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Monday, May 10, 2010

When characters come alive!

     I am going to have to be very careful about what I paint into my books. It is very strange, but quite often I create a character on my paper and shortly thereafter, I actually encounter such a character UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, in real life. Allow me to explain.
  My first book featured a little rabbit riding upon a red and green rooster. Within days of working on the paintings, I snatched a wild baby rabbit from the jaws of death ( the wicked culprit being my cat, also in book).
Soon after, a Red ROOSTER and hen mysteriously appeared on our property with 13 little chickpeas in tow. So began our chicken family.
  Book two featured a little lost squirrel, I did know him personally, because I raised the little fellow since he was an orphan boy.

 I painted a duck family into his story.....
and within just a few weeks, had acquired 7 little ducks, (now living happily on the creek bank)
  Next came Sir Percival, who was making his dining plans. Chicken Fricassee was featured prominently on the menu...
and soon, even though I had not seen a fox on this property in 20 years, I watched, as a bushy tailed red fox dashed right beneath my kitchen window chasing after aforementioned ducks. (Hmmmm, now I knew where so many of the free range chickens had disappeared to.)
"Ha! Catch me if you can!"
But this one JUST TAKES THE CAKE.We are asleep on this cool spring evening with the bedroom window wide open and no screen. The cats suddenly leap off the bed and a cacophony of hisses and shrieks awaken us. A kerfuffle ensues as we jump out of bed. Lights on! Dear me! What on earth is going on??
And there, walking casually across the rug is one of these... a DRUCILLA P.POSSUM....
in our bedroom.... at 3:00 in the morning!... Fortunately, she did not bring her offspring along for the ride.
Oh Dear! I love animals, but this is ridiculous.
I am in the process of drawing bear characters in current book
I do hope, that when we meet in person...
 they are as friendly and pleasant as the ones in my story.
Good luck!


  1. What a great read, Jeri. I hope all of your bear encounters are friendly ones! Love the illustrations and enlarged every one of them. Best wishes, Lesley

  2. The possum in my bedroom would have made me not sleep for two weeks ! Guard the doors and windows ! Crazy life we have isn't it ? Be careful out there, Gina

  3. Ha, Ha, We sometimes get possums in our lounge, not often thank goodness, I think the changes of meeting a bear in your garden might just be very slim, ha, ha cheers Marie

  4. You just never know who you will meet after midnight.Our room is on the 2nd floor. That means possum lady had to climb a tree, walk across the roof and find the open window. Of course, we have now put up a screen. Next time she can just knock on the front door.
    Oh Marie, we live in East Tennessee, lots of little black bears here!

  5. Jeri ~ How strange is that? I sure hope you have nice bears visiting you. Your posts are always a delight for the child within my heart and soul. Your paintings are a joy to behold.


  6. Goodness, I would love to live in your world! Your brushes must have some magic in them to summon all those wonderful creatures. However, the bear, I agree, is something to be cautious about. :))

  7. Beautiful pictures Jeri - I hope the possum doesn't make a habit of making arrivals like that - some shock the cat got too!

  8. Greetings Jeri
    First I would like to thank you for your comments on Brittany's artwork, we are very proud of her.... and I am so pleased you like ~twilight dreams~.. That is so odd that all your characters have come to visit.. A little worried about this bear... hmmmmm...


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