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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Flowers and snow

      Many years ago, when I left Colorado to live in Tennessee,  I had the regretful thought
that I would never again have snow in my life. Snow was a mixed blessing I grew up with. Back then, we actually did walk to school in snow up, past our knees; I think we kids were made of sterner stuff than many children these days.

A lack of snow in Tennessee turned out to be NOT TRUE.
It does snow in Tennessee; just enough to  make you happy, but not enough to drive you crazy.
 It's fine with the farm gals, who have thick coats and a huge barn full of hay and
there is plenty of feed for all the bird-folk.

Snow is great....if you don't have to drive in it.
  For, what is more soothing than watching snowfall from the window of a warm room, as it cloaks the brown earth with soft pillows of pure white?
To have a  vase of fresh flowers in that warm room,
in contrast to the outside chill, is even nicer.

Especially when one needs floral models in the middle of winter,

for festooning Duck millinery.

I am grateful that fresh flowers are sold at the grocers, all year round, aren't you?
 Yahoo! Almost finished with another drawing. I now have 10 drawings thus far, for the garden book and there is a strong possibility that this piece could become the book's cover. I will be painting these after all the drawings are complete.

The ducklings are now 5 weeks old, but they are still sleeping in the mudroom during the evenings and I kept them inside today because they are not fully feathered out.
Below are the grown-ups in the icy stream.

My older ducks and geese don't mind the snow, but they are very subdued in this weather, unlike some dogs that I know.
How are you faring this winter? Are you in the path of the predicted blizzard? If you are, dash to the grocers while you still  have the chance, and purchase lots of tea and an armful of flowers!


  1. Ahhh, your farm looks lovely in the snow. We are preparing for the storm as well. It is due to hit here Friday evening and snow through Saturday....accumulation unknown at this point. But, for sure we WILL have snow...and it will be lucky...and it will add to the work (but I am not thinking about that now). There is something so romantic about a big snowstorm...that is if you have a warm home and stocked pantry.

  2. Such a pretty snowfall, Jeri. We are in the path of the predicted snow. I love the snow, but prefer to stay warm and cozy inside. Many do not have that luxury. The stores were packed today as we don't get a huge snowstorm that often. Your drawings for the gardening book are wonderful. I can't wait to get the finished product. ♥

  3. Very pretty Jeri! No snow predicted here in s.e. FL. We did have tornado warnings which is very rare here over the weekend. Scared me that's for dang sure.

    I love the pic you might use for the cover of your next book, I can almost see it. Just look what those little ducklings did for you, inspired another book and lovely, oh so lovely artwork.

    Happy Creating ~ FlowerLady

  4. GOOD MORNING EVERYONE out there in Tenn.! Well, we are known up here in the upper Midwest for our legendary cold AND snow, but this year, we just have the COLD. Barely any snow has touched the ground to provoke us, to make us whip out our shovels and heave ho! This year has been mild but -20 temps did take us for a surprise this week after a warm Christmas. But I agree; there is noting more magical during this season than to see the animals' furs coated with white, to watch the cardinals vibrant red robes contrast the blank canvas of the garden. OH JERI! I LOVE the possibility of that drawing being the cover of the book! YES! And you capture the ducks so well...I love the CHEST on the one gal in the forefront...she is BUXOM! teeeheee

  5. I love your ducks, and as I'm redrawing Jemima Puddle-Duck I shall study yours closely. We are in the path of that blizzard headed up the east coast so we are prepared. Loved seeing your snow-covered animals. I will do a post about our snow this weekend. Facebook shows me that we had snow a year ago today as well as two years ago, but this year it might be between 12 and 24 inches!

  6. Love the drawings Jeri and the place does look good in the snow. Just not too much. The dogs are a great shot. I think it would be hard working instead of watching all cavorting out the window.

  7. Oh, snow, yes. It does make the world look like a magical place but the reality for folks who have to go out in it makes for a different story. We got 3 inches of light easily shoveled snow night before last and since I never had to shovel when a youngster I enjoy shoveling when the occasion arises. It looks like we will be right on the northern fringe of the snow storm (I hope) so we will watch all the fun from a distance.

    Love the ducky ladies' hats and can't wait to see them in living color. You know, you could become a milliner in all your spare time.

    1. I could become a milliner, I love making hats, very tiny hats...

  8. I am on the "i love winter" team !! ~ Snow, hibernation(more time to craft and read!)... fire in the fire place ~ Love it! (even though I DO have to shovel and drive in it!!) You should always add ice cream to your "emergency" shopping list ~ and the good news is, if the power goes out, the world is your freezer, and your ice cream is safe and sound!! Yeah! :))))

  9. The snow on the sheep picture is idyllic. We have a great deal of snow right now (Midwest Ontario) with lots more to come. I think I could live somewhere and be perfectly happy missing the snow! The ducks decked out in their finest are wonderful! -Jenn

  10. Jeri, your duck drawings for your garden book are splendid. I'm looking forward to seeing which colors you'll be adding when the painting begins. Those flowered bonnets are grand!
    Yes, we are due to receive some of the East Coast blizzard by this time tomorrow. I like the idea of bringing some flowers back from the market, along with the obligatory quart of milk. I also must take care of my boot quest today. The sky has that pre-snow look about it.

  11. Jeri, what a beautiful post. You have captured, to everything there is a season so beautifully. This also proves that our politicians are not the ones in control! Put the kettle on the stove and a big pot of soup on too. To all, please stay safe and warm. Hugs, Deborah Rogers Mercy

  12. Jeri, I love the duck gals. They are lovely! My family is from Tennessee, and I lived there for nine years as an adult.....yes, no snow is a myth. Our snow came in over night, but the sun is now out and it is melting. Stay warm and safe. Hugs!

  13. Hi Jeri,
    My comment must be floating around blogland.. I had left one yesterday.
    Your farm looks so beautiful covered in white layers of snow. You know what I would love to do? Build a snow lady next to your Bird Feeding station..
    Holding up an apron full of seed.. I can just picture it. I have only been in the snow twice that I can recall, and not enough to make even the smallest snowman.
    I love your flowers on the table.. I can never have enough flowers.. I love the daisies and carnations. Your drawing is fantastic, and I think it would make a perfect book cover.

  14. Good Morning! It's such a treat to peek into your magical world of nature and the many arts you work in. When I stop by your place to catch up I'm transported back to my childhood and my favorite little books that had the most detailed drawings in them. There was one book about John Little that lived as a teeny tiny boy among natures flowers and grasses and bugs that were his friends. You take me back to that book and the charm it held Jeri. I can't begin to tell you how much a love this sweet world you create!

    Here in Ohio we are in a frozen tundra. Not much snow but so cold that Golden Pond is freezing and the mallard ducks and the royal swans are grouping closer and closer to the center where the fountain keeps the water from freezing. They are constant entertainment and we are so blessed to have a front seat for their daily shows!

    Sending you lots of hugs and blessings for an incredibly wonderful new year Jeri! Edie Marie

    Thanks so much for stopping by to see Marie's village. It was a magical miniature world!

  15. Oh Jeri - what a wonderful post. I am with you - a little bit of snow is lovely - but when it comes quite heavy - it can be a challenge. Your drawings are really looking good friend. Can't wait to see more. Have a beautiful Sunday. Be sure and stay warm. Hugs!

  16. Looking for information on Bess Leaf as I have several of her framed art pieces. Would you be able to tell me where I could find information

    1. Unfortunately, Bess died many years ago. I have five of her band boxes, for which I am grateful.

  17. Oooooo! Jeri I LOVE your new heading! It's perfect!!
    I too do love snow, but mother nature has been extremely gentle to us this year, and I won't complain! (and yes I too am from that sterner stuff that walked in knee deep (plastic bag lined boots)to school! :-D
    I loved seeing the big boys playing in the snow, and all the others wearing the white fluff!
    What LOVELY Duck Gals wearing the prettiest of hats!! Can't wait to see them in color!!
    Sending warmth and love, xx oo Linnie


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