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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Handsome one......

     Hello, My name is Winston.... actually, I prefer Sir Winston.
 I admit, I am a rather handsome fellow...
From all angles...
The masculine pompadour atop my noggin is quite stylish.
  The ladies just love it.
The brunettes and the blondes....
They just can't get enough of my debonair and sophisticated presence.
 That cute little platinum blond is quite a dish, but that pesky little Jangles has her wrapped around his little webbed tooties.
  He has a pompadour too.
But it's not as nice as mine 
Yeah, I'm the big dog around this pond.....

 WEll, maybe not THE big dog....
But, HE doesn't have a pompadour.
 And we don't call him Sir..


  1. so very lovely ducks!!
    love them...Is this breed from holland?

    I have a duck with a crest also
    you can see photo of her here...
    the blog is in dutch but I do have a translate button...




    have a lovely week!!!

  2. Definitely a handsome fellow. I love all of your critters, and your brown canine is certainly 'top dog', even if he doesn't have a pompadour.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Lovely blog Jeri, I've visited via Acornmoon and will be back for a proper visit soon (I should be painting and am just having a 'quick' tea break! Bye for now, Lesley

  4. Anna, he is a Crested duck, descended from the Mallard. I just call them Topknots. I am hoping one of his little wives will hatch a few more this year.

    Flower, Ezra is indeed the big dog around here, and handsome,,, not vain at all!

    Blue sky, I should be painting too, please come back again!

  5. Jeri those pomadours are very impressive indeed. None of the ducks I've ever seen are like this. There certainly is alot of "activity" with the ducks around here just now - I pity the females each one always has an entourage of about 3 males following her. It won't be long until there are little ducklings around here and mother duck always walks them down the road - she sure does stop the traffic

  6. LOL! What beautiful ducks. They are new to me with those tufts on their heads. Now wonder they have the big head. Do ducks strut? LOL!

  7. Sir Winston is a handsome fellow indeed!!!

  8. Ha, Ha, you do make me smile with your words, cheers Marie

  9. Such handsome Winston !
    He looks like he has a pill box hat on ;)


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