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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The finished potting shed, how sweet it is!

A little bird told me that
     sometimes, waiting  a long time for a thing, makes it all the sweeter  when you finally get it. Early one Monday morning, out of the blue, the Busy Beavers pulled up in their old red pick-up truck ,pulling their old rusty flatbed filled with this:

  Fresh cut pine boards! To finish Mamsey Bears potting shed! OH BOY!
    It's been sitting in it's skeletoned frame for months and months., just waiting for some walls.

Busy Beavers went to work
 They put in 3 fine and dandy windows;

 Head Busy Beaver added a nice shelf beneath each one, he knew Mamsey would appreciate that.

  And they hung the beautiful bright red door from jolly old England.

They even finished off the top of the wisteria arbor that the lord of the Manor, kinda,sorta forgot to finish...... a long long time ago.

The shed can't be painted  for at least 2 months while the wood dries completely.
But the colors are all picked out: green, green and green.
 Little pots of Lavender sit in the window and bedding plants are ready to be placed in various containers,
and in old wheelbarrows and wagons.
 Loads and loads of goat and sheep compost ( otherwise known as poop) sit behind her potting shed just waiting to be turned into new and exciting gardens... which will grow beautiful blooms, which will attract hungrey little bees, which will produce lots of tasty honey which will give Mamsey lots of sweet muffins and pannie cakes which will cause Mamsey bear to put on mucho fat!

The lord of the Manor PROMISES to erect a rustic cedar grape arbor ( cut from the cedars in the Hollow) which will attach to the tin red roof of the potting shed.
 Mamsey will grow luscious, fat grapes with which to make  jellies and jams and fruit salads!
"Indeed I will!"
 All that is needed is a nice cobblestone floor and then Mamsey can move in all her really neat stuff and such, ( she will show you the interior AFTER she does all her decorating)
      Mamsey has promised to let the mistress of the manor use her potting shed whenever she wishes..... and the Fuzzyfoot gardeners too.
 And so we shall!


  1. It looks charming already! I was drooling over your wheelbarrow when I noticed the cutest fence in the Western Hemisphere. Simply magical, Jeri!

  2. Insanely Cute!

    Who needs honey with all that sweetness?

  3. OMG - that is just adorable! And the fence is so unique - little rabbits. I love it all!

  4. What a wonderful little shed, and your fence is exquisitely beautiful! Your posts always make me smile, make my heart feel lighter, make me feel like getting outside to work on our own little haven.

    This shed is a real little treat for all to enjoy. I look forward to seeing the gardens that surround it too and the wonderful paint job it will have in a few months.



  5. How sweet is this !
    The most adorable little potting shed, and if you are like me, will spend every waking moment inside.
    I have a sign that says Gone to Pot, quite literally.
    Hubby shouldn't expect any homecooked meals from here on out, all your time will be spent in the potting shed, install a kettle and teapot, and you will never have to leave !
    Absolutley LOVE your fence picketts, I have never seen anything as delightful :)
    Good job !

  6. Oh Jeri it is the sweetest potting shed. Mamsey did good. LOL! The red door looks so pretty on it. I just adore your picket fence too. How cute is that.

  7. I cut out over 200 pickets with my trusty bosch jigsaw and my jawhorse for the fence.Husband did everything else. And Jo, he also does all the cooking!
    I found the wheelbarrow, red wagon and the old watering can at the flea market... all three for $50, a trifling sum for so many nice rusty goodies!

  8. OH, Is it not just lovely, you must be so, so, pleased I know I would, cheers Marie

  9. That is the prettiest shed! It's beautiful inside and out. The picket fence near it is darling. You must be so excited!

  10. I love it! So beautiful! Can I help you paint it?

  11. Ah Jeri, everything about this is just so wonderful! What a stunning shed - and the location! How kind of the little people to share it.

  12. Hello Jeri, I'm so happy to have came across your blog! The classical touch to your illustrations is amazing... something we don't see much these days! Can't wait to get to know you and your art better... (^_^)

  13. Hara, Please, please help me paint it!

    Thank you all for the nice comments!
    Mamsey Bear cannot wait to show it off again when it filled with wonderful things,pleasant scents and surrounded with lush,colorful and lovely fruits and flowers!

  14. That is beautiful! I love it!

  15. Dearest Jeri~
    You truly inspire me!*grin*
    This *sweet* post make my heart smile.I think your shed is beautiful and you will enjoy so very much throughout the years....
    Thank you for your visit, I appreciate that.
    Warm hugs on your way.....


  16. Dear Jeri
    What a lovely potting shed! You have done some amazing work with your jigsaw on the pickets.. I love it...
    Thank you for your visit and inviting Pierre to come along.. He asked me to tell you that he is having a cup of Tea with Hector and will stop by shortly..
    Have a wonderful evening

  17. Beautiful, Beautiful. It speaks of many happy days ahead! C

  18. So glad I found you on A Brit in TN's blog! That is the cutest little shed I've ever seen and how amazing that you made that adorable fence yourself! I'm loving your art as well and can't wait to visit again...Carol in East TN

  19. What a lovely place you have here.. Thank you for inviting me... I think I will go join Fiona and smell all the beautiful flowers.

  20. Dear Jeri
    Thank you so much for your visit and very kind words of encouragement.. It gives me a ~happy heart~ to know that you enjoyed viewing my painting.


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