Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Empty Birdhouses

   In the Bleakness of Late January,long after the birds have vacated their summer homes, we stare out the window and long for a wee bit of color to brighten the granite grays and  sienna browns of the winter landscape. Sometimes we  are pleasantly surprised by a glint of red when a cardinal flits past our window ..... But we miss the colors of summer. And then, all at once...... The catalogues arrive.
And Fuzzyfoot gardeners flip through the pages... 
DREAMING of sweet peas and petunias and pumpkins...
Huge baskets of carrots, beans and squashes, and colorful Butterflies filling the sky, The Fuzzyfoot gardeners begin to plan their Spring Gardens.
But I am planning WAY ahead. I am planning for NEXT winter. I too, have a catalogue.... And it is filled....

With Beautiful honey golden HENS,

And Rusty RED Roosters,

 A little bit of humor, you know, to cheer up the winter blahs,

And maybe something a wee bit bazaar, just for fun!
 I am placing my order.
Next winter, after the flower beds have dwindled, I will enjoy the lovely colors of my poultry garden.
 Of course, the Fuzzyfoots and myself will be planting oodles and oodles of flowers and veges too, just as we always do.

One of our current winter flowers.  Isn't he gorgeous?


  1. What a fun thing to be planning. I'd love to have space one day for chickens. I love the one with the funny feather hat :)

  2. Wow !!!! Into next winter already, looking out the window at the coming spring is great, think of all the colors, soft greens, fresh pinks, but you have as you said, a colorful array of chooks, cheers and "Happy spring coming days" Marie

  3. CAtherine, You don't need much space to keep 2 or 3 hens, and they really are comical little creatures. Fresh eggs every morning! I am purchasing a breed that lays chocolate colored eggs, and a breed that lays colored eggs as well.

    Marie, Yes, I am clearly thinking ahead, the growing season is simply never long enough for me!

  4. We are always looking ahead. Winter is the perfect time to dream and drool over future gardens even ones filled with chickens. LOL! What wonderful Illustrations and drawings. Gorgeous.
    Thanks for the Blotanical Fave!

  5. I love your colourful rooster. I too am looking forward to spring and then summer - I just wonder how I will get time to blog when things get sooo busy out there! Rosie

  6. No Kidding! My husband will have to chain me to my worktable or I won't get my illustrations finished for my book. When the garden calls, it is difficult not to answer>


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