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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When Venus lost her head in the Garden

        I'll bet we here at the Gazette got your attention with THAT headline!.
     Perhaps you are thinking we have a romantic tale of Venus losing herself in love, locked in a heavenly embrace amidst the jonquils with her dearest and most ardent admirer. Please note we did not state that Venus lost her HEART in the garden, rather her head. Venus lost her HEAD in the Garden.
. Ah, say you, she must have been in quiet contemplation, meditating on the beauty of the good earth with the heady fragrance of roses and lavender filling her mind and soul and she suddenly had an epiphany. She lost her head in the moment of it all and did something compulsive and completely out of character like… A somersault or a cartwheel or the jitterbug! NOPE you would be wrong. Because Venus LITERALLY lost her head, honest.
Here she was last spring, standing in serenity and loveliness amid the tulips.
And again in May quietly reflecting in the morning dew.
And here she is again, her classic features peacefully contemplating all of nature neath her lovely bare feet....and the porridge in her bowl.

Now it is March…. We have ventured into Venus’s domain and found this! VENUS HAS LOST HER HEAD IN THE GARDEN!
Although she’s lost her head, she seems to have lost none of her composure, despite the re-bar sticking straight out of her neck and her face being soiled in mud.
Now the dilemma, shall we replace said missing part using lots of messy and unsightly cement with which to rebuild our dear goddess? OR shall we have a bit of naughty fun… heh, heh, heh!
Perhaps we could play a little game: You enter the garden, there stands Venus just like a Greek statue, ( minus rebar). 
    As you walk the path observing the creeping thyme and forget- me- nots growing between the stepping stones suddenly, there is her face, gazing up at you from a bed of moss….

Or masquerading as part of this stonewall,
or coyly peeking thru the lattice… sneaky little vixen! 
Or Venus under glass?

   Why, this dreadful accident could give her a whole new lease on life…. sort of a “double life”, in a manner of speaking. Tell me, what would you do if Venus lost her head in YOUR garden?


  1. Two words... DUCT TAPE! Haha, just kidding.
    You could place her head on her plate add a little blood splatter and voila, an authentic halloween decoration. ;)

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  3. Leigh, Now THAT would be wicked!

  4. ......and the kids would love it!

  5. I like the head under glass, maybe with some beautiful flowers or a light inside of the glass, make it into a lantern or lamp!

    Put her head on her hand.
    Put her head on a stand at home.

  6. I was going to suggest going like a greek statue but you sure would have to remove that bar and then cover the top bit with yoghurt ( we spell it differently to you in the USA! and get lichen to grow over the top of it! Venus amongst the moss looks great too. I'm sure there are plenty of Venus' this year in the same predicament as yours.

  7. I have heard of off with her head but Venus really lost hers.And oh, the humiliation you put poor Venus's head through. LOL! Seriously it is hard to see how she lost here head with that re-bar enforcing it.Too bad she is a pretty statue. Maybe cement caulking would fix poor Venus.

  8. Poor Venus! I like seeing her peeking through the lattice, it looks like she's going to yell, "Surprise!" to whoever was going to walk by.
    Knowing me I'd be trying to figure out a way to put her head back on, and wondering how it came off in the first place.

  9. I like her under glass--what an interesting twist on the current love affair with cloches, lol! However, the rebar look...not gonna fly. I guess the new caulking can be faux painted to match her original finish, can't it?

  10. How sad for Venus. Our Weeping Lady statue lost her head and DH used epoxy to put it back on again. Your post was cute with all of the pictures. I wonder also how she lost her head with that piece of rebar sticking out.


  11. I guess we'll never know how it happened, she won't say a word about it, just lies there with that Mona Lisa grin on her face.

  12. I just used google translator to read this post in Chinese again. It translated it so literally. Very interesting!

  13. I'd definitely place her head about the garden -- if you can find a way to hide the unsightly rebar, that is. ;)

  14. For halloween you definitely should put her head in the bowl in her hands!!! Just like the headless horseman!

  15. Ha! Such good ideas from one and all but I am still in a muddle. I really love the way she is handling all this... she is such a good sport! Jeri


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