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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Animals Christmas

"The animals gave Him a Manger bed,
 Gathering near as Christ was born;
And as he smiled and blessed their love, 
The animals spoke on Christmas morn.
 And now, on every Christmas Eve,
 a wondrous miracle takes place, 
 And the animals speak amongst themselves,
 Of the love that shone from Jesus face."
old folk song
  This is artwork I did several years ago. It is a painted papercutting otherwise known as scherenschnitte. I painted this in a very folksy style, which was my forte for many years. I have always liked the stylized angels and the Star of Bethlehem.

 But of course, for me, it is the animals that are most fun to create. Little did I know when I designed this piece, that  most of the animals featured in the picture, would become my little friends in my real life.

The donkey, goats, sheep ,cats, red dog and chickens all currently reside in our big green barn on the hill.

I am quite sure they will gather on Christmas eve amid the scent of fresh straw and cedar boughs, and tell a miraculous tale of a long ago night in a faraway land.
    This Christmas eve, when all is still and the stars glimmer in a clear wintry sky, I plan on silently hiding in a cozy corner of the green barn. I long to hear my animals speak in hushed voices, telling the story of an Animals Christmas.


  1. You need to make the Animal christmas picture into christmas cards and sell me a couple of boxes!!


  2. I think that is a good idea, Osage. A large size Christmas card would be perfect! Maybe I will do that for next year.
    Thank you Goodwife!

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  4. Oh Jeri, how I would love to sit quietly with you, in a corner in cognito, just listening to what your troupe has to say about an event so special, so tender....call me sentimental, but the song, "The Little Drummer Boy" makes me cry every time when the part that says, "THE OX AND LAMB KEPT TIME....." there is just something chilling, special, touching about how nature is connected and so beautiful. Your art is stunning. I adore that SUN and the angels, and of course, it goes without saying that your animals are indeed, divine.

    You are a special lady and I have had great pleasure in reading your posts, your book, and receiving wise advise from you about publishing. What a fun life this is....enjoy every moment of LISTENING TO THE ANIMALS.....Anita

  5. Dear Jeri ~ I love this little tale and your exquisite artwork, for this loveliest of all seasons.

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your DH and critters.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. Jeri this is incredible! I looooooooove it! I too would love to sit and listen to the animal tales. Precious critters they are!
    xx, shell

  7. I never tire of looking at your beautiful artwork. I hope you and all your animal family have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. teeeeheeeeee! You are the first to come! Oh but am I hoofin' it to announce my giveaway on Castles....I always bite off more than I can chew and I think I will also post the show on Castles because I don't care for the format of the new templates....so, COME AGAIN DEAREST! There is plenty of popcorn and SPECULAAS and tea and nibbles for all your bunny friends!!!! THANKS FOR COMING! Anita

  9. Jeri ~~
    I left a messsage on this post, but
    it does not appear.....Am I doing something wrong????

  10. Will try again....
    "Jesus our Brother, kind and good,
    Was humbly born in a stable rude,
    The Friendly Beasts around Him stood,
    Jesus our Brother, kind and good."

    I heard this at the age of 9, set to a haunting chant by monks of
    ages past. I have never forgotten it and your Christmas Animals
    brought its sweet melody back to
    mind. Your work is enchanting and seems to connect to all created
    enchantment. Merci ~

  11. Gentility, You are here. How wonderful to listen to monks chanting this wonderful old poem, what a memory!


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