Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


" So... what the heck is this stuff? "
    Yes, tis snowing all around our fair land!  We are not being bombarded here in East Tennessee  but rather are enjoying a soft and gentle, steady outpouring of fat, fluffy flakes. I feel more than fortunate to be safe and comfy in the confines of home and hearth. But every few hours, I have bundled up, camera in hand, to capture the comings and goings of our little friends here in the Hollow.
Ducks love water, no matter what form it takes! I just want to gather up this little gaggle and pop them in the potting shed where it is warmer,( being the foolish human that I am)). But they would be quite upset with me and quack up a storm! (Another storm.)
Every once in a while they go inside for a bit of corn and  grain,

 but within minutes they are back out again, splashing about in the icy creek.

Ursula is kicking up her hooves and delighting in this dusting of white.
  And sheep have little to worry about wrapped up  in their woolies

I check to see that my chicken folk are cozily perched in the rafters of the barn

and enjoying some good barn cookin...
 It makes me happy,

 to see that the Peabody Boys are feeling content and dry.
 While back outside,
Concrete sentinels care not  a whit for the weather...
Let it snow,
let it snow,
let it snow!

  For those who are really getting pummeled, I feel for you. I grew up in Colorado, I honestly remember walking to school in snow that was up to my chin. Of course, I was only in 2nd grade, and it was more like swimming than walking. But kids these days would never do such a thing!

Snow on the rooftops is just so... so.... Christmas-like!

  Makes me want to Ho, HO, HO!

Our snow won't be around for long, so we enjoy it while we can.
I hope you can enjoy yours too.
Be Careful on the roads!

( The day after)


  1. Oh Jeri, what a delight to see the critters enjoying the snow! Ursula really took to it, didn't she? AND THE GEESE DON'T GIVE A HOOT about the stuff; it just rolls off their backs! WE HOWEVER...hoooooo hooooo........DANG! WE GOT SOCKED WITH AT LEAST 2.5 feet and Ruben was out there for FOUR HOURS using the snow blower to carve his way out of the garage! It is gorgeous however, but sub zero temps forced me to have THREE COATS while I helped shovel and get a passer by out of a ditch! All the neighbors helped and it was so, so , HUMAIN!!! Christmas is really fun.


  2. Oh Jeri ~ How funny to see the ducks out swimming while it is snowing. Hopalong Hollow looks magical.

    Enjoy this lovely Christmas season.

    Thank you for posting your lovely Christmas tree earlier. It and another blogging friends tree got me in the mood to decorate.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  3. These are wonderful pictures. Love to see them all having fun. Is that a kitten behind you in the picture? Would love to see more of the cats, too. Your home looks delightful. Wonderful post. Have a great week of Christmas preparations and enjoying the snow. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  4. I knew I could count on you to make me smile, love all the animal pictures and the one of the house and barn could be a Christmas card, soooo lovely.It is cold enough here in north Florida to snow but no moisture....Be blessed and enjoy preparing for the Christmas season.

  5. Loved seeing your critters on a snowy day and I'm guessing it's a real treat to have December snow in Tennessee. The goose at the red door was magical. As for me...snowy days in nw Ohio calls for baking.

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy your snow!

  6. I love you little farm full of cuties. I have a special weakness for little donkeys. Thanks for the adorable pictures.

  7. " So... what the heck is this stuff? And Who put those Stars on the Barn?"
    I Agree..Hopealong Hollow looks Magical!
    Thank You for Sharing you Pictures
    Happy Monday!

  8. Hi Jerri. How do the ducks stand that water. Brrr! Makes me shiver just to look at them swimming in the creek. LOL! Ursula does look like she is enjoying romping in the snow.I have relatives in Cleveland Tennessee so I wonder if it snowed that far south. My cousin would not be happy at all. LOL!

  9. Little darlings under the snow ! Beautiful ! But it's cold for them, quick, they go to their warm house. Your animals are so cute.
    Kisses Jeri and happy Chritsmas time !

  10. Our babes, are not loving the snow! Jasmine and Jessica peek their heads out of the doors and just cry. LOL Glad to see yours know how to have fun in the snow! :)
    All the Best,

  11. These pictures of your furkids and feathered friends are precious! Thanks so much for sharing.

    The snow is pretty, too. We don't get snow here... le sigh.


  12. What wonderful pictures - and the hens have the right idea! I hear on the BBC news over here that some parts of your country are having some *interesting weather* I am glad to see it isn't affecting you too badly and that you are all keeping your spirits up.

  13. I just discovered you blog when I went to visit Patricia at Woolytales. Your blog is amazing, I can see where your inspiration comes from being surrounded by so many wonderful animals. The snow only makes your place look that much more charming.

    Lovely to meet you.


  14. Awwwww...Jeri.. Can't I have Just a Few More Doilies??? And Maybe one more Angel!I will add More Frank Sinatra to my Playlist! What do you Think? Lol!
    Hope you are all Snug and Warm With a Nice Cup of Tea there in Hopalong Hollow!I Love your Visits!Come Again Soon!

  15. I love your post and your pictures. Your house is very nice.We are expecting some snow here too.

  16. Hi Jeri, I truly loved this post. Your aniamls looks so very happy and I am sure that is when you are also!I will agree with dear karen, the snow makes your farm very charming and cosy. Very lovely!
    I can wait to see videos!!! Please do let me know! I too will be doing a new video milking Hershey hopefully next month... our milking parlor is ready for her and her baby!
    Have a wonderful evening~


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