Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Into the Woods,the wonder of trees...

     Today we ventured forth into the woods. The trek is not far from our back door and I had a desire to visit the trees. Even in the barren month of March, the woods can entice us with what at first appears a stark beauty, but on closer inspection, beneath the crispy layer of leaves and lush moss, we find a lovely secret  world.
I love moss. Such a variety of shapes and shades of green, so soft to the touch, a lovely little carpet to cushion the feet of the little creatures who surely must dwell in these secret places.
I am sure a little shrew must do his gardening right outside this door
This is a perfect place for a little squirrel to hide from the rain, nap and dream

When I saw this secret doorway ( which looks like a hand holding the earth) I wondered who lived inside. I removed some leaves to take a peek  and there was a tiny blue lizard! Unfortunately, the photo I took was blurred, I wanted you to see him!  He just sat there and stared at me, as if to say" Tea is not till three, please come back then!"
 This wonderful stump was covered in shades from aqua to lime, how  marvelous it would be in an illustration!
Every where I look, I imagine little blue and red doors, which lead up and down  long twisty stairways and tunnels. Heaven only knows how many families live beneath, within and atop these trees.
You just never know what you will see when you travel the woods and visit with the trees. Perhaps, if you look very closely and use your wonderful imagination...
You will see one of those twisty stairways...
winding up the side of a Tulip tree,
and leading you to a little red door. If you do, please tap lightly on the door, I am sure you will be most welcome.
 We always are!


  1. This post is so delightful. You have the right kind of eyes to really see the life of the forest.

    I had to do a double-take when I saw the first photograph of the path; there's a path near here that could be its twin. Perhaps we are wandering magically mirrored paths in the forest -- but I never saw a gnarled hand clasping the Earth before. What a lovely find! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for it on my next woodland meander.

  2. Jeri, I found your website years ago, but lost the address - am so pleased to have found you and your wonderful world again, I simply love your illustrations!

  3. Dear Jeri ~ Your pictures with your comments and illustrations are always a delight. They make me feel young and carefree.

    Thank you ~ FlowerLady

  4. I love the imaginative trip to the wild... and yet real and descriptive. ~bangchik

  5. What a wonderful way to start my weekend, Jeri!

  6. Just delightful , your pictures are full of life and interesting things, children must love looking at your pictures Cheers Marie

  7. First, thankyou for becoming a follower of my blog - I hope you enjoy my posts. And having now discovered YOUR blog ... oh! where is that wonderful path through the woods which reminds me of childhood, as do your beautiful pictures. I will now be reading back and know how much I will enjoy looking and reading.

  8. Thankyou all for visiting with me among the trees! Jeri

  9. Thank you for taking me on such a delightful walk. I have mossy trees with red and green door and staircases in my yard too! Just down the path...

  10. Lovely post, Jeri! I loved it... I think I may take a walk today....

  11. I just loved the walk in the woods. I love your imagination about what could be going on in and around the trees. Even as adults it's fun to think about these things. I enjoyed studying each illustration and seeing what was happening in them :)

  12. Dear Jeri, thank you for visiting my place, I'm so glad you did because it has given me the opportunity of visiting your blog, which is absolutely delightful !
    What a talented artist you are, akin to my favorite lady Beatrix Potter. I look forward to visiting with you often.
    Josephine (Jo)

  13. what a lovely post, enjoyed it very much. Am now a follower.

  14. Hi there Jeri - what a wonderful walk I had with you - and I see where you have gained alot of inspiration to do those lovely drawings. As I was brought up on Beatrix Potter as I read this I have visions of Mrs Tittlemouse scarpering about through those little doorways.

  15. Beatrix Potter will always be my favorite, and she adored the woods too! I am so delighted we all had a lovely walk. Now come along, Mrs. Tittlemouse.

  16. Hi Jeri Landers, you have a magical inagination. What an amazing walk you took. Thank you for sharing that with me.

    come visit

  17. I love the wonderful stories you weave and the way you combine illustrations and photos. really very special.

  18. Your artwork arising out of a nature walk are breathtaking!

  19. These are such incredible illustrations of whimsy adn delight. they must take you ages, no? I love the.

    Anyway I wonder if I could convince you to draw for our little blog co-op: Creative Tuesday? Each two weeks I put up a new theme. you have two weeks to submit an entry on your blog and then after that time I show a compilation of all the submitted works and announce the new theme. Each entry is an entry into the Quarterly Prize drawing. 4 out of 6 is needed. you can see my side bar there are some fun things one can get, if one's name is picked.

    Anyway, would love to have your additions. I know they would inspire us all....and it some exposure for you too. Works both ways! If interested, look it up on my blog and sign up next time. Thanks again.

    BTW, I found your blog though a Brit in TN's write-up.

    --Mr. Toast! :)

  20. Thank you for the invite, Mr. Toast. I will check it out!


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