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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Monday, July 19, 2010

NEWS ALERT! "Joy Ride!"

  For the third time in a fortnight, Simon Striper and Thadeus Porkpusher have been cited for "disturbing the quiet of an evening" as they were apprehended  on July 17th for galloping through the center of the township at 2 o'clock in the morning spreading mirth and merriness while cockadoodledooing and shouting slogans such as "Cats Rule!" and "Pigs are Cool!". 
   The pair were spirited away to the station to be questioned by the Chief Constable. But, the seriousness of the offense was diffused as one and all  listened to ribald and humorous yarns spun by the aforementioned Thadeus Porkpusher. Chuckles turned to guffaws, the gaiety was contagious and soon the entire constabulary was rolling on the floor in gales of laughter!
All charges were dropped on account of the jolly, good mood of the entire station.
" Knowing Simon and Thadeus as we do, we expect the entire episode will be repeated once again, next week." stated Chief Constable Izzy Crowchum.


  1. What is a Mama to do with such a rowdy bunch? LOL! All that an a goose on the loose would be very bad.

  2. Heheheeeee! You are my kind of human being...dabbling in the nonsense and capers of nature and the shenanigans of our furry and feathered friends....BRAVO! I shall follow the plot as it thickens...Anita

  3. God evening, Jeri! Oh dearest, creating something from nothing is my motto; my momma was the expert. With just pennies, she would create magic for me with her sewing skills and my father with his garage full of well-organized junk, we three created a lovely little world while I grew up in the war-zone section of Los Angeles in the 60s. And of course, your humor is right up their with the rest of us in NOWHERE...a magical place where The Dutchess, Penny, my husband Ruben, Jackie and Patricia dabble in fun and laughter, art and silliness. Come by and visit us sometime!


  4. What a hoot! I can't wait to see who does what next.. I believe Thadeus is the
    instigator.. I see a gleam in his eye.
    Enjoy your evening
    Warm regards, Penny

  5. That is hysterical. Love it! Your work is Fabulous. A kindred Spirit, robin

  6. Well ladies, I don't know what the dickens the pair are up to now, only that they've been holed up in their clubhouse with maps and joke books for several hours.

  7. If you lived in Ireland, I'd wonder if that pair had been to the pub earlier in the evening. As it is, I'd guess the glorious summer nights have enlivened their spirits and tickled that mischievous streak!

  8. I smiled and laughed as I read this post. Simon Striper and Thadeus Porkpusher are such little rogues, but their mischief livens things up, no doubt. I look forward to their next adventure or should I say misadventure. No, no I dare not use that word, my own Miss Adventure would not be happy at all.

    Have a fine, fine day.

  9. Now you are in *trouble* , grin, you got my attention, I am anious to hear more!!!*grin*

    Jeri,Thank you for your note about my fairytale tea pot.It was not the same site but similar. I am working on other ones. I love it!Smiles, Pat


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