Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Romeo the Roo

 Meet Romeo.
   Romeo is looking for his Juliet.
    But he is looking in ALL THE WRONG places.
   Because, he seems to be a bit confused about who he is.....exactly.

   Romeo is hanging out with the wrong crowd, they make him do things that he   doesn't feel quite comfortable with------ Like messing about in all that mud,
 singing in the rain,
 partying into the wee hours of the night.....in the cattails.

     When the gang is splashing in the pond, Romeo stares wistfully from the bank, wondering why he can't swim. And, IF he could swim, why  he would even WANT to.
  And just a couple hundred yards away, prettily playing "ring around the rosy", are all these lovely unattached honeys....just waiting for their very own  Romeo.

                                 but they are looking in
How will it all end? I bet William Shakespeare would know.



  1. :-) ~ Isnt' that the way life is sometimes. I do hope Romeo finds the girl of his dreams.


  2. Jeri, your blog and your drawings are AMAZING! Wow! Thank you for visiting my blog - you are very creative! Gloria

  3. Ha, ha, what a delight,it made me smile, cheers Marie

  4. Romeo is confused, poor boy. Well, better confused than aggressive. You should make a Wacky Cake. It is super easy and good. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  5. ooh see your sheeps are looking great and amazing too!
    and I want your ducks...are they a duch breed?

  6. Good morning Jeri~
    I am honored that you have found me and left me a note,grin. I came to visit you and what a delight. You are an amazing artist and how lovely to my sigh to view your pages. At the end of my day ,I will surely grab a cup of tea and visit with you again. have a lovely day, Patricia

  7. What a fun post. I hope Romeo finds his true love! :)

  8. Well, I do wish I could push Romeo in the right direction, someday he will find his soulmate... I hope.

    Anna, My sheepy gals are Suffolks, Shropshires and one Lincoln Finn, she is a beauty!, My little ducks are a mixed bag,, Crested top knots, Rouen, and Buffs. I love the top knots, they are very humorous!

    Patricia, You're site is lovely, what a family you have,,, HOW do you do it!!???

  9. I'm so glad I visited this morning. Romeo's story of confused love made me smile. This is such an enchantgin place.

  10. Jeri, what a cute post! There is hope, however... we had a female mallard duck named Pete, who thought she was a goat. She did eventually find herself, though, and took up with a very dashing wild male mallard. And flew the coop!

  11. So, there is a chance of happiness for handsome Romeo, I remain ever hopeful!

  12. Hello sweet Jeri, thank you for becoming my 50th follower. I can have a drawing now. I will put everybody's name in a bowl and Mr. Stitches will pull a name out. I will be posting about the prizes.

    I love your pictures, animals and stories. So cute! I check in regulary with my followers.
    I especially love your farm house and garden.

  13. LOL! Oh Jeri how wonderful. LOL! He is under the impression that the grass is always greener somewhere else or definitely having an identity crises.

  14. Romeo is truly Romeo ... look at his headdress and the beautiful feathers. Immaculate!... ~bangchik


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