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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Saying goodbye to friends.

      It is unfortunately inevitable, that when so many creatures dwell in one place, disaster can sometimes strike. Perhaps intruders enter our world bringing chaos, which racks the peace of our happy little Hollow. Such was the case this last week when we lost two members of our farm family to wandering marauders. I have lost many little animal buddies in my  life as a friend to all creatures great and small, and each loss brings a sadness that can only be relieved by remembering the good times.  Even what some would think of as the slightest of lives, are still, lives to be lived to the fullest. When I lost several ducks last year due to a "road accident", my son asked, " Why are you so sad mom? They were JUST ducks."  But those little ducks were the busiest, happiest little creatures I ever had the pleasure to meet. They marched along with such purpose and delight , snapping up bugs as they trekked along with a waddle and a quack-quack through my gardens. They were always at the ready when I grabbed my shovel to plot out a new flower bed, just waiting for the next fat tasty grub. I loved those little ducks!  I grieved for them, I cried for them having had, such short lives.... but then I realized what happy little lives they had been, their days filled to the brim doing all the splishy, splashy, ducky things
    So many cats, birds, goats, sheep and dogs I have known and loved. Many have been inspirations for my art and stories. Sometimes they had but a brief stay on this earth. But it gives me some consolation to know that I tried to give them a loving home and  the freedom to live their lives according to their animal natures. I know fellow animal lovers understand this, for I am sure you too, have lost a dear little friend at one time or another.
 So, on a lighter note, here's to you, Pearl and Naomi, It was such a pleasure to know you my dear, Ornery goat gals!
Naomi, you used to make me so mad. There was not a fence made, that could keep you in. If the fence was too tall to jump, no problem, just give it the full body slam till it bends to your will, then walk on over. Fence too strong to bend? No problem, just get down on all fours and go underneath, it's a breeze! Naomi invented the quote, " The grass is always greener on the other side, fruit trees taste like heaven, (even the bark!), pink roses are ambrosia with a slightly piquant flavor, and ornamental Mulberry trees make a tasty dessert."  But that's okay, Naomi, even though I  chased you around the yard with a broomstick, I still loved you and  you always got a hand full of crackers at the end of the day, along with all the other goat-gals.
 Pearl, you came to live with me when you were only 4 weeks old! I bottle fed you and your twin and you had a voracious appetite.
 What a clever goat you grew up to be. Why, you were ever so helpful when we built the barn. You measured for the walls
and you swung your hammer with the best of em...
 You can read about Pearls excellent carpentry skills in post dated 10/28/09
What a lovely little face you had...
Pearl and Opal
Good bye Naomi and Pearl, I am so glad we knew you, I will miss you my little goat gals.


  1. Beautiful photos, all things must pass, but memories remain, love and light Marie

  2. They are so beautiful and look so happy in these pictures. Very loved gals, for sure.

  3. Ooh I'm saddened to read this ;(
    Goodbye Naomi and Pearl, whatever your demise, you were such beautiful girls.
    We have indeed all lost pets and companions,
    it has to be one of the hardest things to endure, one day we will all meet again,
    over at Rainbow Bridge, of that I'm sure..

  4. I'm so sad to hear this news... my farm family...

  5. I hope Pearl and Naomi are happily munching roses and lilies somewhere on a green hillside, far from trolls and other marauders. It's so hard to lose a furry friend. ((Hugs))

  6. ** Even what some would think of as the slightest of lives, are still, lives to be lived to the fullest. ** What a lovely, true statement. What delight animals bring to our lives. They are happy little souls doing what they do best, being themselves. We are better for having them in our lives, rather than if we had done without them.

    I'm sure Naomi and Pearl are frolicking around enjoying a life of peace and joy where no marauders can ever get them again.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. I tear up at your post because I have felt the pain of losing an animal friend too many times.I still think of my many cats that I have had to say good-bye to but it brings a smile to my face when I remember what we shared. Your blog is beautiful and I look forward to returning. I am a new blogger and now a new follower of your enchanting world. Have a WONDERful day. Deb

  8. I so remember the same sad thing when growing up on the farm. You will always remember them though, I'm sure! Have a good day!

  9. I am so glad to find your blog. I can't draw, but I can imagine little folk living in tree hollows, trunks and under big rocks. Beatrice Potter is one of my favorite childrens author and illustrator. Do you illustrate for books? If so which ones. I work in a library and would like to get them for our shelves.

  10. Aren't we all so lucky to have known special little critters.. they have certainly enriched our lives.

    Margie, I do illustrate books and have 2 titles out at this time. Scroll down the right hand border and you will see the books, click on the book covers and learn more about them. I have a tribute to Beatrix Potter in my second book. Her art and stories have been very dear to me.. I raised my boys on those little books!

  11. How delightful your blog is!! So glad I found you - I'm sorry you lost an member of your furry family

  12. Great site and tremendous talent. Congratulations. It is always so sad to lose a pet friend. No part of death or parting is easy and in many cases they are here with us for such a short visit. They truly enrich our lives and give us respect for the reality of the short visits.


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