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Sunday, March 7, 2010

the kissing bandit

      It's hard to believe that our little girl is nearly a year old.
Especially since she was so unexpected.
Imagine our surprise when we came home after a weekend away to find this wee babe, newly born,standing next to her mama...especially since all our  goats are girls....
and we had no idea her mama was in the "family way".Ahem!

The aunties took to her right away, doting on her, letting her stand on their backside and never mentioning who was the "thief in the night", who was papa? They never spoke of it....All was very hush-hush in the barnyard.
But I know who the culprit was!
Papa..... was a rollin stone..Actually he was a dashing, amorous buck up on the hill, otherwise known as... "The Kissing Bandit". I don't know exactly how many innocent young doe's he led astray, but I know there are a lot of little kids around the "neighborhood" here, who have "Kissing Bandit" written all over them! He was a devious master at opening up his pen and flying over the fences. He had broken through my goat fence a few months before and I thought we caught him before he "violated" my girls, but alas, it seems we did not. Our innocent young Rosebud must have fallen pray to his charms! I would like to show you his photograph so  you can see for yourself what a handsome young rake he was, but it seems  his owner was tired of all the frantic phone calls from neighbors.... ("Come get your "blankety,!@#!@^*$#(*@#)#!.blank! goat outta my blankety,blank, blank yard !") and having to chase him down all over tarnation,, and, finally gave him away to someone with more patience and a taller fence. By the way, that wasn't me making the phone calls, I swear!  Actually, we are quite greatful to the kissing bandit, because we dearly love our little Cecily Rose.
Thank you kissing bandit, wherever you are !


  1. What a cute babe! Life has a way of leaving sweet little surprises in unexpected places and often in unexpected times. Thanks for the story. ;)

  2. It's always dangerous to take a weekend away from your farmily (to borrow a term from Shreve@The Daily Coyote)--you never know what you'll find when you come home! Looks like you found a sweet little present in Cecily Rose, usually we find less welcome surprises.

  3. What a sweetie and what a cute story. I love her name.


  4. Leigh, I was pretty thrilled when I met her!

    Pogonip, No kidding! There was the time the stray dog moved into my house,( and still hasn't left),and the weekend our 6 kittens decided that the new couch made a great litter box.... (I could go on)

    Flowerlady, If I had had a daughter, that would've been her name, but I had sons.

  5. What a great surprise. Such a cutey and just the right name for it.

  6. How sweet! What a wonderful surprise it must have been to find her so unexpectedly!


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