Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just the right colors....

                 It took 3 trips to the Paint Store. The Lord of the Manor said "Green and Brown would be very nice colors". But the mistress of the manor said'" NO< it must be Green and Green". (She knows best she thinks, because she is an artist.)  Those 2 greens were supposed to be noticeably different shades from one another.... they weren't. Then the mistress went with green and copper..... that didn't look  so good either. Hmmm... maybe the Lord of the Manor had something there after all. Woodland Green and Timberline Brown. I guess sometimes the artist doesn't know as much as she thinks she does.
 The Lord of the Manor said "I told you so!"
 Mamsey Bear loves it and It looks nice with this garden...
 And compliments the colors of the Mistress's Manor.....
  Whew! Now we can put the ladders away.

So put on your straw hat, walk up the brick path and meet us in the potting shed.
"I'll be there!"


  1. It looks even cuter than before, Jeri! Color makes such a statement. I've noticed myself debating color choices for the chicken coop that isn't even built yet, lol!

  2. hi
    just came over to say...our big move is today and tomorrow...so I don't have internet for at least two weeks

    take care!

  3. What a pretty potting shed! The colors are just right! I sure needed some inspiration to get into the great outdoors and spruce things up! I've been puttering inside the past couple of weeks!

    Kim :-)

  4. oh Jeri it just looks like an illustration from one of your books. Its so beautiful and even matches the colours on your blog template.

  5. Nice to see the spic and span paintwork Jeri and your sunny garden. Weather here has been grey and cold today, not what we want for May! Lesley

  6. What an idyllic place to live and work!

  7. Oh I am so impressed and honored that you have visited me! My dear friend and soulmate, The Dutchess, had mentioned to me about your blog and there was someone else...OH YES, my dear and wonderful friend, Penny from Angelsdoor also recommended I see your work. I need to put you on my blog list when I get home from work tonight; your art and world is very much what I so love and like you, a good cup of tea, animals and fairy worlds are what my husband and I dabble in when we are not working. We love the life of imagination, and like you saw on my post, we want to bring that HOME. We love bunnies, we have many of them roaming around in our neighbhorhood in the city!!

    Your art is fabulous. I am dabbling in doodling, in fact, I call myself a doodlist because I am in no way a trained artist. Your work is exquisite!

    Please come back any time! Anita

  8. Thank you all, so much for visiting my potting shed. I promise not to write about on it again for awhile since you have seen it in at least 3 posts already.
    Anita, thank you for visiting. I too am attempting a re-creation here. Since I cannot move to an ancient village and live in my much desired thatch cottage, I try to create my own little version of "old world" here on our property. It may take years and years, but one day, I will achieve the results I work for. I think your world is very beautiful as well, an amazing job!

  9. Oh I just love how it turned out! The colors are perfect. As much as I like to be right about the garden, occasionally my husband has a better idea :)

  10. your kitty reminds me of my Lacey...how sweet...


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