high theatre.

    GOOD TO SEE YOU! Anita

  7. What an adventure Christmas is! Opening boxes to find well-loved ornaments from another year makes the heart glad. I've been thinking of creating paperdolls for my sisters and a few close friends. Your lovely post has inspired me to begin. Thank you.

  8. Hi Jeri, your tree looks beautiful and it's been lovely to see the boxes of decorations beforehand.

    There's a giveaway on my blog and I hope that you will take part, Lesley. x

  9. Hi Jeri. I so love all of your Christmas treasures. What wonderful little dolls. I can see why your treasure your oxes of ornaments. Your tree is beautiful.

  10. I knew I could count on you for a little decorating inspiration....Tins are so much fun, almost as much as the treasure they might hold.I use a lot of them in the craft room.I really enjoyed reading this post,and seeing into the past, don't you just adore vintage things? I must try the paper dolls, a great fun thing to do with our granddaughter, she is 10. Enjoy your tree.

  11. What a beautiful tree. The history is incredible too! Flowerlady sent me.

  12. C'est adorable!!!

    Chaleureusement votre
    ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

  13. I have always loved boxes and baskets... yours are magical indeed and then they are filled with treasures. This is such a beautiful post ending with a beautiful tree.

    Wishing you and your wonderful holidays and a Merry Christmas.

  14. JERI DEAREST! HOPE, FAITH, LOVE...what would any one of us do without those????EVEN THE CREATURES OF THE EARTH NEED faith to find food, hope to survive and the love our their masters to give them the great care with which you serve....and YOUR NAME IS IN THE POT!!! Thank you for visiting me with such enthusiasm....don't forget to go to Nowhere and see Ruben's ODE TO CHEESE....it is a hoot. There you will see an old photo of Tea Rat during his thespian days at Caius College (He got is Th.D in Teaology!). Miss Moussie was so impressed with his costume as he performed RATLET.....and his ODE TO CHEESE is a hoot! GO WHEN YOU CAN!

    ENJOY, Anita

  15. What wonderful Christmas boxes you have!!! I am very jealous! It is a lovely moment when Christmas comes out of the cupboard once more isnt it? We were not going to bother to have a tree this year (they are so expensive) but seeing yours has maybe changed my mind! I adore your paper people I think I will have a go at that. Jane x

  16. But better yet a creamy brie
    a Camembert WHAT ECSTACY!

    teehheee....sheesh, I can't even spell today! THANK FOR COMING DOWN JERI! WOOOOOOO we have a lot of snow. Ruben spent hours digging out of the high drifts in our driveway!


  17. Jeri , what a wonderful post this is! I absolutely LOVE your ornaments. They are ALL precious!!!
    Thank you for visiting me! I appreciete *seen * you there!!!!
    Merry Christmas to you too!!!

  18. Jeri, your blog is such a delight. It makes me smile every time I read it. The boxes are just what I would expect but the paper doll ornaments, well thats another matter all together. Wonderful doesnt do it justice! Im going to have to make some of these. I think I'll use some of your cards as faces. They will be great
    treasures. Merry Christmas my friend!
    -Deborah Rogers Mercy

  19. What beautiful vintage ornaments, so beautiful!


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