Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Longing for April....

                              Well, I don't know about you....... but we here in the Hollow...
are anxiously looking forward to....

Taking a lovely stroll through green grass....

Laying a nice egg or two in the warm sand....
Tip-toeing through the Tulips.....

Sunning our little bodies beside the pond....
Chasing some rabbits????!!!!

"Don't even think about it!"
Here's to Springtime, May it come early this year!


  1. Hi, It is summer is New Zealand, what fun you are having, Cheers Marie

  2. I can't wait for the spring coming and see the beautiful garden. It has been really cold recently.

  3. Marie, And from what I have seen in the movies, New Zealand is fabulously BEAUTIFUL!

    Hara, Today is pretty nice, 52 degrees. Aren't we happy!

  4. What a fun posting. ;-) Spring cannot happen soon enough for all of us.

  5. Hello there Jeri - I am so glad I found your blog. In Scotland our snow is melting but not fast enough. Your Attila reminds me of Jemina Puddleduck and your writings remind me of Beatrix Potter who got alot of inspiration for her writings from just a few miles from where I garden in Scotland. :) Rosie

  6. Rosie, Scotland! My dream land! In one of my children's books, (which I read on cd.)I have a Scottish Possum named Drucilla P Possum. I don't know how good my accent was, but I did try. Thank you for joining us here in the Hollow!
    Hocking Hills, Yes It is COLD, especially up in Ohio!

  7. Nice blog with amazing picture of Tip-toeing through the Tulips...... It looks awesome. Leep on posting.

  8. Flowers, that is Winston, my little topknot duck, taking a stroll. He is QUITE A handsome fellow.

  9. Hello from Texas! I just this minute found your blog, and just wanted to tell you how much in love I already am with it!


  10. Thank you Kirsten, I must take the time to post more often, it is jolly good fun. I see you have several blogs and I promise to visit them all!


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