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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blond Bombshells and handsome young dandys....

    I have been waiting for these lovely ladies for a few months, blond bombshells every one of em! 
Or maybe they are redheads.... well, no matter.
  These lovely little buffs are the ones you always see running through the farmyard or the village in any Masterpiece Theater Period Movie.
And no wonder! They are divine actresses, loaded with personality, and oh so lovely with  their little rosy faces and pretty pink legs.

    Mine are only 3 months old but when they are full grown, they will be ever so fluffy and fat and feminine. Except of course the rooster. He will be  grandiose and manly. They will lay lots of huge eggs! I can't tell them apart yet, but they have names anyway: Demelza, Prudi, Verity, Elizabeth and Connie. OH , and of course, the rooster is POLDARK .In case you don't recognize any of those names, they are characters from a  series of historical novels by Winston Graham called "Poldark" and a1975 BBC television series based on the books. I just loved those stories.

  And these are our new dandys.... Only 1 year old and not sprouting tail feathers as yet. If they turn out half as wonderful as their daddy, they will be beautiful grownups.
This is the DADDY
    They certainly haven't exhibited much personality yet. They just sort of sit up on their big log perch and look down upon we mere mortals. 
 But Look at the GREAT OUTFITs these youngsters are wearing:
Little white pantaloons, stripy black and white stockings, a green irridescent turtleneck, a multi-colored coat and tails and a splotchy, polka dotty sorta- like vest. And a sporty little headpiece! Such Dandys!
   I am guessing they just aren't used to their new home. They have been living in a pen only 5'x10' for a year. Now, they have acres to roam and a huge barn to enjoy. I am so happy to give them a good home. We named them Gus and Woodrow ( Lonesome Dove). I know these aren't elegant names like Shakespeare or Alexander or Lord Byron , names  worthy of a Peacock. But they are named in remembrance of a pair of TURKEYS I once had.

   Those turkeys ran away.... into the woods.... lookin for love..... with the wild turkey ladies!  I am pretty sure they lived happily ever after, since I saw about 11 young turkeys in our meadow a few month later.... they looked quite domestic.  But I do miss their gobbley little voices.
 But.... this guy is pretty special too.


  1. Beautiful! All of them... You know, the feathers on Daddy are a work of art!!
    Thank you for sharing..
    Warm regards,

  2. Oh Jeri ~ What a delightful, colorful family you have. Daddy Peacock has a splendid, beautiful tail.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. What a wonderful post !! I want your peacocks ! You are so lucky to have them parade about, great photos too ! loved it, Gina

  4. Jeri what a fabulous family you have there. I love buffs - my friend has a few and they are huge - they are quite partial to marshmallows too! What a privilege to have these all in your garden. I hope the Turkeys come back for visits!

  5. Oh Jeri, your animals are in deed beloved to you. I love the way you describe each one of them. Perhaps that is *why* your illustrations are so vibrant and eye catching.grin. Each page of it, has lots to discover!

    I had a chance to read all your recent posts. I get behind ((( many times))) in visiting those I love but , when I do , is a *treat*!!*grin*

    I shall fill up my cup of tea and read some more now....warm hugs to you~

  6. Hi Jeri,the "girls" are just precious, so feminine and sweet. I woul;d love to have hens running around the garden, but unfortunately we have stray coyotes passing through every once in awhile, quite large and menacing.
    I can't get over those gorgeous iridescenct green feathers on the peacocks, perfection....
    Your characters seem to come alive, now I understand why !
    So much talent you hold my friend.

  7. You will love your Buff ladies even more when they are all grown up! My brother had peacocks here but they made so much noise and perched on the garage roof and made a mess. Bad peacocks. Your peacocks are so quiet and well behaved. They really are beautiful! I hope you do not get any bear visitors.

  8. Your blondes are all very pretty and I just love their names. And the peacocks are already beautiful. How fun to be able to have a wide range of animals there and they must give you lots of inspiration for your art!

  9. Peacocks? Wow! I thought we were adventurous when we got bees. Have you heard them vocalize? It's uncanny. Like someone strangling a cat.

  10. My animals often turn up in my art, Just wait till you all meet FIONA!
    Peacock Update: The boys are developing personalities pretty quickly. It is quite evident they do not play well with others. My cats know now how it feels to be chased by a bird.( HA! shoes on the other foot, or paw). But they are already strutting about the joint like vain poppycocks and they made some absolutely hilarious sounds today.... a tooting horn and a penny whistle!

  11. Jeri, I can hardly wait till my gals are big like your Buffs. And my movies have become an exercise in identify-the-chicken type too.

    I think being a chicken wet-nurse might be the perfect job for me--I'd have all the joys of little peeps and then I'd send them off to some fortunate owner just about the time they grow out of chickie cuteness!

  12. h Jeri,

    Thank you for coming and enjoying my world. You are MORE than welcome to come anytime with a good cup of tea, and bring one of your bunnies! Here at Rabbit Hill (the name of our cottage), my husband and I drink our PG Tips tea every night with the bunnies and all the other creatures that we love so! YOUR BIRDS ARE MAGNIFICENT! And, that they have names is even MORE magnificent. I cannot encounter a creature without giving them a name. We have a robin that built her next on the beam of the overhang at our front entrance. She is loving called, "Mrs. Robinson." We have been watching her through the little cottage window on our front door----THE PERFECT VIEWING POINT! And...her babies are finally with us! Well, it just makes our day to come home from our busy teaching jobs and settle into our home and watch the animals. We live in the city, so embracing all we can of nature is important to us. Your illustrations are an inspiration. I have dabbled in illustration lately, thanks to the beloved Dutchess, Penny and Patricia, who I see come to visit you. I adore these artists so much and we are all partners on the blog, NOWHERE, where each of us, along with Jackie and my husband Ruben, contribute a drawing, a story or photos. Come and visit us sometime!

    Your life on this little farm, surrounded by lovely rabbits and such is a dream and I so love it. Thank you for harboring such sweetness and dreams that make us all happier as we leave your world.

    Thank you for the tea dear lady and have a fun day creating! Anita


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