Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

There is a new Sheriff in town...

And there will be no more criminal activity hereabouts!
 Lately, the hooligans have been on the lose, the WANTED posters are up..
  This career criminal has been wreaking havoc in the chicken coop...
he is on our Ten Most Wanted list.
  And this innocent looking young thing has been thieving numerous quantities of eggs from right under my
nose. Her days of free scrambled eggs are numbered!
  And the cats have reported empty food dishes every evening for a fortnight....
 We KNOW who the culprits are!!
  But now, we have a secret weapon.....
 She is Tough and Loud and can deliver one heck of a punch.....
  She absolutely loathes the bad guys  and is ready to take them on!
Our new Guardian Donkey!

The ladies of the town don't know quite what to think of her, they had never met a real Sheriff before.
  In fact, Beatrix got so flustered she ran off with the apple basket on her head!
 Silly Beatrix, it took me 10 minutes to catch her and get the darn thing off!
 The town ladies are baffled by the hideous noises Ursula makes... they are not Baaaah's or Maaaah's.
 But I am sure that when the criminals come to call, the townsfolk will thank their lucky stars that the new sheriff is in town!
Doing the job, this guy is SUPPOSED to be doing!
Ezra, so-called Hound dog, hummmmph!
 Ursula has already earned an entire bag of carrots for chasing off a fox on her second night here! I watched from bedroom window, after being alerted by her braying, and witnessed aforementioned fox running along "outside" of fence, as she chased him off from the "inside" of the  fence. Hurrah! Hurrah for Ursula! The fox ran back into the woods where I hope he will stay.


  1. LOL! I hope the new Sheriff earns his keep. Poor Beatrix.Hope she didn't run into any of the gang with the basket on her head.

  2. Oh my, I laughed out loud over poor Beatix! What a sight. Looking forward to hearing if Ursula does the trick.

  3. Go get'em, Ursula!

    The Hollow is looking a little like Brementown now that a donkey has joined the group :)

  4. What a hoot! I love silly Beatrix with the apple basket on her head. What a sweet life there at Hopalong Hollow. I hope Ursala keeps the creeps away. Maybe you'll want to add a Llama to the menagerie next. They are supposed to make great guardians of property and critters.

    Have a lovely Sunday Jeri.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. Dearest Jeri~
    SO GOOD to have your visited!!! Thank you!!! I think thought I deleted by accident!
    I am glad you visited me because it a sweet remind to visit you too!
    Jeri, your farm is so inviting and sweet. I love your animals and Sheriff has *stole* my heart!!!! I have only made one donkey before but seen him made me want to make another soon.
    Beautiful illustrations!!!
    Warm hugs,

  6. What a handsome donkey! And he is cute!
    I miss everyone in Hopalong Hollow!

  7. Ursula looks wonderful!
    what silly animals you have...hihi
    in amazing surroundings!
    and wonderful illustrations again!!!
    your so great!!!
    have a nice sunday and lots of fun with Ursula and her new friends!

  8. ALRIGHT EVERYONE, PUT UP YOUR HANDS, ALL A Y'ALL! WE MUST FRISK EVERYONE, I MEAN EVERYONE....BUT SPECIAL MANDATE OF THE NEW SHERIFF! Yes, that means you too, ATTILA!!! teeeeeheeeeee, Jeri, you are a crack up! AND THAT BEATRIX...whew..these fellers must keep you running about. I wish I could visit you and my dear friend Patricia Cabrera; you both have beautiful farms with lovely animals that would make my imagination go WILD! I love that you name your creatures. I always ask my students what their creatures' names are, if they have drawn something or made a story...they have no clue. I wonder what has happened to kids that these days they can't even think of a name. They always come up with the same name: BOB. SHEESH! There are far more interesting names than that! WEll, I am glad to see you have a new leader in town...I hope she can capture those BEASTS!!!

    Have a fun day on the farm, Anita

  9. Beatrix WAS running into things, it was hilarious!
    I did think of getting a llama, but I really love the look and personality of the donkey-folk. I do think we now have the makings of Brementown.
    Patricia, do please make a donkey.. or a sheep... or a goat!
    Hara, And we miss you too!
    Anita, I agree, where oh where are the imaginations in kids these days??!! I will often ask a little girl who is carrying a stuffed animal or a doll,"And what is your little friends name?", and there is none!!

  10. I have heard of geese acting as guard dogs but never donkeys!

  11. Ooh she's a delightful girl !
    I couldn't stop laughing at Beatrix with the apple basket plopped on top of her head...silly girl ;)
    Most everyone around here who have sheep or livestock in the fields, have one or two sheriffs, not near as pretty as Ursula though :)

  12. Oh, she's a lovely girl!
    With the perfect name!

  13. Jeri dear! HOW IS EVERYTHING HOLDING UP WITH THE NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN? Is everything in orderly order here? GOTTA KEEP AN EYE ON THOSE SCOUNDRELS!!!! I have plenty of chubby "tree rats" in my yard, leaving slices of pizza in my pots or chunks of French bread in my garden! teeeeheeeee! THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME dear friend; I so enjoy your world and you coming to mine; we are no different....I dream of being a queen, but I love the earth, the animals, even the PERFUME of a farm and barn....we are two queens of the earth dearest, and I am so loving your art work and book. I made two handmade books yesterday and was lovin' life....enjoy your world and BRING ON MORE NEWS FROM THE FARM, PLEASE!!!! Big hugs from all my imaginary creatures to your furry and friendly folk, Anita


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