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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bunwinkies and Hopalongs

Hopalongs and Bunwinkies are preparing for Easter.
They were very fortunate when looking for eggs.to decorate. Why, they simply found eggs everywhere!
Behind the rake in the potting shed..
 inside the old cupboard in the barn..
 even on the mistress's porch.. behind the dog house... silly chickens!
Hmmm, she was reluctant to give up her eggs.... best NOT to disturb Mavis. She is a serious sitter.

 Now all the hops will have a lotta fun creating lovely, artistic masterpieces on their newly found eggs!
 They have decided to take tiny papercuttings like these,
and pretty little leaves and ferns. like these
and place them atop the eggs...
wrap them with pieces of nylon stocking.... (they kinda -sorta got this from the mistress), bunnies don't wear nylon hose, just red and white striped stockings.
 Then the wrapped eggs were secured with string and SIMMERED SLOWLY atop their little cook stove....for 3 hours.
Next they remove the eggs and the wrappings, carefully peeled of the tiny papercuttings and WAHLA! 
 They used onion skins for deep reddish orange eggs.

and moss and spinach for deep green eggs,
and blue dye for blue eggs.

Look how lovely they are!

 The buns are quite delighted with the results....  These eggs will last for many years because, well, after simmering for SO LONG, they are like rubber inside. Best NOT to eat them, ick!
Now they have pretty eggs to hide all over the Hollow! 
And maybe they'll just replace some of the eggs they took in the first place....
They are having a jolly good time.... 
Hip, hip hooray! And Easter Joy to you!


  1. Mavis does look like she is ready to fight to keep her eggs. LOL!
    Your decorated eggs are just gorgeous. I have never saw anything like them.Wow Jeri!
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  2. How absolutely gorgeous those eggs are, I've never seen anything like them !
    Mavis looks like she would peck a little if you reached for her eggs ;)
    Hope you enjoy a wonderful Easter ...

  3. Lona, they are really easy to make and you don't need to use paper cuttings. You can gather tiny leaves, stems, ferns and mount them on the egg using water.Then wrap the egg in the nylon to keep the plants in place.
    They leave beautiful shades of greens and yellows as well as a wonderful silhouette.

  4. Josephine, Mavis is being very foolish. She is sitting atop a cupboard on our porch and half of the eggs she lays are rolling off the ledge and getting stuck between the cupboard and the wall. I guess she is wondering where the heck her eggs went to.

  5. OH How delightful, beautiful dyed eggs, with wonderful shapes, love the blue ones altogether, love and light this Easter, Cheers Marie

  6. They are incredibly beautiful! My favs are the orangy brown from onion skins, but the blues are so classic looking. I'm glad they will last for years and years!

    Bunnies really ARE good with eggs, lol!

  7. what a wonderful idea to dye those eggs!
    have a lovely easter weekend!

  8. Jeri ~ What beautiful eggs!!! It's always a treat to visit here for more pictures and stories that do my heart good.

    Have a lovely, wonderful Easter.


  9. Hello Jeri, I have admired your work for a long time now so it was a great pleasure to find your blog. Thank you so much for visiting mine.

  10. What beautiful eggs! I ordered your books from Amazon for my granddaughters' birthday this month. Can't wait to get them and give them. I really enjoy your blog and thank a Britintennessee blog for the link.

  11. nckym, I am so glad you ordered the books, I know your granddaughter will enjoy them, you will too!

  12. Greetings Jeri
    What a beautiful blog you have.. I found you while visiting The Dutchess... and how very happy I am to have found you.
    Warm regards,

  13. Penny , A hearty welcome to the Hollow! Please bring along all your little mousey friends when next you come to call, we find them delightful! Jeri

  14. Jerri, Yours are the BEST eggs in Blogland! Thank you! I want to try these out next spring as we celebrate Easter at our old farmhouse in upstate New York...Happy Spring, Cassandra ♥

  15. Jeri,
    I haven't seen this type of paper cutting since I gave it a whirl back in 1986..you have inspired me to revisit this craft that I loved all those years ago, when my children were babies. I am so excited to try my hand at making a batch of Easter eggs...as I believe they will be the perfect little treat for family members as we gather at the farm after church Easter Sunday.


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