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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Part 3.... mice that can carry a tune..

My blogger friend, Donna, said that mice really can sing....
I looked it up, and sure enough mice sing for all sorts of reasons;
mating rituals, warnings of danger... or, for the same reason we do:
Singing is a joy!
Everyone knows that!
Especially little mice,
(who happen to have the tiniest, most delicate  of voices.)

You must listen carefully, very closely,
 if you want to get the full impact....
of Caroling Mice.
These tiny vocalists will be accompanying me to the last shows this month. To see the fox and rabbits AND our show schedule scroll down to 2 posts to the Gathering of Hares.
Fa la la la la.....La la la la!

(The Mouse in green cloak is SOLD)


  1. Oh Jeri, I can hear them, with their tiny little sopranos. Are you going to put any on your etsy site? They will fly out the windows for Christmas.

  2. Oh Jeri, these little mice are so darling! You continue to amaze and fill my heart with joy.
    The first wee mouse is my favorite.. I love the capes and shawl! They are singing their little hearts out.. I don't know how you could possibly split them up. They really belong together.
    I know they will find a home at the show...
    Safe travels my friend, and wishing you much success at the show..

  3. They are so adorable!! I wish I could attend a show and see them all in person!

  4. Jeri, I love your creations. Singing mice---who would have thunk it! So charming. Have a great show! May your mice sing with joy, dear one. ♥

  5. Oh my gosh, Jeri. You have outdone yourself. They are beyond a doubt the cutest things ever. :)))

  6. Oh so sweet, I can almost hear them singing.

    Have a wonderful show.


  7. OMG.

    OK, you are taking your 3-D powers to another level here Jeri.....those mouths, these mice, the melodic poetry of simple mohair, wool and YOU.

    I can't believe it. I just can't. Every detail is YOU and only YOU. The fact that you take such time shows proves that if any one just takes the time, persists, just about anything can me done. These are la Pièce de Résistance....DANG YOU ARE GOOD MY FRIEND!!!!!!!

  8. I just can't believe my EYES! I hope someone buys these mice!

  9. Oh these are just too sweet!! But you know in addition to the sopranos you really should throw in at least a few altos so they can harmonize.

    I love, love, love them!

  10. The sculpting you do on your creatures is rather amazing. I think their little outfits add such a wonderful touch of even more personality!

  11. How lovely. I love how you have a full blown choir now.

  12. I had to come back to hear the smooth tones of these mice, and see their little mouths..teeehehe

  13. Soooo cute! Most beautiful rendition of Silent Night I've ever heard. :)


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