Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lets Draw all day!

                                            Days like this
 Are made for drawing.

So get out your pencils and paints.... or whatever you love to create with and get busy !

Today, I am starting pages 6 and 7 in my new book . Visit me in my cozy studio, maybe I can inspire you! Just click on Mamsey above.
"Can I join you in the studio?"


  1. Thou it is summer her in NZ, it is raining and cool today, so an inside day, I might needle felt and do some cupboard cleaning, but I might also do some drawing, cheers Marie

  2. Marie,I will let my husband clean the cupboards, Happy felting!

  3. Dear Jeri,

    Your world is just beautiful! I'm poring over my garden and seed catalogs and new baby chicks are on my mind,too.

    Thank you for coming to visit my corner of the woodsthis afternoon.
    I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the post about Jill's new magazine coming out very soon. I'm anxious to read about The Museum of Appalachia,too. You're so very lucky to live so close and to be able to visit it often!
    There are lots of lovely things in her magazine...a surprise for my readers,too.

    Thank you,again,for your kind comments! Now I want to read all of your wonderful posts.

  4. Christine, Aren't tiny chicks the sweetest little things? As if I don't have enough chickens around here.
    Thanks for visiting us here in the Hollows of Tennessee. I truly enjoy your posts and visit your site quite often. I am especially enamored of Mr Jefferson!

  5. After spending few hours on paper cutting,I went out to make a happy snowman. ^___^ It was not so cold as I thought.

  6. Hara, A snowman! WE haven't done that in such a long time. I hope Justin helped!

  7. Without him, I can't make it. Those snowballs are quite heavy.


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