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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Part 4... Fuzzy Birds, and a few Oddities

Out the door again in 2 days, to a show in Franklin Tennessee. This one sounds very interesting...
  I have a dozen or so birds
Little birdie with berry is SOLD
of all description.
ALL BIRDs on pin cushions are $225.
And a mother possum in the works.
She is spoken for.

I am still working on her children.

 There will be many little rats and mice...

Pippity is $225
Rosey  SOLD at show
and all manner of Hare-folk....rabbits, bunnies.

 Talluelah is 10" tall to the top of her head. She is fully jointed and Articulated in her neck and arms. She is stuffed with wool and weighted with shot.She is needle-felted with alpaca wool and stitched with English Mohair.  She has pink glass eyes. She also has a little blue babydoll bunny. (not shown)
Sassafrass!' A wild feral kitty who wants to have a friend, sitting on a pin-keep. The fabric is from my book, Hopalong Jack and the Blue Bunnies. 
and vintage style teddy bears in a well-worn state,
 all await adoption.
(Raggedy Ted is SOLD)
I said before that this promises to be a unique kind of affair. 
Held at the "Factory in Franklin", which is a collection of 12 antique warehouse buildings revamped into specialty shops and restaurants, this show will have 31 "hand picked" vendors in the Jameson Building, artisans, antiques and vintage.
The guest vendor is the rock star celebrity, Sheryl Crow, (this town is very near Nashville). I'm told she will be selling antiques she has collected over the years and her proceeds will go to charity.
  My proceeds will NOT go to charity, but I hope you will come and see me anyway, and maybe pick up a book, a print, a card OR maybe a very special critter from Hopalong Hollow!
Nov. 13-15th
City Farmhouse pop up show
 Franklin, Tn 
at the Historic FACTORY in Franklin 

(Toby pulled this rabbit out of his hat...now they are the best of friends.)

For all my other show info, scroll down to "A Gathering of Hares"


  1. Sure do with I lived closer....
    I LOVE that your characters are all coming to life in 3-D !! Fabulous! :)))))))))))))))))

    1. Melody, I am having TOO much fun making these.... I should be illustrating my books but I just can't stop with the critters!

  2. Such beautiful creatures, Jeri! Good luck at the show. xo ♥

    1. Martha, wish you could come, I think the antique booths would be of interest to you as well as the history of the area.

  3. I wished I lived closer and I would come. Show sounds interesting and I hope you do well. Critters as usual are fascinating!

    1. I just hope I don't spend all my profits in the antique booths!

  4. Replies
    1. Cathy, those tootsies are a lot of work!

  5. These little guys are so sweet! Will there be patterns in the future?


    1. Hi Nancy, They are all one of a kind, so there are no patterns to be had.

  6. Have fun!
    I love all you charming animals, but its difficult not to favor the rabbits.

    1. I too, favor the rabbits; perhaps because I was inspired by my first storybook (about a rabbit) to make all of these creatures in the first place.

  7. Tea Rat says, "SO many mice, so little time (and money in the pocket book)" but what a joy it is to SEE!!!!!! Oh Jeri Landers, you are priceless! Enjoy your time in Franklin! BIG HUGS!

    1. Oh yes, Tea Rat would have a grand ol time flirting with all the little bitty ladies we have scuttling around the studio! He does have a REPUTATION as a ladies man, does he not?

  8. Dear Jeri,
    I am at a loss for words here.. What a magical menagerie displayed here! I have to say that my favorite is your Vintage Style~ Raggedy Ted... You are truly a wonder my friend.
    Wish Bebe and I could accompany you to the show... I would love to see the reaction when the visitors lay eyes on them.
    Safe travels,

  9. I always smile when I visit the Hollow....I can't tell which ones are my favorites. I do love those bears though....all of them are extra-ordinary!

  10. Absolutely wondrous!! You are the most fabulous creative artist I have ever seen!!!

  11. Love each and every one of your creations. Have a wonderful show. It sounds like a fun one.

  12. Wow, wow, and wow again, Jeri!
    These creations are so full of personality, and show your talent beautifully. It's impossible to pick a favorite character. I think that Tennessee is going to be very good to you and those little ones.

  13. Dear Jeri- what wonderful critters. They are just amazing. I would certainly have a hard time selecting a favorite. Sounds like s wonderful place to have your furry friends go and may they all find wonderful homes too.

  14. Dearest kindred spirit friend… I have not been able to think on anything (for an length of time, that is) without my mind drifting back to those darling creations of yours! You truly truly are a toymaker…a master toy maker… and Tim and I had quite the conversation this morning about how incredible detail of each rabbit, squirrel, bird…etc… Your photos, here, are wonderful, but my goodness how fantastic they are in person!
    It was soooo so great seeing you and James, and how I wish I could stop the clock, pull up a chair, shut out the world, and visit…over tea or coffee and a sandwich…
    But I will be thankful for the little bit of a visit we enjoyed, and the hugs, and will wish you all the very best as you continue on, inspiring us all.
    Much love and blessings…


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