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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Potting shed is filled to the brim!

 Who knew a little 10x12 building could hold so much stuff?
Stuff with which to pot little plants...
Stuff to put in windowsills and on walls....just because you like looking at it.
Stuff to fill a shabby old green cupboard, like colored glass bottles and jars to store itty, bitty seeds. Baskets and boxes to hold small garden tools and garden tags and water fixtures. Lots of drawers to fill with bags of "miracle grow" and flower food.... things you don't really want to look at because they aren't pretty...  And we like pretty!
WE also like things a little bit funny, like this olde thing.
A funny little stove that really works! Mamsey just might heat a pot of tea on this little stove.... but she will probably just bring a nice COLD cup of tea from the house.
And she can sit right here to enjoy it and browse through some of her favorite garden books.... Goodness, we already have company!
After being inspired,
  she can get to work....
The best kind of work...  work that starts with little seedings...
Even Lil Miz Mouse has her very own little flower pot with a tiny seedling...( she hopes it will grow into a very large pumpkin.) 
And hopefully those little seedlings will begin to grow....
into lovely full- fledged flowers.....
 For  everyone to enjoy!


  1. It's delightful !
    Just the very place for girls to hang out, No boys allowed ;)
    Love the old green cupboard, it's perfect.

  2. What a nicely cozy workspace it became. You're a fast worker!

  3. What a special place,it has atmosphere, cheers Marie

  4. I love it! You've done a wonderful job and it looks like a lovely place to have tea, and to do a bit of creating as well as planting seeds.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  5. I could live in your potting shed! I have serious shed envy.

  6. Hi Jerri. Your potting shed looks so cute inside with all of your lovely things.But of course Miz Mouse needs her own pot. I have one of those old heater too. It has been used many times in its day. Kitty has already picked out its spot to nap.

  7. I could spend hours in there and never notice the time. Everyone should have a potting shed like that. Enjoy your little corner of paradise. Deb

  8. Oh, it's so cute in there! You've given me some great inspiration for my little shed.

  9. Now with a wee cuppa coffee I could sit there nicely surrounded with such beautiful antiques.

  10. Such a cozy potting shed.. Filled to the brim, just as it should be.. I love Tasha Tudor. Lovely to see where your inspiration comes from. Beautiful artwork!

  11. If you any of you are ever in the neighborhood, please come by. We will sit and chat over lemonade, talk about delphiniums and foxgloves and I will send you home with a little pot of herbs..... Or a sunflower if you prefer. Your potty friend, Jeri

  12. Jeri, LOVE your potting shed. Thank you for posting so many photos. I am truly inspired! I see SO many items in your shed just like what I have to put in my future shed. ♥ from yet another potty friend, Cassandra

  13. Wow! You've got some very good stuff in your potting shed! I love what I see in it. It is a perfect picture of what could be seen in a garden storage shed with all the pots, seedlings, seeds, and a lot more. And your garden comes alive with those colorful flowers. What a beautiful sight!

  14. I have tried twice to purchase some of your books at Barnes and Noble in Bloomington, Illinois. They look you up and tell me there is no author. I want to order your books so am planning on placing an order as no help elsewhere. Thought you might want to know this. Thank you, Judi


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