Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tying up loose ends

            Today, the mistress of the Manor invites you inside. The weather is exceedingly dreary in the Hollow  and all our fuzzy friends  are busy tidying their burrows, shining up their copper pots, sweeping the winter cobwebs from their little birdhouses and tying up loose ends in preparation for spring. So, won't you please join ME  instead, for tea and oranges?

Just ring the doorbell....
And I'll show you what I've been up to.

It has been a real trial trying to get Lil Miz Mouse to stay still long enough for me to draw her likeness.... but when she got stuck to the honey pot, she had no choice but to keep still!  I was able to portray her true personality. My, she is a terribly nervous little lady .
     I really think I should stay focused on the book illustrations.... but sometimes you need to get away from a piece, just for a little while and do something completely different.... just for fun.
So I pulled out all these "loose ends", but I can scarce decide which to work on!
Making these baubles and trinkets is quite fun...
but this papercutting has been sitting here for several months.

and I have barely put the paint to the paper,

as you can see. 

This cat  painting has been finished for years, but when I was inking the title on the top of the painting...using an extra elegant Old English font, I misspelled a word....
and I still haven't fixed it.
All these chocolate molds need to used to make chalkware

This beeswax is just waiting to be melted and turned into BUNNIES.
Decisions, decisions! Loose ends! What shall I do?
Lets just finish our tea, and I'll think on this later


  1. Lots of lovely different things to do, decided to do a wet-on-wet water color 6 week course, just to step out and have a moments break from needle felting, it is working a treat. cheers and "Happy days" Marie

  2. Marie, You can purchase a spiral notebook of watercolor paper and do the cover with your felting design, Enjoy your class!

  3. Looks like you have a lot of wonderful projects to keep you very busy Jeri. The paper cut out is so pretty. It takes a very steady hand for that one. Little Miz Mouse stuck in the honey is such a cute idea, makes me smile. ;-)

  4. Hellow my new friend! You are my 50th follower did you know? I am going to have a drawing with all my followers names this Sunday. Be checking!


  5. Wonderful work! Those birds papercutting are so tiny. You always inspire me so much.

  6. Someday, someday, perhaps I'll acquire an old mould to make chalkware! Bunny or lamb, love'em both.

    It all looks just dreamy at your home.

  7. hi
    my blond chicken is not a Buff Orpington!
    they are a much bigger breed!
    mine is just an ordinary farmchicken! but she is very sweet and likes to cudle! and
    she will come if you call her...the others won't!
    have a great weekend!

    I just got a Brabanter (don't know english name for it)
    see photo's here;

  8. Loved seeing all your projects. You are so creative and talented.

  9. I simply must have a copy of the
    beautiful cutwork when it is
    reproduced, Ms. Golden Hands....
    You never cease to amaze ~


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