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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Peddler Kitty..

 I needed a new prop to display miniature papercuttings and decided to create a dummy board for the purpose.

I will paint the original piece on watercolor paper, size is about 24x 20.

After drawing this dear kitty, I begin to apply water color, layer by layer. I love painting eyes. They are usually the first thing I concentrate upon  because once the eyes are there, staring up at me from the paper,  a connection is made and the character begins to take on a life of her own.
She looks up at me as if to say, " I do so love wearing calico, and blue is my favorite color, although teal is a close second. She coyly hints, "I wear several petticoats and a bustle as well." 
"I nearly always wear a straw hat atop my lacy cap. It keeps the thistledown from my fuzzy head, and is quite stylish. Oh, please don't forget my red ribbons!"
 She directs me on all the little details and I begin to get a good idea of exactly who this tidy lady is. She has a name, occupation, and a distinct personality to go along with her bonnet, apron and flouncy skirt.
 We are developing a lovely friendship

 She informed me that she needed a warm cape, (as she is susceptible to the ague), and I had to attach extra paper onto the sides to expand her width.
    Oh! It looks as if we have a snoopy peeping tom observing through the window! This is especially funny since my studio is on the second floor of the house. Those peacocks can't keep their beaks out of anyone's business!
     This reminds Peddler kitty to relate to me that she isn't like her cat kinsfolk when it comes to the birdie kind.
She likes little birds and is quite friendly with them. She finds  birdsong quite a delight and wouldn't think of harming a tiny feather on a fluffy birdy head. Mice are another matter entirely, she is fond of mice, but only when baked in a crusty tart  and served with a spicy sage sauce, and she proceeds to give me the recipe.

 I have decided to give her a  chickadee and a bluebird to rest upon her shoulder and tweet sweet melodies into her wide pink ears. She is delighted with the choice of birds.
It takes many hours to finish up all the small and intricate details,
such as hat weave and fabric patterns.
And during that time, I learn so many things about Peddler Kitty... and I make notes in my small leather journal.

What started out as being a design for a dummy board, has now given me an entire new storybook idea.
 Thank you Peddler Kitty, for an enjoyable and entertaining time together, we will be visiting again, after I finish book 3.
 In the meantime, I will take this painting and have it copied, mount the copy on hardboard, attach a horizontal display pole to her little paws and she will hold the small hanging paper-cuttings for me..


  1. Oh, this is a treat. I am the first one here, to welcome Peddler Kitty to the REAL WORLD all gussied up and purdy. Jeri, to watch your work unfold before my eyes is a delight, and I am sitting here very excited to watch the process of your work come to life, very much like my own in that my characters are very, very real and have distinct personalities. I am so glad to know that there are many of you, or us rather, out there who relish in imaginating, confabulating, and creating such beauty. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS EXTRAORDINARY PROCESS WITH US! Much admiration, Anita

    And YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE PEEPING THOMAS!!! YIKES! He went to great lengths to perch atop the second floor!

  2. Oh my dearest Jeri ~ What pure, innocent delight this post was. How wonderful to see Peddler Kitty come alive. How sweet that she loves little birds.

    Your stories and pictures always stir something up inside of me.

    Have a lovely evening ~ FlowerLady

  3. What beautiful work you do!!! The soft colors I love. It was so fun watching each one come to life.
    Thanks for sharing your work.

  4. Peddler Kitty is my long-lost twin sister! Her twinkling eyes, love of blue and teal, and tolerance for the feathered critters have not changed over time. Wanderlust lured her to the road and we haven't heard from her in many years. I'm so glad she found her way to the Hollow where she can do some honest and useful work for you.

    Did she share the song we used to sing as we made Mom's Mousey Tarts?

  5. OMG..what amazing art!!!
    I wish I could paint just a little like you!!!
    Kitty is adorable with her beautiful dress and hat!!! and those eyes??? WOW!!!

  6. Hi Jerri. It is so wonderful to see her come alive and she is such a lovely lady. I am glad she likes birds and her two companions are pretty little things. She really does need her own book. It must be hard for her to be different from her kinfolk. LOL!

  7. Magnifiscent ! Fantastic ! I love your Art.

  8. She's just adorable - especially watching her come to life from a line drawing. I love the colours too Jeri. Isn't it amazing where we get inspiration from - you must be excited about the new ideas this little project has given you.

  9. Good evening Jeri
    I cannot tell you what a thrill it is when I view your work.. Kitty is simply amazing... I love your colors, and always so much detail in your art.. Eyes are my favorite part also.. Once I have them in, I feel a connection.. Your art brings out the child in me, and for that, I wish to thank you.
    Also, thank you for your visit..Yes, my grandfather's prayer book is very special to me. I love the chair I found. Good thing my poodles don't shed, or I could end up with a real mess.. Wishing you a restful evening

  10. Good Morning, Jeri! I've spent a delightful time this morning catchng up with all I've missed. It seems the residents of Hopalong Hollow have been quite busy. Kitty Peddler is adorable and I just want to hug the stuffin' out of her.

    As mentioned above, your blog takes me back to childhood with the magic of your art and the whimsy of your tales. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Hello there Jeri !
    Just now catching up, and oh so pleased I stopped by the Hollow...
    A new lady in town, and what a fine Kitty Peddler she is.
    I studied your drawings one by one, each with more detail and literally brought this kitty to life.
    Such talent and imagination you possess, it's always a true delight to read your stories and gaze at your artwork.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  12. Jeri dearest, it is always a delight to get a visit from you! HOW IS THAT PEEPING TOM? Is everyone well on the farmstead? EXCELLENT! We are buried in wet snow out here, but oh how lovely it all is. My dream is coming true today; I am having tea with a fellow blogger who lives in the metro area and we are going to a lovely tea salon next to Lake Minnetonka, a lovely and marvelous place with art galleries, antique shops and such. YOU dearest, YOU always make me guffaw outloud with your tales of tailed creatures and peeping toms!!!! Post soon, I gotta see what these creatures are up to for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Oh dear, do you have any turkeys on the premises? RUNNNNNNN!!!

    Much love, Anita

  13. Hello Jeri!
    I Adore her!! The Peddler Kitty would be most Welcome in my Home! Your Paintings are so Lovely and Inspired!
    Thank You for Stopping By and your Sweet Story! I didn't want it to End!! I Love Comments Like Yours!
    Happy Monday Jeri!

  14. Kitty Peddler is just beautiful.....LOVE her pretty eyes and lovely hat and I love your small cuttings. How clever of you to make such a BEAUTIFUL display. Cannot wait to devour your next book!


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