Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What a difference a day makes.

    "Gee Willikers, this mornin I was sittin in a tiny cage with a bunch of chickens, in the hot, hot sun. Just a little girl gosling without a name. All I had to drink was some old rusty water in an old rusty can, not enough water to wet one single webbed toe! Those chickens were poopin all over the place. It was awful dirty and stinky and crowded in that cage and I was feeling pretty, darn glum.  But then, this lady appeared, she looked at me and asked that old feller that stuck me in the cage,  'Is that a female?' 'Nope, the old feller says, 'Its a boy'.'Hm- mm.. she sighed, looking perplexed. 'I was looking for a female. How old is he?' 'About 4 weeks old', said the old feller. 'Hm-mm, I was looking for someone a bit older.  How much?' '$10', says Mr Old man. The lady looked me over, 'Poor little guy, she says. 'I"ll take him'. The old feller put me in a gunny sack, I didn't like it, I cried and cried. But the lady spoke softly to me, 'Don't worry little gosling, you are going to be just fine. I am taking you to a wonderful home, where you can splash and play  the live, long day. And we will give you a fine new name, and you will have a lot of new pals.' I still cried,..what if the new pals were chickens,,,, what if she named me Gus or Jimmy??!! Me being a girl and all. What if I have to live in this gunny sack?
 But she took me outta the sack and placed me in a large pink cage and away we went. We came to this new place..... she calls it my new home.
"Wow, said I,as I looked about. I LIKE my new home! There was enough green food to fill a little goslings tummy for many a day,,,, and there was water, water, everywhere! Enough water to dip my entire little goosey body in and wash away all that ooky chicken poop!
 And there were ducks, and geese,,,, just like me.
Maybe these people are my new pals?
"I wasn't too sure about these guys, they were a little grumpy, and awfully large and noisy....but they were of the goosey-kind so I stuck to them like glue, even though they were rather rude to me. But the tall one, he was kind and quite handsome.
"I ate, and ate and ate! Gosh, I nearly forgot my manners.

   " Trudy Webbytoes,(my new best friend), confided in me, I was to take the place of a former resident of the Hollow. Her name was Fiona Goosefeathers and they say their Mistress loved her dearly. But she recently met her demise in an unfortunate accident, they wouldn't tell me more than that, only that the Lady cried for two whole days!
 'Fiona was the resident garden guide AND the gossip columnist for the Hopalong Hollow Gazette, said Mavis, head chicken lady.' But I can assure you, that I will take care of all gossip from here on out!
 'And to start things out, let me advise you, young one, to steer clear of the fellows in the turqoise vests..... they think they are soooo superior! Humph!'
 "I inquired of the goose boys how could  I possibly follow in the goose steps of such a wonderful person as Fiona Goosefeathers, for I would surely fail to live up to my predecessors reputation!
' Just be yourself ,silly goose, said Hamish, the tall, handsome one. 'The mistress will love you no matter what, after all, she loves us.'

" Oh, he is so kind, and so understanding and handsome.... when I grow up, I am going to marry him.

    "It is going to be so very fine living here, in the Hollow.
 I feel like flying and honking with happiness!
From the tip of my bill...
 to the tips of my toes! Oh Joy!
 "And  The lady must have discovered that I AM a little girl, for she named me, Fiona Goosefeathers II.  Perhaps Mavis told her. I will try to live up to my new name, and make the mistress as happy as she has made me today."


  1. Oh Jeri, that was such a peaceful, sweet and delightful read.....and I wanna cry about FIONA....oh, you are so kind to give Fiona II you home so she can live out her days amongst the others and take over Fiona I very, very important job!!! ENJOY YOUR SUNDAY dear and creative friend! Oh, I hope the Dutchess stops by, she will love this story!

    Bisous, Anita

  2. What a wonderful story! (Brushes the tears from her eyes surruptiously) Such a beautiful new addition to the flock - I adore geese and am having extreme goose and peacock envy right now. :)

  3. Too, too cute ! Fiona and I both are eating a lot of watermelon this Summer ! You are so blessed to have all those geese, chickens , and peacocks on your homestead, great post ! Gina

  4. Loved your story & the pics...nice to read first thing in the morning...so happy you found a spot in your heart for this new duck...Susan

  5. What a tender story Jeri... I am so sorry to hear about Fiona.. You have such a kind heart.. I know your new addition will be a welcome friend to all the that live in the hollow..
    Have a beautiful day

  6. Dear, dear Jeri ~ I am so glad you shared this story here. There is a huge smile on my face that just won't quit. Your news to me the other day via email really made me sad. This post makes my heart feel glad for you, your DH and all of your critters. Fiona II has found a lovely home.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. Such a heartwarming story, it made me smile endlessly !
    Fiona ll will have a wonderful home, I think she already knows that, you will give her life's best I know.
    Thank you for the introduction, I hope she fills the 'void'.

  8. Oh how lovely you tell a story, just great. cheers Marie

  9. LOL! I love reading your blog and hearing from the farm animals. Sorry about your goose but the new one looks as if it will fit right into the family.

  10. Rolling Meadows Orchard, Tazwell, Tn.July 11, 2010 at 2:09 PM

    Looking forward to Fiona II's garden tour. It will be a completely different viewpoint from Fiona's..which I loved! Fiona had a wicked sense of humor..Fiona II is such an innocent..but she'll catch on! Thanks so much for this peek into Hopalong Hollow!!

    We haven't moved to our Rolling Meadow Orchard (26 acres outside Tazewell)..but with future neighbors like Hopalong Hollow's inhabitants, we just can't wait!!

  11. Hi Jeri. Osage Bluff Quilter suggested I check your site out. The word whimsical immediately comes to mind. You have a really sweet blog.


  12. You have warmed my heart today, Jeri. Thank you for giving Fiona II her new home sweet home. Delightful and moving post!

  13. Good morning dear Jeri! Thanks for your wonderful visit and enthusiasm! Isn't it exciting to embellish and create a home? Our little stone cottage was only built in 1941, but I love any period from 1800s to 1940. It is a tudor cottage and so our addition will have CATHEDRAL CEILINGS with exposed beams, French doors leading to our garden outside and to save space, we decided against another fireplace. I have two already in the house. The floor will be a beautiful hardwood with wide planks and a bit of a distressed look..not too much, but enough to make it warm and old. I am just waiting for the builder to get final numbers in order, and then away we gooooooo! I will keep everyone posted! And how is your new GOOSE? LONG LIVE HOPALONGHOLLOW!!!

    Have a fabulous day, Anita

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about Fiona, but so glad I enjoyed her company on the garden tour. I'm thrilled to discover that Fiona II has found an enchanting new home!

    Heart warming post, Jeri!

  15. Thank you ALL for welcoming our little Fiona II to the Hollow, she is fitting in nicely and has already made 3 best friends and set her cap for a future husband. WE love her already!

  16. I'm sorry to hear about Fiona. After reading your blog long enough, the little critters really come to life and hold meaning of their own. Your new little addition to the crew is very cute though. I'm sure she's in for a very happy life.

  17. Wauw you can tell great stories!
    love to read!!!

    I can't tell such lovely stories, but I don't have to, my photo's tell you enough, I think...
    come over and take a look

  18. Any feathered friend would be in heaven living in your Eden.

  19. I know we'll love the New Fiona too. I can tell she's kind-hearted and learns fast and I'm sure the Original Fiona will be guiding her from the Rainbow Bridge.

  20. Hi Jeri, like everyone else I *loved*the story!
    Answering your question, I used mostly cakes but sometimes I grab a color from a tube.
    Love your animals...smiles, Pat

  21. Oh no poor Fiona 1 - I'll miss her but glad to see that Fiona 2 is settling in nicely.


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