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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Christmas Mantle

But let it whistle as it will,
We'll keep our Christmas merry still."
Sir Walter Scott

In the Keeping room,
we'll TRY to stay warm in this 120 year old house, it won't be easy.
But with little wooden birds chirping on the mantle,

and antique Christmas postcards featuring same tiny birds  who bid us  much merriment and Joy to the World,

we will fire up the wood,

And  sip hot cider as we enjoy the blaze.

This is the Parlor Mantle and I reserve this for my old paper mache Nativity. I love this set probably from the 30's or 40's.

 I gather little plaster animals from all over the house to add to the menagerie...

They all gather round,

under the evergreen boughs, rosehips and tiny lights of Bethlehem.

The little stars reflect in the old mirror behind the mantel, doubling the light.
It reminds me of our nativity set as children. Sitting beneath the small tree, lights all ablaze, we would stare in peaceful wonder.
Some things never change, I have those same sweet emotions as I smell the scent of the boughs, and place a  small baby Jesus in his manger..


  1. Here we find the true meaning of Christmas Jeri. What a beautiful Nativity you have with baby Jesus in his manger. I love that you have gathered all the other animals around. A perfect setting on your lovely mantel.
    Blessings to you this holiday season.

  2. OH JERI, my parents had the same paper mâché nativity set!!!!! I JUST TO PLAY WITH THEM AND REARRANGE THEM, only to get close to all the presents and pinch and squeeze and jiggle them about, then my mum would get wind of my tricks and carry me off! What delightful memories you bring me....oh, your fire must be delightful. How are the blond bombshells? MUCH LOVE AND ADMIRATION, Anita

  3. Very special, thanks for giving us a peek inside.

  4. Jeri, this is 'really Christmas' and what it is all about. How lovely, I love the mantel and the vintage post cards are perfect. Merry Christmas to the Hollow.
    -Deborah Rogers Mercy

  5. Oh dear...the blonds are no more? BUMMER.....URSULA MUST STAND ON GUARD!!! Those foxes are up to much deviltry, I see! Oh, I am so sorry.....

    Thank you for coming over Jeri...more magic to come in NOWHERE on December 18 with my silly little theatre and rat drawings; go to NOWHERE from my sidebar to see the magic...and then scroll down two posts to see Penny's drawings!!! Anita

  6. Hi Jeri. Your mantle looks so beautiful. I love the antique idea for Christmas trimmings. Your teapots and kettle collection is wonderful. Have a wonderful week.

  7. Your mantle is absolutely wonderful. Creating magic during the holidays is one of the best things in life.

    I wanted to let you know that Clyde, the rooster, is quite interested in your plain, but lovely-personality hen. He's wondering if she might consider becoming a mail order hen.

  8. Hi Jeri
    Oh I am so glad you came by... Hope to see you in NOWHERE.. Bebe has saved a seat for you. I see dear Anita has mentioned me.. What a dear she is.. So glad you have marked your calendar.. This should be GREAT!

  9. I love the artwork on your blog! Great mantel display. I have a fondness for bird ornaments as well. I also collect silhouettes. There is something about this graphic style of art that I like.

  10. your holiday festivities are looking warm and inviting. Wishing you a lovely winter and Christmas.


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